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Grecotel La Riviera & Aqua Park 5*

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Peloponnesos-Ilia Region
0 m
Pikkus: 21.1098
Laius: 37.8594
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One of the most elite spa resorts; The aristocratic architecture and classic decor of the hotel in elegant white and cream colors reminds you the heroes of Ancient Olympia, and the center of thalassotherapy with evening lighting recalls the sanctuaries of Classical Greece. Virgin nature, grandiose architecture, gourmet restaurants, as well as entertainment for the whole family - everything is here for a great and unforgettable vacation.

Fotogalerii - Grecotel La Riviera & Aqua Park 5* Grecotel La Riviera & Aqua Park
Hotelli teenused (25)
  • Arst Payable service

  • Autoparkla Free of charge

  • Bus stop

  • Helicopter platform

  • Ilusalong Payable service

  • Indoor heated pool

  • Indoor pool

  • Internet corner Free of charge

  • Jõusaal Free of charge

  • Keemiline puhastus Payable service

  • Konverentsisaal

  • Massaaž Payable service

  • Mullivann Free of charge

  • Pood

  • Pool with fresh water

  • Pool with sea water

  • Reception 24 hours

  • Saun Payable service

  • Spaakeskus

  • Toateenindus Payable service

  • Ujula

  • Valuutavahetus

  • Vee liumäed

  • Water park

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Free of charge

Rand (5)
  • Lamamistoolid Free of charge

  • Liivarand

  • Päikesevarjud Free of charge

  • Rannarätikud Free of charge

Lastele (12)
  • Baby carriage Payable service

  • Baby carriage

  • Kid's animation

  • Kid's pool with fresh water

  • Lapsehoidja Payable service

  • Laste mäed

  • Laste mänguväljak

  • Laste miniklubi

  • Laste toitlustus

  • Lastevoodi Free of charge

  • Teenager's club

  • Teenused lastele

Restoranid ja baarid (7)
  • Baar

  • Beach bar

  • Main bar

  • Main restaurant

  • Pool bar

  • Restaurant a la carte

  • Restoran

Sport (10)
  • Jalgrattad Payable service

  • Korvpall Free of charge

  • Lauatennis Free of charge

  • Minijalgpall Free of charge

  • Rannavõrkpalli Free of charge

  • Ratsutamine Payable service

  • Sukeldumine Payable service

  • Tennis Payable service

  • Veesport Payable service

  • Vibulaskmine

Meelelahutus (1)
  • Meelelahutus

Hotelliruumi mugavused (17)
  • Bath set

  • Bathrobes and slippers

  • Cleaning, change of towels, change of linen

  • Coffee / Tea Set

  • Föön

  • Kliimaseade

  • mini fridge

  • Minibaar Payable service

  • Rõdu/terrass

  • Satelliit

  • Seif Free of charge

  • Teenus "äratuskell"

  • Telefon

  • Teler

  • Vann/dušš

  • Veekeetja

  • Wi-Fi internet Free of charge

Lisainfo (8)
  • 1 magamistuba

  • 1 rannajoon

  • 2 magamistubad

  • Awards

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  • Krediitkaardid

  • Majutus lemmikloomadega ei ole lubatud

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Distance from the beach (1)
  • <100 m


Sunset, Int. Buffet Restaurant - Main Restaurant 
American buffet, Fitness menu, Additional selection of traditional local products  and herbal teas, Early continental breakfast
Sea Dunes Greek à la carte Restaurant - Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
New 2020! Ouzeri, Greek à la carte Restaurant - Traditional greek delicacies 
Sunset, Int. Buffet Restaurant - Main Restaurant - Rich selection of courses, theme nights.
Sea Dunes Greek à la carte Restaurant - Steaks and grilled courses. Kids' menu
Cap Voyage / Mandola Rosa Gourmet à la carte Restaurant - Seafood, Greek cuisine with modern touches and local fresh organic products  are the basis of the menu. Kids' menu.
Orient Express / Mandola Rosa Asian à la carte Restaurant - Exotic East food (high season). Kids' menu.
Pay attention!  Guest with HB/FB may exchange their  menu with 'a la carte restaurants (for extra charge, guest pays the difference) 
New! Beach Bar - Bar on the beach and pool bar - light snacks and refreshments 
Terrace Lobby Bar - Snacks and light courses, music.
"The Pool Club" Bar - Light snacks and refreshments.
Room service - 07:00 - 01:00, for an additional fee.

