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Halkidiki-Kassandra Region
Akti Sani
0 m
Pikkus: 23.3074
Laius: 40.1006

Luxury hotel which included into Sani Resort compex. Unforgettable view of Olympus mount, the perfect private sandy beach which is marked with "Blue flag" of the EU, Spa centre, comfortable rooms and suites, restaurantsand bar, shops, nursery, kids mini club, teenagers club, sport acivities, cinema and more entertaiment programs. Also in the hotel territory has a functioning Orthodox church. The hotel located on the beautiful cape and offers services and entertaiments for every taste. This hotel recommended for exclusive family vacation.

Hotelli teenused (26)
  • Ujula

  • Konverentsisaal

  • Pood

  • Massaaž Payable service

  • Valuutavahetus

  • Juuksur Payable service

  • Saun Payable service

  • Keemiline puhastus Payable service

  • Kirik

  • Mullivann Payable service

  • Transfeer

  • Autoparkla

  • Spaakeskus

  • Ujula soojendusega

  • Indoor heated pool

  • Jõusaal

  • Türgi saun Payable service

  • Mini-market

  • Boutique

  • Souvenir shop

  • Helicopter platform

  • Sharing Pool Payable service

  • Port/Marina

  • Reception 24 hours

  • Arst

  • Wi-Fi internet in public places Free of charge

Rand (4)
  • Liivarand

  • Päikesevarjud Free of charge

  • Lamamistoolid Free of charge

  • Rannarätikud Free of charge

Lastele (12)
  • Laste toitlustus

  • Lapsehoidja Payable service

  • Laste mänguväljak

  • Laste miniklubi

  • Kid's heated pool

  • Lastetuba

  • Lastevoodi Free of charge

  • Baby carriage Payable service

  • Baby creche Payable service

  • Teenager's club

  • Kid's animation

  • Teenused lastele

Restoranid ja baarid (4)
  • Taimetoit

  • Dieettoitumine

  • Baar

  • Restoran

Sport (16)
  • Aeroobika

  • Korvpall

  • Jalgrattad Payable service

  • Veesport Payable service

  • Sukeldumine Payable service

  • Lauatennis

  • Rannavõrkpalli

  • Spordisaal

  • Tennis Payable service

  • Jalgpall Payable service

  • Vibulaskmine

  • Vee jalgratas Payable service

  • Veesuusad Payable service

  • Kanuu Payable service

  • Võrkpall

  • Minijalgpall

Meelelahutus (3)
  • Vaba aeg/huviringid/tegevused

  • Meelelahutus

  • Elav muusika

Hotelliruumi mugavused (18)
  • Seif Free of charge

  • Teenus "äratuskell"

  • Coffee / Tea Set

  • Coffee machine

  • Bath set

  • Bathrobes and slippers

  • Rõdu/terrass

  • Vann/dušš

  • Kliimaseade

  • Minibaar

  • Muusika kanalid

  • Vene kanalid

  • Satelliit

  • Teler

  • Telefon

  • Föön

  • Wi-Fi internet Free of charge

Lisainfo (8)
  • Krediitkaardid

  • Teenused puuetega inimestele

  • Majutus lemmikloomadega ei ole lubatud

  • 1 rannajoon

  • 1 magamistuba

  • 2 magamistubad

  • Vene keelt kõnelevad teenindajad

  • Luksuslik

Distance from the beach (1)
  • <100 m

Half board, full board. A breakfast, lunch and dinner at the main restaurant - a buffet. Dietary kitchen and vegetarian dishes. Dine Around program, themed nights.

The Dine Around program allows guests who have booked a half-board or full-board accommodation to enjoy their meal at most restaurants located throughout the Sani Resort. Guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culinary masterpieces in 22 restaurants in the resort. Program participants can choose dishes from the special menu “Dine Around Menu” at no additional charge or place an order for the main a la carte menu of the restaurant, in this case fixed amounts will be deducted from the general guest's account:
- 20 euros for the adult and 10 euros for the child for living in SANI BEACH hotel;
- 25 euros for the adult and 12.5 euros for the child for living in SANI CLUB, PORTO SANI and SANI DUNES hotels;
- 40 euros for the adult and 20 euros for the child for living in SANI ASTERIAS hotel.

