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Halkidiki-Kassandra Region
Nea Potidea
0 m
Pikkus: 23.322
Laius: 40.2091

The refined hotel Potidea Palace is located in surprisingly beautifull place: on an isthmus between two gulfs, by the sea from where the unique panoramic view of Mount Olimp opens. Modern architecture of buildings which is a match for the nature. At the pool the reduced copy of the well-known Parthenon representing an original arbor for rest towers. Wide choice of comfortable rooms and suites, great views, restaurants, bars, Spa center, sport and entertainments, children's club, animation. In a wine cellar of IDEA where magnificent Greek wines are picked, you will be able to taste and get the pleasant grades. The hotel is the ideal choice for unique magnificent family holiday.

Hotelli teenused (14)
  • Pood

  • Massaaž Платно

  • Saun

  • Jõusaal Бесплатно

  • Keemiline puhastus Платно

  • Türgi saun

  • Pool with fresh water

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Бесплатно

  • Indoor pool

  • Renovation

  • Juuksur Платно

  • Spaakeskus

  • Autoparkla Бесплатно

  • Valuutavahetus

Rand (4)
  • Liiva- klibunerand

  • Päikesevarjud Бесплатно

  • Lamamistoolid Бесплатно

  • Rannarätikud Бесплатно

Lastele (8)
  • Lapsehoidja Платно

  • Teenused lastele

  • Baby cot

  • Kid's animation

  • Kid's pool with fresh water

  • Laste mänguväljak

  • Laste miniklubi

  • Laste toitlustus

Restoranid ja baarid (6)
  • Main bar

  • Beach bar

  • Pool bar

  • Restaurant a la carte

  • Main restaurant

  • Vegetarian menu

Sport (5)
  • Lauatennis Бесплатно

  • Veesport Платно

  • Aeroobika

  • Rannavõrkpalli Бесплатно

  • Tennis Бесплатно

Meelelahutus (1)
  • Meelelahutus

Hotelliruumi mugavused (16)
  • Rõdu/terrass

  • Kliimaseade

  • Minibaar

  • Russian channels

  • CD/DVD mängija

  • Seif Бесплатно

  • Satelliit

  • Teler

  • Telefon

  • Föön

  • Wi-Fi internet Бесплатно

  • Bath set

  • Shower

  • Coffee machine Бесплатно

  • Bathrobes and slippers

  • Veekeetja

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  • Teenused puuetega inimestele

  • Krediitkaardid

  • Russian-speaking staff

  • 1 rannajoon

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The list of the services provided to hotel guests on the Ultra All Inclusive 2019 system

Full board with a buffet for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner.
International and Mediterranean kitchen on the basis of seasonal organic products.

Weekly thematic dinners (Evening of Italy, Greece, etc.)
Appetizers daily from 10:00 till 18:00
Baking of day from 12:00 till 18:00
Ice cream daily without restrictions
Vegetarian and special dietary menu (on demand)
Light meals in bars at the pool and on the beach
Welcome cocktail with sparkling wine at arrival in hotel
In all bars (daily from 10:00 till 23:00)
Coffee, tea, lemonades, soda, milk, hot chocolate, juice at choice without restriction
Hard liquors at choice (branded whisky, gin, tequila, rum)
Local alcoholic beverages: ouzo, liqueurs, domestic wine, draft beer
At restaurants
Draft beer, domestic wine, ouzo, water, soda, juice, coffee, tea
Fresh orange juice for breakfast
In numbers
The minibar is replenished daily with water, juice and beer
Nespresso coffee machine, electric kettle, coffee capsules and tea bags   
Beach vacation, sport, entertainments
Sun beds and beach umbrellas free of charge at the pool and on the beach
Daily animation in several languages, including sports occupations: aerobics, table tennis, water aerobics, darts, etc.
Daily musical and evening programs with live music.
Tennis: 2 courts with a hard coating and the basketball platform.
Water sports – for surcharge.
Sauna and steam room (by appointment once during stay in hotel)
Beach towels.
Children's club and children's animation
New children's club with various programs for kids (4-7 years and 8-12 years).
Thematic water playground and paddling pool.
Children's disco.
The game center with creative occupations: face painting, studio, workshop of arts, etc.
Expanded business hours: 09.00-20.00
Additional services
Free Wi-Fi in all territory.
Boutique with local products, souvenirs, bathing accessories, etc. goods for rest.
Unique wine cellar of Cava Idea with a collection more than 1300 types of wines and alcoholic beverages.
Spa center (procedures for face care and body, massage).
Fitness center.
Hairdressing salon (for surcharge).
Call of the doctor (for surcharge).
service for babies (heaters of small bottles, sterilizers – it is free, by preliminary inquiry).
Baby food and children's goods in a mini-market (for surcharge).
Services of the nurse (for surcharge).
Numbers for guests with limited traficabilities.
Decoration of number and additional services for newly married, constant guests and on Birthdays of guests (when informing in advance)
Free parking.
Currency exchange.
Round-the-clock protection.