Lunch instead of dinner - at SEA DUNES or OUZERI or OASIS ON THE BEACH à la carte (discount 20 euro)
Dinner - LE SALON (Mandola Rosa guests only) or SUNSET RESTAURANT or THE SEASONS - buffet (no additional fee)
Selection of all restaurants - 'Α LA CARTE RESTAURANTS (discount 20 euro for adults & 10 euro for kids), reservation required.
Plus: 1 free dinner a la carte, guest choice (minimum stay 7 nights, and every other 7 nights) - reservation required. 
Plus: 1 free at KALYVAKI ON THE BEACH or THE OLIVE FARM - Selection between boho-chic dinner on private beach and tasting according to new concept - farm-to-table, with local products (once during the stay by advance reservation).
Selection among RIVIERA OLYMPIA Restaurants for dinner à la carte:
Kalyvaki on the Beach
• Olive Farm
Restaurants at Mandola Rosa: • Cap Voyage, Gourmet
à la carte Restaurant   L' Orient, Asian 'a la carte Restaurant
Restaurants at La Riviera: Sunset Buffet Restaurant, Med. Buffet Restaurant Steak House, Greek 'a la carte Restaurant
Restaurants at Olympia Oasis: The Seasons, Med. Buffet restaurant 
Greek Taverna, Greek 'a la carte restaurant 
Restaurant at Ilia Palms Ilia Restaurant, Med. Buffet Restaurant 
Subject to change during the season


 Escape in space and time! Elixir Spa is one of the largest Thalassotherapy centers in Greece, covering an area of ​​4,500 square meters. m. Impressively reminds  an ancient Greek temple, at the same time, it is the Temple of the renewal of body and soul!

At your service: a swimming pool with sea water, showers, jacuzzi, relaxation pool, air massage, sauna, Turkish bath (hamam), pedicure, manicure, hairdresser, relaxing place with relaxing tea or fresh juice, gym for cardio-respiratory Star-Trac workouts and individual exercise areas.
Elixir thalassotherapy center offers a wide range of procedures and programs for relaxation, weight loss, Ayurveda, holistic treatment, physiotherapy, lymphatic massage, chocolate massage. Payot Harmony, special Haviar therapy, massage "Love drink" for two, massage, aromatherapy, etc.



  • AQUA ELIXIR THALASSO RAND, HYDROMASSAGE, SAUNA AND HAMAM 1 day / 4 days Pamper yourself with this relaxing set of procedures in a sequence that meets the client’s requirements, which feature water cannons, jet hydromassage and aero massage beds for an effective combination of relaxation of the whole body and help with problematic zones.
  • WRAP WITH SEA MUD 30΄ A whole-body wrap based on sea mud using mud from the Dead Sea, which promotes the penetration of nutrients into the skin.
  • WRAPPING WITH SEAWEEDS 30΄ Seaweed with high mineral content is used in body wraps, which are part of a special procedure with proven effectiveness in reducing weight, toning and strengthening tissues, reducing stress, reducing fatigue and alleviating muscle cramps.
  • HYDROTHERAPY 30΄ Dozens of water jets direct water under pressure to problem areas. Immerse yourself in a bathtub for deep hydrotherapy and enjoy its effect, because oxygen bubbles enhance the effect of salts and essential oils of an effervescent bath.


Specially designed advanced programs for unusual sensations and enjoyment in an exclusive setting. They use ancient and modern methods to calm the body and soul.