Sani Beach
Main restaurant Poseidon; Grill by the Pool; Veranda (for guests older than 12 years); Ammos
Sani Club
Main restaurant Olympos; Ouzerie; Cabana; Club Lounge Restaurant (NEW of 2019); Pines
Porto Sani
Main restaurant Artemis; Byblos Caviar (for guests older than 12 years); Lagoon *
Sani Asterias
Sani Dunes
Main restaurant The Market; Fresco (for guests older than 12 years); Beach House
Sani Marina
Psaroyannos; Asian; Alexis*; Vosporos; Macaroni; Katsu; Tomata; Ergon
The restaurants noted * - aren't included into the Dine Around program

Lunch or dinner a buffet at Poseidon restaurant in Sani Beach
Lunch or dinner a buffet at Olympos restaurant in Sani Club
Lunch or dinner at the Italian restaurant Macaroni */** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Lunch or dinner in Psaroyannos uzer */** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Lunch or dinner at restaurant of Greek cuisine Vosporos Grill House */** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Dinner at Asian restaurant */*** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Dinner at the Japanese restaurant Katsu */*** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Lunch or dinner at restaurant of Greek cuisine Tomata */*** in the harbor of Sani Marina
Lunch *** or a dinner */** at restaurant of Greek cuisine Ergon Deli in the harbor of Sani Marina
Lunch or dinner at Ouzerie restaurant */*** in Sani Club
Lunch *** or a dinner */** at Pines restaurant in Sani Club
Lunch *** or uzhin*/** at Grill by the Pool restaurant in Sani Beach
Lunch *** or uzhin*/** at Ammos restaurant in Sani Beach
Lunch *** or uzhin*/** at Cabana restaurant in Sani Club
Lunch *** or uzhin*/** at Club Lounge restaurant in Sani Club
Dinner at Artemis*/restaurant ** in Porto Sani
Dinner at The Market restaurant */*** in Sani Dunes
Dinner at Fresco restaurant */*** in Sani Dunes (it is exclusive for guests 12 years are more senior)
Lunch or dinner at The Beach House restaurant */*** in Sani Dunes
Dinner at Water*/restaurant *** in Sani Asterias
Dinner at Byblos Caviar*/restaurant *** in Porto Sani (it is exclusive for guests older than 12 years)
Dinner at The Veranda restaurant * in Sani Beach (it is exclusive for guests older than 12 years)

* The necessary early booking

** Choice from ready-made menus at no additional charge or order a la carte menu with deduction of a fixed amount from the account

*** A fixed amount is deducted from the bill.

My Spa in Sani Beach hotel *
The modern Spa center "My Spa" offers guests magnificent body care from the exclusive French brand - Anne Semonin .Using high-quality natural ingredients in combination with the latest achievements of cosmetology, aimed at the discovery and improvement of natural beauty, offer the best that can be created by nature and science. 9 luxury treatment rooms with all the amenities, indoor heated pool with jacuzzi and panoramic windows with views of the lush gardens and the Aegean Sea. Gym, recreation and relaxation area, thermal zone with sauna, hammam and caldarium, hair salon, manicure room, cosmetic boutique of Anne Semonin. Procedures for teenagers (12-16 years). Opening hours: 08:00 to 20:00.
* In a Spa centers, gyms and saunas of all resort aren't allowed children up to 16 years. Visit indoor pool can only guests older than 12 years.
Guests are younger than 12 years can visit the indoor pool from 08:30 till 13:00 in April, May and October and also in days with adverse weather conditions.  



Täispansion kingituseks!

Kasulik info


SANI GOURMET: Travel to the world of gastronomy 2019. In May, 2019 in the territory of resort SANI RESORT the fourteenth year in a raw will be hold legendary gastronomic festival. The best chefs invited from all over the world in SANI RESORT to please guests with author's dishes of the ethnic cuisine. During 2016-18 guests of the resort tasted delicious dishes from best Michelin chefs. In 2019, Sani Resort will delight guests with a new interesting topic. More than 100 chefs from 43 countries, 53 Michelin stars, over 300 dinners, 11256 menus, 10,500 guests, 395 journalists from Greece, Russia, Ukraine, England, Cyprus, Germany, participated in the festival. Italy, Austria, France and America. SANI festivals are the only festivals in Europe organized by a private resort.

