Verona. Recreation and tours 2020

    Verona is a charming city in the northeast of Italy, in Veneto region. It is a popular tourist destination, each year receiving more than three million tourists from all over the world. Here reigns amazing and romantic atmosphere, there are many attractions, monuments and it often hosts various cultural activities.

    Verona is very similar to Paris or Venice by its beauty and romantic atmosphere. Here, according to the Shakespeare’s idea action of "Romeo and Juliet" takes place. The whole town is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.


    Administratively Verona is divided into 8 districts which include 23 counties. The most interesting tourist part includes 4 quarters: Citta Antica, Cittadella, Veronetta, PyatstsaBra.


    Verona is situated near the Lake of Garda, and the weather is very changeable. In winter strongly increased air humidity, so it is often at night fog. From late April to early July rains are small. Winter is usually snowy and cold, and the summers are always hot. If you want to walk on Shakespeare's place and get to the festival theme "Love Verona" that come to Verona in February.

    Many attractions are associated with Shakespeare's creation, so most of souvenirs are related to "Romeo and Juliet". The most popular souvenirs from Verona are sweets - almond biscuits "Kiss Juliet" and "Romeo sighs." A perfect addition to sweets will be a bottle of local wine "Amarone", "Durello", "Soave" or "Valpolicella". The most large shopping centers in Verona are Grand'Affi and Le Corti Veneto. There you can buy clothes of famous brands.

    One of the most famous attractions which include almost all the tours of Verona is Juliet's House. This is quite a real house of the XIII century, which really owned by the family Capello, and there in fact lived described by Shakespeare beautiful girl. You can feel like a Romeo and Juliet stand at the balcony, walk through the gardens and walk through the arch of love, which is fully hung with ribbons and snaps from the loving couples.

    Arena-di-Verona is an impressive amphitheater, built by the ancient Romans in 30 AD. This is one of the largest arenas in Italy. Here often held performances of "Romeo and Juliet".

    Verona Archeological Museum - opened in 1923 in the old monastery of St. Gerolamo, on a hill with stunning panorama of the city. Here you can see a rich collection of archaeological finds from Verona and its surroundings.

    Juliet's Tomb - one of the Shakespeare's attractions, located in the church on the street Via-del-Pontiere. It’s still not clear exactly is it really tomb of Juliet but fans believe in it, and the church has become a place of pilgrimage, not only religious, but also literary.

    San-Zeno-Maggiore – is an ancient basilica, impressive of its masterpiece romantic architecture.

    Castelvecchio - medieval castle in the Gothic style was built in the early VIII-th century to protect the city. Also in the castle was the residence of the family Scala.

    Giusti Garden is one of the most beautiful and well-kept parks in Italy with stunning views over the Verona.