  • ELIXIR OF LIFE 1 hour 20΄ Restores the body's energy, balances the body's aura, restores vitality, detoxifies, fights cellulite and obesity, increases the metabolic rate, increases the density of the skin.
  • ELIXIR FOR ANCIENT RECIPES 1 hour 20охWeight loss, increase the tone and vitality of the body, anti-stress effect, fights insomnia, dehydration, can be used to treat sunburn.
  • ELIXIR OF LOVE 1 hour 20΄It stimulates the senses, detoxifies, eliminates stagnation and stimulates the body's systems, has anti-stress effect, moisturizes, tones and strengthens the skin.

III. FOR TWO ♥ Make your partner a surprise in the form of a special procedure for two ♥. If you choose a procedure that excites and seduces, softens and soothes or refreshes and renews, you can be sure that revitalize your feelings and bring richer, more satisfying intimate relationships to your life.

  • LOVE BEVERAGE 60 ΄ Share an unforgettable experience with your partner: enjoy a body scrub with orange and sugar on your massage couches for two, followed by a natural sponge with rose water. As an excellent finale, treat yourself to each other's sensual, relaxing massage with aphrodisiac essential oils that will free your mind and relax your body.
  • HOT CHOCOLATE 60΄Chocolate is made to give you pleasure. Soothing and stimulating, refreshing and rejuvenating, chocolate contains all the necessary vitamins, proteins and elements in order to make your body more beautiful because it stimulates the senses. After a light exfoliation of the skin of the body, massage the couches for two with a gentle movement applies a body mask of high-quality hot chocolate.
  • RITUAL DRINK 60΄ The program begins with hydrotherapy for a lady in a cool blue room, where, in a special bath, jet jet massage is performed, regenerating and toning the skin; Massage together with the rejuvenating effects of water - warm and cold - which enters the massage couch in 6 different directions.
  • AROMA MASSAGE FOR TWO ♥ 60΄Divide intimate moments with your partner, enjoying in a superb and separate Elixir Spa complex, reserved for two. Complete body treatment using essential oils derived from plant and herbal extracts.


  • AROMA MASSAGE "ELIXIR" 50΄ Lightweight body treatment with a brush with pure essential oil is used as a natural exfoliating scrub. Then a general body massage is performed, focused on relieving fatigue, stress and reducing tension, relaxing the body and soul.
  • OLYMPIA MASSAGE 60΄Exclusive procedure, developed on the basis of body-care rituals of ancient beauties, includes aromatherapy of the whole body, draining massage, head and face massage, reflexotherapy using active points of the feet / palms / ears and shiatsu.
  • AROMA MASSAGE 50΄ Whole body treatment using essential oils derived from plant and herbal extracts.
  • RELAXING MASSAGE 30΄ / 50΄General body massage, performed with the use of a special combination of soothing essential oils, designed to relax and relieve stress.
  • LYMPHATIC MASSAGE 30΄ / 50΄This facial and body treatment activates the excretion of fluids by the lymphatic glands, thereby thickening the muscle tissue. The ideal procedure for combating cellulite and stimulating all systems of your body.
  • HEAD AND FACE MASSAGE 20΄ A relaxing massage performed with the use of warm essential oils on the acupuncture points of the neck, scalp, ears and face is aimed at reducing fatigue, stress and tension.


(free use of sauna / hammam - free use of sauna and Turkish bath)