! The hotel management reserves the right to make some changes to the program without preliminary prevention.

Beauty & Wellness Spa

At your service: the indoor pool with a hydromassage, a jacuzzi, to boors, a sauna, the hall for a relaxation, hairdressing salon, procedures for a face and a body, massage, an aromatherapy, a shokoladoterapiya, etc.

During visit of the SPA center you can enjoy carefree rest and professional improving procedures. Don't refuse to themselves pleasure to drink a cup of coffee, juice or fragrant tea in the quiet atmosphere and beautiful interiors.

Procedures for the person

1. The hydromoistening recreational program
Stress, exhaust gases, cold, fatigue, smoking and age changes - here only some of the factors leading to dehydration of skin and deterioration in its state. There are wrinkles, the tone falls, skin tarnishes, elasticity and a healthy look.
The Hydra procedure yields fast and noticeable results, recovering and restoring skin. Grapes flowers, the main component of therapy, make active a maximum of the energy necessary for achievement of deep moisturizing of skin. Grapes flowers - very unusual occurrence. It is possible to see them only two days in a year until fruits begin to be formed.
Skin after such procedure becomes soft as silk, and appears in absolutely New World.

2. Nutri’Action - feeding, the refreshing procedure
Dry skin - result of a lack of nutrients and lipids. Such skin is incapable to save moisture, quickly losing a fresh and healthy look: the integument becomes rough and sensitive, often is shelled. Among the factors conducting to this state there are genetic and hormonal features. Besides, the dryness of skin is promoted often by low-calorie diets and negative environmental conditions.
Especially for it like skin the medical Nutri'Action procedure is developed. Beeswax, the jojoba oil, wheat oil containing a set of vitamins - the main components of therapy which promote restoration of gloss and moistening of skin.
Thin lines of the person and wrinkle are reduced; skin becomes smooth, equal and well rested.

3. Radiance - energy and treatment of your skin
Sluggish skin spoils any appearance. Fatigue, a stress, age changes and negative environmental conditions inevitably affect a condition of epidermis. In such state toxins from the surface of skin aren't removed, and the died-off cages remain on a surface.
Radiance - the effective SOS therapy which is instantly yielding visible results. This gentle and refreshing skin treatment, among which main components - white clay and a camomile. The procedure is irreplaceable if the festive event on which you need to look irresistible is necessary. Radiance will fill your skin with shine of vigorous morning.

4. Matt Touch - balance and clarification
The mixed and oily skin brings them to owners of a problem, preventing to enjoy pleasures of everyday life. To restore freshness of skin and its healthy appearance, the face has to be carefully cleaned by means of the means containing the strong balancing components. The Matt Touch procedure saves skin from fat which hammers a time and adds to epidermis unhealthy gloss.
Key component of therapy is the kaolin absorbing excessive fat and dirt. Result: healthy and pure leather without spots and inflammations.

5. Antistress leaving for men - the toning procedure
Smoking, cold, shaving, stress and the irritating factors of the external environment have negative effect on male skin. Skin becomes sensitive, looks sluggish; there are reddenings.
Special antistress therapy is developed especially for male skin. Intensive leaving treats, humidifies, removes signs of fatigue.

Procedures for a body

1. Body scrub of 30 min.
Srubs help to purify leather from dead cages. Promote regeneration and restoration of skin, doing it clean, healthy, shining and fresh. Such procedure ideally prepares skin for the forthcoming suntan.

2. Massage with an aromatherapy of 25 min. / 45 mines

The procedure with use of the essential oils received from herbs. Positively influences at the different levels: organic, psychological and pharmacological. Considerably improves a physical, mental and emotional state. Helps an organism to cope with diseases, gives relief.

Sandalwood oil
It is made by distillation of wood of a sandal-wood tree which grows in India and Indonesia.
Oil of a sandalwood is widely applicable in the field of perfumery. Has the calming properties.

Rose attar
It is made by distillation of petals of fresh roses. Has the stimulating and making active properties. Rose attar eliminates neurosises, reduces stress, increases working capacity.

Oil ylang-ylang
The ylang-ylang of family of annonovy is made from big yellow colors of a tree. Oil a ylang-ylang has the good rejuvenating properties. With success it is used for toning of the withering face skin. Weakens, reduces stress.

