Board ABC

Board ABC

About staff
On each board a group of professionals is formed to provide our clients with a quick, well managed and organized service:
The touristic staff on board is usually represented by:

  • Cruise Director (all questions about the cruise, precise and reliable additional information)
  • Hotel Manger (questions mostly connected with catering and accommodation)
  • Receptionists (questions connected mostly with payments aboard, onboard services, schedule, etc)
  • Board guides (Each group on board the ship will be accompanied by a board guide who will assist the tour leader of the group on board and accompany the guests during the shore excursions and daily activities. In case the clients are traveling as individual travelers or the group doesn’t have an own tour leader the board guides will act as tour leaders)

About vessel

All cabins are equipped with private facilities, 1- 4 beds (in accordance with type of cabin), wardrobe, bookshelves, radio, refrigerator and air conditioning. There is a cozy carpet cover on the floor. A large scenic window offers a picturesque view (except the lower deck cabins).

Restaurants and bars
The time of meals is indicated in the daily programs. The daily menu is posted at the entrance to the restaurant and is present on the tables during meals. Trying to satisfy the most refined tastes, we included in our boards menu dishes not only from Russia, but also from international cuisine.
During the cruise (except days in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg) the opportunity to choose between three main types of dishes is provided (meat dish/fish dish/vegetable dish). Our restaurants first aim is to take into account our clients’ preferences, that is why if for some reason you are on a special diet, please, feel free to inform the Maitre'D, Hotel Manager or the Reception staff about it. Special menu is offered for Captain’s farewell dinner.

Tea and coffee are included with each meal. Bar drinks (soft drinks, mineral water, alcohol drinks) can be purchased from the bartenders in the bar or in the restaurant during meals. There is a wide variety of alcoholic drinks (popular brands of Russian and international wines, vodka, whiskey, liqueurs etc) and a few types of soft drinks. Please, kindly note that the tap water can be used only for washing & brushing teeth, but not for drinking. Drinking water can be obtained in any bar or restaurant.

Onboard services
Medical Treatment
Ship's doctor is available on board 24 hours. If any health problems occur contact the Reception Desk for further assistance. Be advised that ship’s doctor provide only first medical aid which is free. However the further treatment may involve extra charge. In case of necessity ship’s doctor call land clinic.

Post Office and telephone
You can purchase stamps, envelopes at the Reception Desk. The Reception Staff will send your letters from the nearest port. The telephone service is provided aboard. For international calls you are advised to get a SIM card of a local provider, or rent a mobile phone at the Reception desk. All the telephone services a board are specially oriented to international clients, with affordable rates for international calls.

Laundry bags with the sign “For Laundry” are available in your room. Laundry service is performed within 24 hours. The cost is specified in the price-list, which you can find the information folder in each cabin. To check in the laundry please use the laundry bag and fill in the form.

There is a ladies/gents hairdressing salon on board (except m/s “Nihzny Novgorod, m/s “Konstantin Korotkov”). If you require the hairdresser’s services, please make an appointment at the Reception Desk.  All the rates are posted at the Reception, or can be put in the informatory folder in your cabin.
Whenever you need a hairdryer, feel free to contact the Reception Desk, where there are some hairdryers to hire. (On board m/s “Chernishevsky” there is a hairdryer in each cabin)

To sign up for sauna please make an appointment at the Reception Desk. All your preferences will be taken into account (such as timing, temperature conditions, number of towels etc.)
Goods for sale at the Reception Desk
For your accommodation there is a number of goods sold at the Reception Desk. Please, be advised that the exact list may vary on each board and mainly includes: stamps, envelopes, merchandise (calendars, pens, T-shorts, windcheaters, caps, umbrellas), hygienic cosmetic products (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, comb, etc.)
Souvenir Shop
You can purchase Traditional Russian souvenirs, manufactured articles and the most popular crafts objects in our souvenir shop. The schedule is usually indicated in daily program, or posted next to the shop.

Sun deck
We invite you to spend a pleasant time on the sun deck. All the necessary facilities (deck chairs, towels) are provided to you in case of necessity.
Photo and video
Our photographers will accompany you during all the cruise to capture the most bright and memorable moments of your stay in Russia. You can purchase the photos from the photographers in the end of the cruise, as well as a CD with a film about the cruise. All the rates are indicated in special forms which are to be filled and given to the photographers.

Currency Exchange
Please be informed that there is no Exchange service aboard. All exchange operations are performed in the banks ashore. Feel free to contact your guide about the nearest Currency exchange office. Be advised, that all the exchange stops during the excursions are nor recommended, because they influence the timing of the excursion program. Special stops shall be asked and coordinated with your guide before each excursion.