New 2019! Tennis Center Rafa Nadal. On the territory of the modern sports center opens the tennis center of the world famous tennis player Rafa Nadal (the Winner of 17 Grand Slam tournaments) - “The Rafa Nadal Tennis Center”. This is a wonderful addition to the portfolio of sporting events, where coaches conduct professional lessons for groups and individually, both for beginners and for more experienced players.
Our personalized tennis programs add a whole new element to your vacation, providing a unique opportunity to train, play and have fun together. Tennis games also will be organized.  8 clay tennis courts. The outdoor area for relaxation. Service period: April-October. Opening hours 08:00—22:00. Reservations: at the hotel’s reception, or through the mobile application and the Sani website.

New 2019! Adventure Park Sani Beach - Adventure Park. In the new adventure park, get ready for an exciting journey and feel yourself a brave conqueror of heights. Routes with crossings are located between the trunks of trees, dizzying combinations of zip-lines and difficult to pass bridges between platforms in the trees. This is almost a real jungle, and the bravest guests, if they decide to climb trees, will be able to fully enjoy the surrounding nature. Hotel staff will be near you.
They will show you how to use safety belts and braces, they will accompany you from beginning to end, and will even affably wave their hand when you go down to the ground, smiling rather that you did it. The park has specially developed six routes of different difficulty levels: two training, two family and two youth - all of them are marked with different colors. When planning the park, the most modern security systems were provided; for personal safety reasons, minimum height and maximum weight restrictions apply.
Rope park can receive about 100 guests at a time, and the brave ones will come back here again and again.

New 2019! New restaurant Club Lounge in Sani Club. This season, the Sani Club hotel opens a new restaurant - Club Lounge, where in a relaxed atmosphere, guests can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes or just watch the sunset in a beautiful setting.

New 2019! Free ice cream. What could be better than ice cream? That's right - free ice cream! All guests will be able to get it in a wonderful new ice cream van. He will certainly bring happiness to guests of all ages: the new van with ice cream will move around the territory of the entire resort - so catch it when you see it and choose a horn with your favorite taste.

New 2019! A new swimming pool with a water playground. Without exception, everyone loves to have fun, so this year there will be another entertainment place for younger guests, located next to the playground in Sani Beach. A new pool with a water playground is another one of the corners of the resort where you can have a great time with children, and the pool with ankle depth promises everyone a lot of fun!

New 2019! New vegetarian dishes and dishes for kids. New enticing menus: for vegetarians and for children. They are designed by leading nutritionists and chefs and dishes from these menus can be found in all of our restaurants. Each menu will also feature a variety of tasty and healthy dishes without gluten and sugar.

New 2019! DIGITAL DETOX. It's time to turn off the gadgets and go for fresh emotions. We devote to electronic devices - telephones, laptops, TV, PlayStation - a lot of time. Sani calls to postpone them and fully enjoy the opportunities offered by our wonderful nature.
Go on a bike ride through the hills covered with pines. Hone the ball at the Sani Football Academy, which is supported by the Chelsea Football Club Foundation. Learn how to handle a sail at the Marina Sailing school or build a rolling robot from the Lego designer. Distract the kids from the virtual games, and you will be amazed at how quickly they will find entertainment in the real world.
At the Sani resort, they will be able to make new friends and come up with the most exciting fun, learn a lot and spend more time with family.

New 2019! SANI SUITE CLASS - A SANI SUITE COLLECTION. The best in guest service! Sani Suite Class is a new service, thanks to which every moment of your holiday will be truly unforgettable. Services that you can use under the Sani Suite Collection program: Assistance 48 hours prior to arrival. Individual vacation planning: concierge service via What’s App for mobile phones, it will help you to reserve a table in a restaurant, use babysitting services or book individual excursions; quick check-in at the hotel; service for unpacking and packing baggage; free laundry service (available once a day / per room);  an improved menu for ordering in the room, allowing guests to enjoy dishes from a variety of restaurants located in the Sani Marina harbor, in the privacy of their room *; free car ride, with a chauffeur (available once per stay per room); free tickets to Sani Festival (in July-August, one concert during the rest per room); counseling for children *; free early check-in / late check-out (upon request, subject to availability); daily pleasant surprises in the room; superior room service (premium champagne, pillow menu, exclusive Bulgari clothes hangers, branded beach bags, luxury toiletries from Anne Semonin; free delivery of gas (daily); an improved selection of towels); upon arrival - a gift for children (exclusive set for drawing); a gift upon departure from the hotel (a bottle of Sani Resort Grand Reserve wine in an exclusive wooden box); separate area on the beach.

