Абано Терме


Termal resorts of Italy

    Even in the era of the Roman Empire on the territory of modern Italy was known many hot springs, healing waters, balneological centers.

    Nowadays, to healing centers opened in ancient times were added new modern SPA-resorts, centers of relaxation and recovery, and natural grace are enhanced capabilities of modern medicine. Add to this the aesthetic beauty of places and positive atmosphere, typical of Italy - and truly miraculous "cocktail" for the recovery, recuperation, preservation of beauty is ready.

     "Mouzenidis Travel" invites you on a journey of health and beauty of the resort of Abano Terme, located on the Venetian Riviera, and on Ischia Island, part of the Neapolitan Riviera resort area.

    Abano Terme is located near the city of Padua, not far from the beach shores of the Adriatic - resort region between Venice and Trieste, the famous Venetian Riviera. Abano is surrounded by the scenic Euganean Hills, which adds the natural coloring to one of the oldest thermal spas in Europe.

    There is a legend that the discoverer of the town of Abano was antique hero Hercules. After a long journey and the many feats he decided to make a stop in this cozy and beautiful place, and enjoy a carefree life: from the Greek name of the place just means "no worries".

    Since antiquity there are known and specific properties of the local waters. The ancient poets devoted even laudatory poems to its ability to remove the pain! On thermal waters of Abano came Petrarch, Shakespeare, Mozart, Byron and Goethe, and many other celebrities.

    The Healing Journey

    The town of Abano combines everything necessary for everyday life of citizens, and for hosting guests all year round. Comfortable hotels and SPA-centers take both trippers- travelers, and those who come for the purpose of rehabilitation. The climate is mild, that’s why there is comfortable to stay in any season: in the days of the calendar winter air can be warmed up to 22 ° C.

    Place is harmonious and beautiful for its architecture and nature. Municipal and residential buildings, hotels, parks, boulevards, swimming pools create a cozy atmosphere in a small town. - Resort Abano Terme brings together more than 100 hotels with mud-cure treatments and thermal pools (terms).

    Thermal treatment

    Water Abano contains many useful elements, and a long way which it passes rising to the surface, making it a truly healing. Almost half a century takes the path of the droplets, rain falling down on the slopes of the Alps, which penetrate to the depths of the underground, absorbs mineral salts. The heated and received the life-giving power, the water returns to the surface. At the outlet of the springs water maintain the temperature of 87 ° C.

    Indications for treatment at the resort: diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, gynecological diseases, chronic fatigue, the effects of stress, skin problems, weight normalization.

    Basic procedures: water therapy and massage, mud therapy, inhalation therapy, therapeutic mud. The hotels in Abano Terme have branches, in addition to offering balneotherapy and mud cure health treatments and courses: SPA, methods of Chinese medicine, anti-cellulite programs, and others.

    Attractions and leisure

    In addition to the thermal treatment and wellness facilities the city has a lot of opportunities for a rich holiday.

    Among the attractions of the town and its environs the most interesting are:

    • Nature Reserve Euganean hills with beautiful views, vineyards, orchards,
    • Praglia Abbey (Abbazia di Praglia) in the town of Teolo (10 minutes drive from Abano)
    • Convent of the Order of the Camaldolese (Monastero di San Daniele),
    • Temple of the Holy Virgin Madonna della Salute at Monteortone,
    • San Lorenzo Cathedral (Duomo di San Lorenzo),
    • Art Gallery in Montirone,
    • International Museum of the Mask Amleto e Donato Sartori,
    • Montirone Park with the archaeological zone and the Roman baths,
    • Gardens of villas in Valzanzibio.

    Fans of shopping will be inspired by trips to the boutiques and shops which are situated along the long avenue delle Terme, the main street Giuseppe Jappelli leading to the Thermal Park. Here you can make shopping from a variety of designer interior things to clothing of well-known brands, as well as jewelry and accessories.

    Neighborhood of Abano are interesting for fans of gastronomic and ethno-tourism. Region of Veneto has prepared many discoveries for seekers of new tastes, specialties and culinary delights - from meat (roast Padua chicken, pork sausage "sopressa") to hearty dishes like corn porridge "polenta" and fragrant homemade cakes and desserts (layer cake "Torta Pazientina") . And in the form of souvenirs and gifts from Abano you can bring not only the wine set, but also thermal cosmetics.

