Kastoria - the romance of mountain lake

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In Greece, near the city of Thessaloniki, there is the world-famous city of Kastoria, so named capital of furriers.

Nowadays it works here Europe's largest exhibition and sale of fur «EDIKA», and every year in May there is held the International Exhibition of fur products. Of course you have the opportunity on these exhibitions and sales to choose a fur from a huge assortment, and buy it to pay several times less than the value that would have asked for it, for example, in Russia or in boutiques of Paris. Most importantly - the exhibition and sale offers impeccable quality of fur coats. You will never encounter with a fake. Kastoria is racy, not similar to any other city in Greece. Built on the shores of mountain Lake Orestiada, he fascinates tourists with its narrow streets, mansions of the local nobility of 18-19 centuries and Byzantine churches. Kastoria is sometimes called "the kingdom of fur coats" or "birthplace of fur”. High art and love to the master’s area furrier craft transformed this city into a world center for the production of fur products. Nowadays there are more than 2,000 factories producing fur products, which are sold here at factory prices.

The tour operator will organize day trips to the city of Kastoria for shopping. After arriving in the city of Kastoria at 10:00 you will start the excursion program, you can visit places such as the church of St. Nicholas, the Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissy, Ethnographic Museum, and of course stop at the shores of unsurpassed beauty Orestiada Lake, in the future you will have enough time to make the necessary purchases. It should be noted that tourists are always accompanied by representatives of the agency who can give good advice and help with some problems.

The Church of St. Nicholas was built in the 13th century. The history of its building is also associated with the manifestation of human gratitude to the sky. Aristocrat Nikifor Kosindzhi "sponsored" base and the church painting, thus expressing his gratitude to St. Nicholas for the help in the period of his reference to Kastoria. It is appreciation that has survived for many centuries, and still bears the name of the formerly disgraced official.

Monastery of Panagia Mavriotissy was built in 1082, during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Komnenos the First (1081-1118). It is situated at 4 km from Kastoria city center, virtually near the lake Orestiada, and to this day it’s attracting the attention and interest of visitors to the city.

Catholicon of monastery that is the main monastery church represents a basilica, which covered with a wooden roof.  In the eastern part of the church there is a sanctuary with a semicircular apse; Located in the western part of the spacious narthex (vestibule).

In Doltso village in the Old City you can find the mansion Nerandzi Ayvaz, where the city's Ethnographic Museum is located today. In its exposition there are household items, clothing, instrument of labor and other items that were used in the old homesteads.

Mountain Lake, which was destined to become the heart of the city of Kastoria is called Orestiada (in honor of the Hellenic leader Orestes Argos chased by doryanami in XI-X centuries BC). But there is a legend which says that in this lake of volcanic origin, Castor looked every morning (son of Olympian Zeus). It is possible that it was thanks to him that the city was named as we know today. Another theory links the name "Kastoria" with a lot of beavers, being studied at the lake Orestiada (translated from the Greek "castor" language - beaver).

The lake is situated at a height 630 meters above sea level. In the western part there is a jutting into the depth the peninsula, where was sheltered the city of Kastoria. The rich flora and fauna of Lake Orestiada is impressive, not only those who come to its shores to enjoy the beautiful nature, but also scientists: many types of fish are found in its waters , a variety of birds are flied here, which are attracted by the rich "fish meal" (bittern, night heron, herons, storks, swans and even pelicans).  One of the favorite tourist rituals, romantic and beautiful, has long been feeding the swans and seagulls on the city waterfront.

Anyway, legends and scientific researches converge on one point: the lake supposedly 10 million years. Take a boat trip on its smooth surface - still which touches the past, at the same time admiring the magnificent views of the city from the water and enjoy the scenery, not available for those who are in a hurry to finish their business and leave Kastoria.

Fashion, fanciful and unpredictable, exerts its influence on the market of fur. Here, in Kastoria, you can find out what kinds of fur at the peak of fashion today, as well as some models of products are especially popular. Sewing fur products recently improved and are significantly different from the original methods skins cross linking.Shaper in order to achieve uniformity of color and cut selects skin color and quality. Tailoring coats produced using industrial sewing machines and requires great skill. There are two main ways of sewing fur products: the method of  "in dissolution" and the method of "skin to the skins," or so-called "plate". Fur coat, sewn in such a way or another, it is considered whole.

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