  • HOT CHOCOLATE 1 hour 20΄ A unique body and face nourishing and stress relieving treatment using chocolate to stimulate and increase vitality from head to toe.
  • CARIT'S SATEN 60 SKIN UPDATE Completely shut off your body and mind and let us conduct this royally beautiful and luxurious Carita procedure that will give you an elegant and perfectionist look.
  • HARMONY OF THE BODY PAYOT 1 hour & 20΄ An excellent harmonizing procedure gently removes dead cells from the skin’s surface, allowing nutrients to penetrate into its deep layers, after which the skin becomes soft, firm, elastic and silky to the touch.
  • BODY PROCEDURE YON-KA GOMMAZH MARIN 30΄ Restorative express procedure using the power of the sea. Body care with exfoliation and toning of the skin with aromatic oils. Thanks to the active peeling of Guerand marine on the basis of algae and rosemary and grapefruit essential oils, your skin will receive energy and silky softness.
  • BODY TREATMENT “YON-KA SUAN VELOR” 60΄ A hydrating and water-binding procedure that provides energy and relaxation. The decision on what to exfoliate your skin - sea mineral salts or hydrating and exfoliating gel based on herbal extracts, is given to you.
  • AROMA MASSAGE “YON-KA AROMA LUX” 60΄ A pleasant aromatherapy massage against stress and tension. Discover the ultimate harmony from aromatherapy - one of the most ancient procedures in the world. A mixture of lavender, citrus and verbena essential oils balancing and soothing the body provides rest and relaxation.
  • DETOXIFYING BODY YON-KA PROCEDURE 1 hour 20΄ Detoxifying body treatment using herbal extracts, essential oils of nutmeg, sea pine and cedar.
  • SECRET OF BEAUTY YON-KA 2 hours A complex procedure for the body and face using essential oils to refresh and hydrate the skin, which restores the good condition of your body and soul from head to toe!


  • DEEP FACE TREATMENT 90΄Three-step facial skin care treatment provides effective recharging of facial skin with energy and returns shine to tired and dull facial skin. Suitable for all skin types.
  • HYDRATING CARIT PROCEDURE 60΄ A procedure designed for dry, dehydrated, flaky skin that requires hydration and moisture. Excellent regenerating agent, ideal for normal and dry skin.
  • PROCEDURE AGAINST CARIT WRINKLES 60΄ Gain the effect of an immediate tightening of your skin with this anti-wrinkle skin-strengthening procedure that combines high-performance products and a special massage using Renovateur.
  • CARIT 60 CLEANING PROCEDURE Ideal for combining oily, congestive and problem skin. This facial treatment cleans open pores, after which the skin remains clean and deeply cleansed, the complexion improves and the skin texture becomes more pleasant.
  • DEEP FACIAL TREATMENT WITH COLLAGEN MASK 60΄ Ideal for all skin types, this treatment provides deep hydration that will give your skin an excellent color.
  • LE GRAN CLASSIC YON-KA PROCEDURE 90΄ This exclusive Yon-Ka procedure, which provides deep pore cleansing, regeneration and relaxation of the skin, is the main among all skin care procedures, since it is recognized as the most complete.
  • PLEZIR D’AROM YON-KA PROCEDURE 60΄ A face treatment that includes all the elements of Yon-Ka refreshing skin care, every moment of which is a real pleasure.
  • PROCEDURE YON-KA "HYDRALESSANCE" 60΄A procedure for the care of the skin of the face, designed for deep hydration, because dry or oily skin suffers from a lack of moisture.
  • YON-KA PROCEDURE FOR CARE FOR MEN'S SKIN 60΄ Skin care, providing deep cleansing and restoring balance in men's skin - the purpose of this procedure is to exfoliate and deep-clean skin, remove dead cells and excess sebum.
  • YONKA PROCEDURE FOR COMBATING WRINKLE IN MEN 60΄ Reconstructive procedure for men's skin, specially designed to restore the youth of the skin and to combat the signs of aging.
Kasulik info

New 2017! Mega Aqua Park - 12.000 sq.m. in the area of ​​Activity Park (40.000 sq.m)

Splashes, fun, adrenaline! Water slides and attractions, aqua-towers, innovative technologies - Looping Rocket - winding rocket, rafting slides, space hole, Wave Slides - wave slides, flying boats - Flying Boats, Black Hole - black hole (mystical journey), multi surfing. Children's play area - a multi-level play structure with waterfalls, water jets, water slides and a water volcano, a huge tipping bucket with water.


14 km from Kyllini harbor, 295 km from Athens, 60 km from Araxos airport, 100 km from Patras, 166 km from Kalamata airport.