Vanilla oil
It is made by distillation of flowers of a bush of Vanilla Planifolia. Has the calming properties, gives sexuality. Increases elasticity, softness of skin; eliminates nervous rash and irritation.

Lemon oil
It is made from a lemon dried peel. Possesses the rejuvenating and antiseptic svoysta. Helps with fight against cellulitis and fatty deposits.

Jasmine oil
It is made from gentle flowers of a jasmine. Has the calming, anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce stress. Ideal means for care of any type of skin, especially dry, inflamed, oily and sensitive skin.

Coconut oil
Make of a coconut core. Possesses unique antioxidant action, the moistening and softening properties, well influences the general condition of skin (feeds, softens, humidifies, smoothes wrinkles).

Massage of a body
General massage: a neck and a back - 25 minutes, all body - 45 minutes

1. The weakening massage (Relax)    
The perfect procedure promoting improvement of all body. Perfectly is suitable for treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device.

2. Medical massage 
Special attention is paid to the concrete parts of the body and problems disturbing the patient. For example: back pain, headaches to migret, neck pain. It is applied at diseases of joints and also as recreational program after the postponed injuries.

3. Anti-cellulite massage 
Special technology of massage. It is carried out with the strong pressure upon problem zones. Promotes strengthening of outflow of a lymph, restores activity of lymphatic and blood vessels. Under its influence cages are cleaned from toxins, skin gains healthy gloss.

4. Sports massage 
It is recommended to the athletes and people with intensive muscular activity having chronic diseases of a bone and muscular system, muscle weakness. During massage special attention is paid to each specific group of muscles.

SPA programs
1. Shokoladoterapiya
The procedure with use of a shkolad who well purifies skin feeds it and struggles with dehydration, at the same time reducing stress and stimulating feelings. It is one of the most fashionable and demanded directions of the SPA industry: refined, anti-cellulite SPA care of a body. Shokoladoterpapiya provides elasticity of skin, brings up her and helps to struggle with cellulitis. Warm chocolate pleasantly envelops a body, brings feeling of joy, euphoria and happiness.
At the beginning of the procedure deep clarification and a peeling is carried out. Then all body becomes covered with chocolate mix which gives unique feeling of softness. After a shower the moisturizing cream is applied to skin, massage is carried out. After completion of the procedure the client of 5-10 minutes has a rest in the special room under sounds of quiet music.

2. Detoxication and restoration 
Perfect procedure for restoration of texture of skin and toning of all body. It is carried out with use of seaweed which are known for the ability to bring toxins out of an organism and to improve microblood circulation, doing skin smooth and soft. It is recommended to those who feels tired and weakened. After the procedure there is a feeling of wellbeing; fatigue is taken off, the tone of a body and soul returns.
The session begins with deep clarification and a peeling. Then the mask from mix of seaweed, minerals and vitamins is applied on all body. After a shower the skin is moisturized by cream, massage is carried out. A final part of the procedure - 10 minutes of relaxation and rest in the room filled with sounds of quiet music.

Manicuring and legs:

  • manicure/French manicure
  • express маникюр/express French manicure
  • pedicure/French pedicure
  • express pedicure / экспресс-французский pedicure
  • SPA manicuring (peeling, mask, massage)
  • SPA care of legs (peeling, mask, massage)

Wax epilation

  • for women (a shin, a femoral part, all leg, area of bikini, a stomach, a waist, a back, armpits, hands, area over a lip, area of eyebrows, correction of eyebrows)
  • for men (a breast, a back, a waist, legs)

Hairdresser's services
washing of hair
mask for hair
women's/men's/children's hairstyle
correction of a hairstyle, drying by the hair dryer, long/average/short hair
evening hairstyle
coloring of hair, long/average/short highlighting of hair,
long/average/short - two-color highlighting toning of hair

SPA etiquette
During visit of the SPA center we ask to keep quiet. Please, switch-off mobile phones completely to relax and be disconnected from external vanity.

Reservation, record
For your convenience it is recommended to register in procedures at least in 2 days to get to experts precisely to desirable time. All you need to do is - to leave the name and the room number.
Check In
Be in the SPA center at least in 10 minutes prior to the fixed time. It will help to avoid reduction of duration of the procedure.

Be careful
At procedures you watch closely the state, especially, if you have a high blood pressure, there are diseases of a cardiovascular system, an allergy, pregnancy or complications after an illness. In this case before SPA visit surely consult with the doctor and inform the staff of the SPA center of the state. Be vigilant, don't do much harm to yourself! The SPA center doesn't bear damage liability, caused to your health.

In SPA children aren't allowed is younger than 16 years.