    This healing town is convenient to make excursions to Venice, Padua, Ravenna, Verona, Vicenza - useful trip will also be informative!

    Leisure activities

    In Abano you can relax actively by selecting the pools, rock climbing, hang gliding, football, fishing or archery. Walk on the bike allows you to see the charming medieval towns in the vicinity of the Euganean Hills: Arquà Petrarca, Este, or the beautiful gardens of Villa Barbarigo in Valzanzibio. To the wellness thermal treatments you can add sports riding in Nordic walking style or leisurely cycling the city.

    Ischia in Italy is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean. For centuries it has been a haven for travelers who want to restore their health. Rest of the island of Ischia is ideal for those seeking tranquility, harmony and romance. Today, this “sland of Youth and Beauty” is the world famous thermal spa. There are many reasons for this: the mild climate throughout the year (average annual temperature of about 17 degrees, 250 days a year without rain), stunning landscape, crystal clear sea, beautiful sandy beaches, and hospitable inhabitants of the island. It is the largest island in the Bay of Naples in Italy (46 sq. km), located at a distance of 17 miles from Naples.

    Geographically Ischia is divided into the following areas:

    • Ischia Porto / Ponte - the administrative center of the island, with the pedestrian zone of 3 km, with numerous restaurants, shops and boutiques, as well as a commercial center and thermal park "Gardens of Eden" and Aragonese Castle.
    • Barano, Casamicciola - here is a commercial port and tourist values, thermal park "Castiglione Gardens" and a school of horse-riding)
    • Forio (the largest city of the island, where are located the majority of hotels in the economy class and thermal gardens "Poseidon Gardens"),
    • Lacco - Ameno (the smallest town on the island with thermal park "Terme Negombo Gardens") and Serrara.

    The easiest way to travel around the island of Ischia is by bus. The routes to all areas of Ischia begin at the train station of the town of Ischia Porto.

    Thermal springs

    In total throughout the Ischia are discovered and cataloged 29 hydro-thermal mineral pools, i.e. groups of similar sources, each of which has special characteristics.

    Among the key can be listed:

    • Gurgitello, according to well-known chronologist XVI century Giulio Jazolino, which is the king of all mineral waters of the island, Cotto, La Rita and Castiglione - main pools of mineral water, concentrated in the territory Casamicciola;
    • Santa Restituta, in the territory of Lacco Ameno and rises from the same source, as well as from sources Regina Isabella and San Montano. The water in this basin feeds the thermal park "Negombo" in San Montano bay, at the foot of Monte Vico.
    • Citara with similar thermal springs supplies the famous Gardens of Poseidon, water from Agnone source come to the same pool. Another pool is called Cotugno-Castaldi. In addition to these pools, on the territory of Forio is situated recently occurred the source of San Francesco, near the beach of the same name.
    • Municipality of Barano is known for its mineral springs Olmitello, Cava Skoura and Nitrodi.
    • On the territory of Ischia at the foot of the mountain Montanone and with a total area of ​​6000 sq.m is located hydro-thermal mineral pool Fornello and Fontana. Its main sources supply for its water bathing places of suburb of Ischia Porto.


    The most famous and popular attractions of the island:

    • Museo Archeologico di Pithecusae attracts the attention of those who interested in the life of the people who inhabited the island centuries ago. There are presented bronzes, terracotta, painted vessels.

    • Aragonese Castle is considered the main attraction of Ischia, which is picturesquely situated on a rocky island near the shore. Originally, the castle grew in ancient times, but in the Medieval times it was decided to rebuild it. Since then Aragonese castle is connected to the island causeway.

    • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Cattedrale dell`Assunta) still retained a great part of the chapel, which was decorated with frescoes of saints.

    • Museum of Luchino Visconti's in summer residence of Villa La Colombaia (Museo Fondazione La Colombaia di Luchino Visconti) is dedicated to the work of the famous director; here are well represented costumes for movies and photographs.