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Peloponnese. Recreation and tours 2023


Peloponnese peninsula is all Greece in miniature.  There are beautiful beaches and majestic mountain range, tourist centers and traditional village, legendary antic cities and famous resorts, archaeological monuments and unforgettable routes for new discoveries!

The form on Peloponnese peninsula looks like a sycamore leaf. The South part of it is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Corinth. The total square of region is 22200 sq km, population is more than 1 million residents. Mountainous terrain is dominated on the Peloponnese, but you can see nature plains also. The highest mountain of peninsula is Taygetos (2407 m). Peloponnese mountains are continuation of the Greece mainland. Peninsula is washed by the Ionian Sea in the West and Mirto Bay in the East.

Peloponnese administratively divided into 7 parts:

  1. Achaia
  2. Elijah
  3. Messinia
  4. Laconia
  5. Arcadia
  6. Argolis
  7. Corinth

The largest cities of peninsula are Patras, Sparta, Tripoli, Pyrgos, Kalamata, Araxos, Corinth and Nafplion.

The opportunities for recreation have developed through a variety of landscapes and rich history of region. This peninsula has become a unique destination of resort in Greece in any season, because microregions of Peloponesse are ready to amaze gests all year.

Hotels of Peloponnese represent special features of each region: there are large SPA-resorts and complex on the coast of Achaia, Elijah, and Messinia.

Traditional Greek hotels (xenonas) are waiting for tourists in Many town, Arcadia,  Monemvasia. In Kalavrit, on Parnonas and Taygetos there are special picturesque mountain chalets and villas, forest village and Hotels Stone.

Mouzenidis travel has developed different tours to Peloponnese (summer relax tours, excursion tours, winter ski tours). It’s so easy to come to Peloponnese with our domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki. Also you can rent a car in Athens, so your trip going to be more exiting. Duration of the tour may vary. Our Tour Operator manager will help you with the selection and sort out all the nuances.


Peloponnese occupies a large territory of Greece on southwest of Athens. Sometimes people think that it is an island, but in fact it’s just part of mainland separated by the Corinth Canal.

The rich history and archeological monuments of peninsula attract million fans of antiquities from different counties. There are some of most important archeological memorials of Peloponnese:  ancient Olympia (the beginning of the Olympic Games), Argolita (the beginning one of the classical Greek civilizations), Mistra (mountains with beautiful Byzantine churches), the famous Sparta, Kalavryta (the first monastery of Greece), the charming Monemvasia and Pilos.

In Peloponnese you can enjoy  nice  Ski Resort in wither , during the other seasons Peloponnese mountains are  perfect place for nature lovers, who want  go hiking on Taygetos or Parnon Mount  and get acquainted with the unique nature and beautiful flora and fauna.


Nature has generously endowed Peloponnese variety of landscapes and scenery. There are magnificent countryside, beautiful beaches, mountain villages. This place is paradise for nature lovers, ideal for outdoor activities, water sports. Besides, there are one of the most important archeological monuments in the world!


Location: Arcadia, near Leonidio town. The nearest village is Pulitra (30 min by car on winding road).

Beach:  perfect semi-circular bay with crystal water, big white stones and green slopes. This uncrowned beach is one of secrets of Peloponnese.

Special bonus: taverns near this beach propose fresh fish dishes, fragrant fresh salads, flavored homemade salads and excellent snacks.


Location: in Messinia, 10 km of Pilo

Beach:  one of the most photographed in Greece, magnificent turquoise bay with white sand feel like powder.

Special bonus: for history buffs we recommend go up to hills which protected beach from wind. There is first castle in Pilos - Paleocastro (1278) on one hill and Mycenaean tomb Facimidies on another.

Agya Varvara

Location: in Mani, 9 km near the Corton village.

Beach:  golden sand, with crystal water, dense greenery, and small chapel where you can found pirates treasure.

Special bonus: in tavern you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood close to sea waves


Location: in Messini, 10 km from Pilos

Beach: golden sand, clear water of the Ionian Sea, pinewood, in the middle of august you can enjoy surfing.

Special bonus: if you get hungry, come for lunch to Mifa Elias where you can choose fresh fish and seafood, fried zucchini and local cheese.


Location: in Messini between Finikounda and Micony village. There are a few beaches with the same name of Mavrovouni throughout all Peloponnese.

Beach: one of the most beautiful beaches in Messini, pleasant sand and crystal clear water.

Special bonus: two great castles Methony and Korony located very close to each other and become the best place for romantic walking in the evening.


Location:  in Messini, 30 km from Kalamata town.

Beach: a big white pebbles, crystal water surrounded by beautiful trees.

Special bonus: you can found restaurant on the beach with the same name Fonyas and relax there under olive trees.


Location:  15 km to the North from Pilos, close to Voydokilya village.

Beach: very quiet place with great sand dunes and light blue water.

Special bonus:  There is Amoffines restaurant located on the beach. Restaurants propose local food with some creative details.


Location: in the north east of Laconia, 60 km to the North from the Monevansiya.

Beach: Actually, there are two beaches on Kyparissia - Agia Kyriaki and Megali Amu. There is colorful pebble and beautiful rocks on first one and black stones .

Special bonus: There is small village near this beach. It will be perfect place for evening walks.


Location: in the Gulf of Messina, in 4 km to the North from Korony.

Beach: there are green trees, golden sand and dark-blue water around the beach. Located near hotel Colodydes.

Special bonus: there is one more beautiful beach near Colonydes - Perylia. Also you can find welcoming tavern with nice local food.


Location:   on the west coast of Peloponnese, in the prefecture of Ilia, 40 km from Pirgo.

Beach: The 50 km long wonderful beach, the Athenians call it “Kayafa” and inhabitants of the Peloponnese call it “Beach of Pirgos”. Golden sand dunes, turquoise water and pinewood.

Special bonus: There is only 25 km to Ancient Olympia and 15 km more to the Epicurean Apollo Temple in Vasses.

Thermal springs Loutra Caiaphas

The Loutra Caiaphas is thermal springs located in the southern part of the prefecture Ilia (Kyparissia, Messinia region, Peloponnese) near Caiaphas Lake. The coast of the region is the longest beach in the Europe, washed by clearest Ionian Sea. The Caiaphas forest also refers to territories of thermal springs. The Caiaphas forest included to NATURA 2000. Beginnings of thermal springs originate in the cave of the nymphs Anigridon. According to mythology, at that caves Dartan had burned - the ancestor of Troy.

Guests can relax in luxury Spa-centre and try water sport on the Caiaphas Lake.

Tourists from the entire world all year-round come for recreation and recovery on thermal springs.

Overview about Loutra Caiaphas

Water temperature is 32C.

Water characterics - Thermal – C1-Na–K-HS . Mineral – hypotonic, sodium hydrochloride wellspring.

Helpful properties: chronic rheumatism, myositis, neuralgia, skin diseases, asthma, gallstones, abnormal inflammations gynecology, liver disease, eczema, stomach disease, bowel, gallbladder, accelerates the healing of injuries, sprains and stretch marks.