Valuable things
For storage of values in the SPA center there is a special box. Before leaving SPA, be convinced that you received all the things back. The administration of the center doesn't bear responsibility for loss of the things left unguarded.

Order of annulment of the order
If you decided to cancel the procedure or to postpone it to other time, report about it on reception at least in 12 hours prior to the fixed time. In case of annulment of the procedure less than in 12 hours 50% of its cost keep. At annulment less than in 4 hours prior to the fixed time 100% of cost keep.


Kasulik info

Renovation of 2019!
Receptions and lobby, numbers Deluxe Doubles & Deluxe Doubles Sea View, Suites & Suites Sea View.

In 2016 in hotel full reconstruction and modernization of public recreation areas is made (facades, the territory near the pool, restaurant, some numbers), at the pool the reduced copy of the well-known Parthenon is submitted; numbers Eko and Superior are updated; new children's mini-club with for children of 4-12 years, the thematic Spray-park and a superficial paddling pool, mini-disco, the children's game center (creative master classes, a face painting, an art of studio, etc.)


The peninsula of Kassandra, in 1 km from the known channel "Potidea", in 5 km from the settlement N. Mudanya, in only 55 km from the Macedonia airport Thessaloniki.


Ultra All Inclusive

Tubade kirjeldus

Only 234 numbers: Double Rooms Eco/Street View (~ 22-25 sq.m), Double Superior (~ 25 sq.m), Double Deluxe Rooms (~ 25 sq.m), Double Deluxe SV (~ 22-25 sq.m), Deluxe Family Rooms (~ 34 sq.m), Junior Suites (~ 34 sq.m), Suites (~ 50 sq.m), Suites SV (~ 50 sq.m), Presidential Suite SV (~ 120 sq.m).
In numbers:
the central conditioner, a minibar (is replenished daily), the electronic safe (free of charge), the TV with the flat screen (satellite television, the Russian channels), a DVD player (on demand), phone, free Wi-Fi the Internet, the bathroom (shower booth), the hair dryer, set for preparation of tea and coffee (the electric kettle, Nespresso the coffee machine, 2 coffee capsules and 2 tea bags in day), dressing gowns and slippers, furnished a balcony/terrace, the dryer on a balcony.
Daily cleaning of rooms, evening service, change of linen – every 3rd day.
Double Eco Room
Completely updated number with a modern interior and double beds of Queen Size and also a chair-bed for accommodation of the 3rd guest or the child. All bathrooms are equipped with a shower booth. A balcony overlooking the road.
Double Superior
Completely updated number with a modern interior and beds of Queen Size (or double beds with 2 mattresses) and also a chair-bed for accommodation of the 3rd guest or the child. All bathrooms are equipped with a shower booth.
Double Deluxe Room/Double Deluxe Sea View
of Number are updated in 2019. Elegant number with handmade oak furniture (1 Queen Size a bed with one or 2 mattresses), the bathroom with a hydromassage shower and the furnished balcony.
Deluxe Family Room
the Elegant and spacious room is ideal for families to 4 people and 2 flat TV and a minibar include handmade oak furniture (1 bed of Queen Size with 2 mattresses and also 1 sofa bed and 1 extra bed, or 2 sofa beds), the bathroom with a hydromassage shower. Separate bedroom and living room, balcony.
Junior Suite
the Elegant suite is ideal for accommodation of families to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children, or 3 adults). An interior with handmade oak furniture (1 bed of Queen Size, 1 extra bed and 1 sofa bed), the bathroom with a hydromassage shower, 2 flat TV and a minibar. Separate bedroom and living room, balcony. For the guests living in suits, lunches and dinners are served at Acropolis à la carte restaurant.
Suite/Suite Sea View
of the Suite are updated in 2019. The spacious suite consists of the bedroom and the living room, is suitable for accommodation of families to 5 people (2 adults and 3 children, or 3 adults). An interior with handmade oak furniture (1 bed of King Size with 2 mattresses and also 2 sofa beds, or 1 sofa bed and 1 chair-bed), the bathroom with a hydromassage shower, 2 flat TV and a minibar. Separate bedroom and living room, balcony. For the guests living in suits, lunches and dinners are served at Acropolis à la carte restaurant.
Presidential Suite
the Presidential suite consists of the bedroom and the spacious living room with the dining room, bar and the work area. The huge balcony with upholstered furniture has a smart appearance yes the Aegean Sea and Mount Olimp. The ideal choice for experienced travelers. The suit is suitable for placement of couple or small family (2 adults and 1 child). Separate bedroom and living room, balcony.
For the guests living in suits, lunches and dinners are served at Acropolis à la carte restaurant.




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