* At extra charge

** The Sani Suite Collection services are available to guests staying in one, two and three bedroom suites in all hotels of the Sani Resort, as well as in the deluxe rooms in Sani Dunes and all rooms in the Sani Asterias hotel.

For repeat guests!

Gold card for repeat guests (for those guests who have visited Sani more than once) Guests with a gold card receive a bottle of wine in their room on the day of arrival. They also enjoy an exclusive 10% discount in almost all the restaurants and bars of the resort, as well as in almost all the bars and shops located in the harbor of Sani Marina. You must always carry with you a gold membership card, which is issued upon check-in at the hotel.

Platinum card (for guests who visit the resort more than 10 times or the total number of nights spent in the company's hotels - more than 100). The owner of the platinum card is given a room category higher than it was booked (subject to availability), flowers and champagne in the room on the day of arrival. There is also an exclusive 10% discount in almost all the restaurants and bars of the resort, as well as in almost all the bars and restaurants located in the harbor of Sani Marina. Guests receive a discount per 15% in almost all store in the harbor of Sani Marina and two free tickets on the festival  Sani Festival (Jul-Aug) and also free dinner for two person  in one of the restaurants Sani resort (once for a season).Guests always necessary to have with itself a platinum card which they receive at check in in hotel.

Gold card for repeated guests * free of charge a bottle of local wine in number in day of arrival, 10% a discount at most restaurants and bars in the harbor of Sani Marina, 10% a discount at most restaurants and bars in the area of the resort of Sani Resort, 10% an exclusive discount in most stores located in the harbor of Sani Marina.

Platinum card (the above bonuses and additionally) * free tickets for Sani Festival (on the 2nd persons), one free dinner at one of restaurants of the resort Sani Resort (2 adults) with a bottle of the Land of Grace wine (white/red) which is exclusively produced for Sani by the known winemaker Evangelos Gerovasiliu. The free dinner is provided to owners of Platinum cards once in a year, number by category above (in the presence of available rooms), a champagne bottle in day of arrival is free of charge provided, 15% an exclusive discount in most shops in the harbor of Sani Marina.
* reservation conditions apply



Kassandra peninsula , Sani Resort, 80 km from the international airport Thessaloniki "Macedonia", 45 minutes drive on the car, 20 minutes by helicopter. Hotel consists of two buildings. Last time hotel was reconstructed in the winter of 2014. Located on the most beautiful cape SANI, offers comfortable accommodation and various entertainments for guests. In 2012, 2014 and 2015 the  Sani Resort was awarded with the prize Conde Nast Traveller Russia as "The best foreign family hotel".


Full Board, Half Board

Tubade kirjeldus

392 rooms in total: Doubles Economy (~ 25 sq.m), Double Rooms Sea View / Garden View (~ 25 sq.m), Family Room Sea View / Garden View (~ 50 sq.m), Junior Suite Sea View / Garden View (~ 35 sq.m), Panorama Junior Suite SV (~ 40 sq.m), One Bedroom Family Suite SV (~ 50 sq.m), Two Bedroom Family Suite SV (~ 75 sq.m), Deluxe One Bedroom Family Suite SV (~ 80 sq.m); Deluxe Two Bedroom Family Suite SV (~ 125 sq.m); One Bedroom Family Suite Beach Front SV (~ 70 sq.m), Two Bedrooms Family Suite Beach Front (~ 105 sq.m).
In the rooms: balcony / terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows, bathroom (separate shower with rain shower or bathtub), hairdryer, bathrobes, slippers, exclusive toiletries from the French. Anne Semonin Queen-size double bed or 2 single beds, ultra-comfortable Dream Beds, exclusive linens, duvets, extra pillows, plasma TV, satellite TV (Russian and music channels), CD / DVD player, free Wi-Fi Internet, direct dial telephone , air conditioning with ind. temperature control panel, electronic safe (free of charge), minibar, tea and coffee making facilities, Nespresso coffee machine, evening room cleaning and preparing the bed for bed.
On the day of arrival for guests: in the room - a bottle of Greek wine and a bottle of water.
Double Room for Single use Garden or Sea View. Possible accommodation - 1 adult. The number of these rooms is very limited. Double bed.

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