Milan. Recreation and tours 2020

    Milan is the largest city in northern Italy, the administrative center of the largest area of the country - Lombardy. It has a reputation as the main economic and financial center of Italy and the world's fashion capital. Despite the fact that this is a very beautiful city with amazing sights, the most popular in this area are just shopping tours.

    It’s enough just a few hours to feel the charming atmosphere of this modern city. It seems like here is always something going on, and life never stands still, especially in the fashion industry. But this is not a faceless metropolis of glass and concrete – Milan has the soul, the character, and authentic Italian charm. It is very green, beautiful and has unique architectural features.


    Autumn in Milan is very foggy and rainy, so be prepared that coming at this time you will often spend the evening with a cup of hot chocolate and croissant at one of the trendy cafes.

    Milan blossoms in spring, not only the weather, but also on the general atmosphere. At this time, in the city are not too many tourists, so coming in spring you can easily walk to all the most interesting sights and visit museums without long queues.

    Summer in Milan is very hot, with occasional heavy showers. The best months to visit this wonderful city - March, July, September, October.

    If you are coming to Milan for the sake of interest and study of antiquity, perhaps you will be disappointed, but very little. The main historic city center is small, in fact, it is bounded by the inner ring of the city, which was once surrounded by medieval walls and bastions.

    The main attractions in the historic center of Milan are the Duomo Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the north of the district there is the Brera quarter in which there are many galleries and souvenir shops, next to it - quarter Monte Napoleone, which is one of the most "fashionable" in the city. Also in the northern part of Milan are the Central Station and Porta Garibaldi. In the southern district the tourists are always looking University, the church of San Lorenzo and the skyscraper Torre Velasca and old channels "Neuville". In the west - Castello, Sant Ambodzhio Museum, Church Mariya delle Grazie. Outside of the central "ring" there are little attractions, the most interesting of them - Sempione Park and gardens of Villa Reale.

    Of course, Milan is a modern metropolis, but all the sights of the central part of the city you can explore in one day, walking on foot. Especially that the entrance to the car in the central part of the city is payable.

    The entire business life boils in Milan's Porta Nuova. The district got its name due to triumphal arch of ​​the Napoleonic era, which still stands here. This area combines Isola, Garibaldi, and Varezine quarters. All of them were built in the late 2000's, and here you can see only one arch of the historical sites.

    If you love modern architecture, a must-see place for you is ​​City Life district. This is the newest area of ​​the city, where you can see some really amazing skyscrapers.

    Milan is European capital of shopping and fashion world. It gathers the boutiques and showrooms of the most famous designers of the world, therefore, rely on cheap shopping here is not worth it.

    The most fashionable area of ​​Milan are quarter Quadrilatero della Moda, Spiga, Vittorio Emanuele, Montenapole, Sant'Andrea, Manzoni, Porta Venezia streets. There are shops of all the most prestigious brands.

    There are also in Milan shops with inexpensive clothes, such as on Corso Buenos Aires street. This is the main shopping street for ordinary tourists who come to Milan for the new emotions and impressions.

    In Milan there are some great art museums. One of the most popular - Brera Gallery, which represented more than five hundred works by renowned artists of XIV-XX. One of the oldest galleries of the city is Amvrosiana with adjoining library of the same name, which stores the legendary work of Leonardo da Vinci "Codex Atlanticus". Also interesting museums are Poldi Petsolli and Novecento.

    In the Museum of Science and Art you can see the world's largest collection of mechanical devices and machines built on Da Vinci's drawings. Museum of Milan’s History - one of the oldest in Italy, it is in the territory of a public garden.