Religion of Georgia

The main religion in Georgia is Orthodoxy. Her confession includes 91% of the population. Most of them belong to the Georgian Orthodox Church, about 3% - to the Russian Orthodox Church, 5% - to the Armenian Apostolic Church and 1.5% to the Roman Catholic Church.

The main Orthodox holidays in Georgia:

  • Christmas – 7 of January
  • Day of the Assumption of Holy Mary – 28 of August
  • St. George's Day – 23 of November
  • Svetitskhovloba and Easter - 14 of October

In the great Christian holidays it is held in Georgia pardons of prisoners.

Totally there are 20 Georgian Old Believer communities, which are treated to Russian church in the Zigudska diocese (Romania), and to the ancient Orthodox Russian Church.

History of Georgian Orthodox Church - is the story of the martyrdom of Christ. For centuries, Georgia was conquered and seized by the Muslim yoke, so martyrdom has become too frequent, and the tradition of the Church has retained only the names of the most famous for their feats of the martyrs.

Georgian Orthodox Church - the main and one of the oldest shrines of the country. It is decorated with images of saints, and here are stored a lot of important shrines. In Sioni Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God (Tbilisi) it is kept the miraculous wooden cross of Saint Nina - one of the most revered relics in Georgia.

The first among the Georgian churches was Mtskheta Cathedral, also known as Saint-Tskhoveli. Georgian chronicles indicate that under its arches kept the tunic of the Lord - one of the most important Christian relics. Also, according to legend he is entombed the mantle of the prophet Elijah.

From ancient Georgian Orthodox monasteries are also worth mentioning Bodbe Monastery of St. Nina was built in the IV century; Kvatahebsky monastery X century; Shio-Mgvime and David-Geridzhiysky monasteries of VI century.

Also, there is a Georgian monastery on Mount Athos - Iviron Monastery, known holy dwelling.