Daily program
Detailed program for the following day is always provided in your cabin every evening. If you lost your program, feel free to ask another on from your guide or the Reception Staff. Please, don’t forget to consult the program, which includes useful and exact information (especially excursions schedule, ship’s departures and arrivals time, entertainment program, meals etc.)
Kindly note that route information is posted on bulletin board.  Radio announcements for guests will go over the passengers address system.

Entertainment on Board

  • Entertainment program on board is diverse, colorful and educational. Each entertainment program may vary on different boards. Main entertainment activities are as follows:
  • Russian language class;
  • Russian songs class;
  • Russian dances class;
  • Souvenir Shop lecture (The most interesting about the Traditional Russian Crafts)
  • Captain’s bridge tour;
  • Russian Tea Party;
  • Onboard musicians’ concerts;
  • Folklore music;
  • If you prefer quiet games, you can borrow table games from the Reception Desk.

You can borrow books in a few foreign languages at the Reception Desk. Although there is no special room served as a library on board, all the decks (inside and outside the ship) have chairs and tables to organize a calm pastime of our clients while reading.

Excursion program
Excursion program aboard is specially prepared to acquaint the client with the most bright and famous sights along the route. Your cruise package features included tours. If you would like to extend your program we are pleased to offer you a number of optional tours for extra fee aboard.

Frequently asked questions
Dress code
Dress code on board is generally casual. Most of tours involve a considerable amount of walking, thus comfortable walking shoes are advised.
During the visits to Orthodox churches or monasteries it is recommended to observe certain regulations, such as wearing trousers for gentlemen, no shorts, long skirts or pants and head scarves for ladies.
For Captain's Dinner you might prefer to have a dressier outfit.

Personal Safety
Never leave your personal belongings unattended. Upon leaving your room make sure you have closed the window and locked the door. For your safety your passport is kept during the whole cruise in the safe-deposit. For security purpose we have installed the system of video inspection in all public areas.
We strongly advise you not to carry other documents with you. In case you are lost you can present your guest card. Please, do not forget to go straight to the Reception Desk every time you leave the ship, and collect your guests card which serves as your personal document during your stay in Russia.

On cruise ships it is customary to leave tips to acknowledge the service nicely done. Tipping pool will be placed at the Reception area a few days before the end of the cruise as well as the tipping guideline will be provided. Still gratuities are at your discretion, subject to your satisfaction. (5-6 Euro per day per pax are recommended)


During the embarkation you are kindly invited to the Reception Desk to check in and confirm your accommodation on board. You will be kindly asked to present your passports for the registration. Please kindly note that passports are kept in the safe-deposit on board during the whole tour. While checking in you’ll be given your keys and on board credit card, specially for the board payments.

*Ports of call
In every port of call you are requested to observe the departure time of the ship. Make sure you are on board not later than 15 minutes before the ship disembarks.
Whenever you go ashore check your cabin key to the Reception Desk and collect your guest card.  It will notify us that you are not aboard
Kindly note that your key collected from the Reception Desk notifies us you are on board.

*Payments aboard
Each client will receive his own board credit card upon embarkation to which all his onboard expenses (optional tours, stamps, drinks, bar products) are credited; he can pay the total amount at the end of the tour.
Visa or Master Card accepted on board for most of the services except a few that will take cash only. Please, remember that for cash payment Russian Ruble only is used.

*For disabled passengers
The ship is not designed for those with serious mobility restrictions or wheelchair dependent passengers and is unable to accept wheelchairs, motorized scooters or walkers. Cabin bathrooms have high thresholds which must be stepped over. Additionally, most shore excursions involve some walking and some excursions are walking tour only. We pay your attention that there are no elevators or chair lifts aboard.

Smoking aboard
Be advised that smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the ship. Smoking is only permitted in specially designated areas on outside decks.

Safety regulations
All the clients are informed about the safety regulations aboard. In the beginning of the cruise a short safety training is organized. Each cabin has a special safety regulation poster print in several languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian). You are kindly asked to follow all the regulations attentively. When walking along the decks be very careful as decks may be slippery when wet, be very careful on steep staircases.
In case of emergency situation on board follow the instructions of crew members. Use your life vest which is stored under your bed. You are traveling on a ship conforming to security standards accepted in the world. The crew of the ship is well trained for emergency action.

All guests should vacate their cabins after breakfast on the day of disembarkation. Kindly note that cabins are not at your disposal after that time. Please put your suitcases in front of the cabin’s door – your luggage will be delivered to the transfer bus. The time of the transfer will be announced in the daily program. After you vacate your cabin you are welcomed to use all public services on board (such as toilets, bars) and all public areas.