Turin. Recreation and tours 2020

    Turin - a major business and cultural center in northern Italy, the capital of the Piedmont region, the fourth (after Rome, Milan, Naples) city in the country by number of inhabitants. Turin population approaching one million people (about 912 thousands.), and taking into account the suburbs is almost 1.7 million residents.

    Turin is a large industrial center, the city at the same time is elegant, dynamic, unlike other cities in the country. Architecture, shopping and football - perhaps these are the main points of tourist attraction in Turin: the city fascinates Baroque, encourages strong and gambling football tradition, created by fans of "Juventus" and "Torino" clubs, opens the way to the valley ski area of ​​Val d'Aosta. The town, located on the Po Valley at the foot of the Western Alps is the starting point for many tourists coming to vacation in the Italian Alps. Turin is popular both as a destination for city tours and trips for the weekend.

    Climate is close to the Mediterranean, but with atypical "deviations": precipitation falls all year round, the largest number of them - in the spring months. The average temperature in July is about 27 ° C, in January of about 6 ° C. Weather conditions are quite similar to the Black Sea region of Russia, but with a cold winter, frost, snowfall: affects proximity to the Alps.

    In the central part there are the main shopping streets - Via Po, Via Roma and Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, which complements the avenue Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II and adjacent to these main streets small alleys. In addition, you can enjoy walks and shopping and rest in a cozy café in the streets of Old Town.

    In Turin boutiques and shopping malls can be purchased as a world-famous Italian brands (Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Versace, Fendi, Dolce&Gabbana), and lesser known, but no less worthy products of medium-sized brands and craft industries. Among the Turin souvenirs the most known are traditional Piedmontese chocolate, chocolate - nut butter Gianduia, Gianduiotti candy. Thanks to the vicinity of the region with Switzerland, local stores offer a good choice of luxury watches and jewelry.

    In Turin, there is one of the largest Italian shopping center Le Gru - a real "shopping city"!

    Shopping in Turin is noticeably quieter than, for example, in the capital of neighboring Lombardy - Milan, but no less rich and interesting. In addition, the season of discounts in shops of Turin lasts longer. In January and February, and in July and August discounts increase up to 50% in conventional stores, and outlet shopping in all seasons, you can make purchases up to 70% cheaper. Popular huge Serravalle Designer Outlet is located between Turin and Milan (about one and a half hours of car-travel from both cities), not far from Genoa.


    What to see in Turin:

    • In the last Sunday of January - the traditional carnival;
    • During the winter sales (from the first days of January) Turin Via Roma Street with its many shops and boutiques became the center of shopping;
    • Architectural and historical monuments: the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist with the shroud of Jesus Christ;
    • Symbol of the city - tower-synagogue Mole Antonelliana with the National Museum of Cinema in Italy;
    • Egyptian Museum - Europe's first specialized museum dedicated to the ancient Egyptian civilization;
    • Monastery of Superga, towering over the city;
    • Palazzos and castles in the city (Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madami, Palazzo Carignano, Valentino Castle) and its surroundings (castles of Racconigi, Stupinigi), included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.