Tubade kirjeldus

196 rooms  total: Superior Sea View Guest Rooms (~ 30 sq.m), Luxury Guest Rooms Sea View (~ 30 sq.m), Double Superior Bungalows Sea View (~ 30 sq.m), Family Accommodation: Family Guest Rooms SV (~ 38-40 sq.m), Family Guest Rooms Riviera Play SV/Play Garden / Covered Veranda (~ 38 sq .m), Family Superior Guestrooms Sea View ( 40 sq.m.), Famous Class Accommodation: Junior Suites Covered Veranda / Garden - Famous Class (~ 38 sq.m), Bungalows Deluxe SV - Famous Class  (~ 45 sq.m), Villa Family - Famous Class (~ 85 sq.m),  Pool Family Villa - Famous Class (~ 85 sq.m).
Rooms amenities: air conditioning / heating, satellite TV, mini Hi-Fi, free Wi-Fi internet, mini refrigerator, mini-bar (by request, charged), safe (free), direct dial telephone, marble bath / shower, cosmetic mirror, hairdryer, bathrobes and slippers, coffee maker, electric teapot, balcony / terrace.

Guest Room Superior Sea View (~ 30 sq.m) main building, sea view, double bed, extra single bed, bathroom with bathtub.

Guest Room Luxury  Sea View (~ 30 sq.m) Top floor of main building. Wooden vaulted ceilings, white wooden furniture, sea view, king size double bed, bathroom with bathtub. 

Double Superior Bungalow Sea View (~ 30 sq.m) Garden area, sea view. king size double bed, extra single bed, bathroom with bathtub. 
Family Accommodation
Family Guestrooms SV (~ 38-40 sq.m) Main building, 2 sleeping areas separated with sliding door, king size double bed, 2 single beds, bathroom with bathtub and 2 sinks. 

Family Guest Rooms Riviera SV/ Play Garden / Covered Veranda (~ 38 sq.m) Main building, premium location, 2 sleeping areas separated with sliding door, king-size double bed, 2 single beds, bathroom with bathtub and 2 sinks; spacious covered veranda. 

Family  Superior  Guestrooms Sea View (~ 40 sq.m) Main building, sea view, 2 sleeping areas separated with sliding door, king size double bed, 2 single beds, bathroom with bathtub. 
Famous Class
Junior Suites Covered Veranda / Garden (~ 38 sq.m) Famous Class Main building, premium location, first floor, the front living room is separated from bedroom with sliding door, spacious veranda, king size double bed, sofa bed, bathroom with bathtub and 2 sinks.

Bungalows Deluxe SV (~ 45 sq.m) Famous Class 2-nd Row from the beach.  Spacious bungalows in the garden, second row from the sea, first (ground) or second floor. Open space, king size double bed, single bed, bathroom with bathtub.  

Family Villa (~ 85 sq.m) Famous Class 2nd Row from the Beach  Two-level villas surrounded by lush pine trees just next to the beach. Lower floor: bedroom and living room with dining area and access to the terrace. Upper floor: bedroom and open-space living room  with high wooden ceilings. 2 king size double beds, 2 single sofa beds, 2 bathrooms (first floor: sink, bath, WC: second floor : two sinks, bath, WC). 

Pool Family Villa (~ 85 sq.m, outside 200 sq.m, private pool 45sq.m) Famous Class 2nd Row from the Beach.  Sea View Residence  surrounded by pine trees in a quiet place, not far from the beach. Lower floor: bedroom and living room with dining area and access to the terrace. Upper floor: bedroom and open-space living room with high wooden ceilings. 2 king size double beds, 2 single sofa beds, 2 bathrooms (first floor: sink, bath WC; second floor : two sinks, bath, WC).  summer vacation.

Famous Class Service: Mineral water - daily, fresh fruits -  every two days, cleaning service twice, exclusive cosmetic in bathroom & kids' cosmetic, pillows menu, luggage unpacking (by request).
Type of single bed - folding/standart

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