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Pieria. Recreation and tours 2023


Pieria is one of the 51 provinces (nomes) of Greece. It’s located in the southern part of Central Macedonia.

The southern and western parts of Pieria are a mountainous terrain. By contrast, the coastal zone is an extended and rich plain, which is 40% of the entire area.

3 mountain ranges of Greece end in Pieria: Olympus,Titar and Pieria with the vertices of the Pantheon (2917 m), Skolio (2911 m), Frank Aloni (2684 m), Metamorphosis (1578 m), Woolgar (1689 m), Kardaras (1527 m ) and Tytar (1839m). To the east, the border area is washed by the Gulf of Thermal, in the west its limit Olympus and Pierian mountains, and in the north - the river Aliakmonas. There are  many small rivers that originate on Mount Olympus and Pieria mountains. Mountains of southern Pieria are covered with deciduous and coniferous forests.

The capital of Pieria is the town of Katerini, built in a valley between the mountain ranges of Pieria and Olympus. It has got its name from the patron saint of the town Saint Catherine of Sinai, a Christian martyr who lived in the 4th century. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations, combining the extraordinary beauty of its majestic mountains with the clear turquoise sea. Proximity to Thessaloniki helped Katerini to become from a small provincial town to a modern city with rich economic activity, developed social and transport infrastructure.

The city's population is 90 000 people. This is the tenth most populous city of Greece, according to the 2001 census. Its inhabitants are engaged mainly in agriculture and tourism. Today Katerini is one of the fastest growing cities in Macedonia and all Greece, due to the large tourist flow in the region.


Pieria is a place of residence of the Thracian pierides, followers 12 gods and muses Pierian. We learned about this place in the records of the first millennium.  According to Thucydides, they moved from Macedonia across the river Strymonas because of the persecution of the Macedonian king Perdiccas I. They settled along the coast to the south of the region of Hamath and the River Alikmonas, to Mount Olympus and Pag - the border between Macedonia and Thessaly (according to Scripture of Herodotus Stravon, Cladius and Ptolemeos). Modern historians suggest that he region has got this name from the Pierian mountain range.


The region’s of economy is based on agriculture and tourism. There are important agriculture such as cereals, fodder, cotton, pulse, fruits: grapes, cherries, kiwi (trademark is “Kiwi Katerini”) are growing there.  There are well-developed animal husbandry and major industrial enterprises in Pieria. Dense forests produce wood and raw materials for the charcoal production.


Pieria is an excellent option for those who want to combine a holiday by the sea and the mountains. There is beautiful coast on one side and great Mount Olympus on another. In autumn, Pieria can amaze by its unusual flowers and nature beauty. For those who prefer to rest with extreme, there is no better calling than to conquer the mythical top of Olympus – residence of Greek gods. Here developed a number of routes different difficulty for professional climbers and for people which have not experience. From the international Milos begins mountain route E4, which goes through the gorge Enipeya - gate leading to the heart of the mountains.



In Pieria a lot of interesting archaeological sites: Dion, Pydna, Paliambela Kolindru and Platamonas. Pieria - the birthplace of Orpheus and Greek muses. In the southern part of the region rises the highest mountain in Greece - Olympus - the residence of the Greek gods, the top of which are almost always shrouded in thick clouds. This is a divine place. And not only because according to mythology 12 of the Greek gods lived here, and not because Olympus is shrouded in mist millennia. And because it is a place that really brings you closer to the sky, to the gods. Incidentally, the name of the mountain comes from the word "ololambis", which means "sky" and "very high mountain". Olympus - the highest mountain in Greece, which reigns over Macedonia and Thessaly, giving to the one who will be able to climb it, majestic and unique spectacle. The world-famous mountain every year attracts tens thousands of visitors all over the world. Olympus and is now a source of life not only for the region but for the whole of Greece.

The town of Katerini

Interest in Katerini is a small church of St. Catherine with beautiful icons, the entrance to which is decorated with relief crosses which have been cut in the round recesses. At 2 km from the city discovered an ancient tomb, consisting of two chambers, which dates from the second quarter of the 4th century BC. In the same area found ancient burial early iron age. Byzantine church of the Assumption Kontariotissy built in the 11th century. It is the oldest surviving Byzantine monuments of Pieria.

In Katerini it is located one of the most beautiful parks in Greece with impressive fountains - an oasis of coolness and freshness, especially in the hot summer days.

National Park Olympus and Aliakmonas river delta water park

Of interest to tourists are the National Park of Mount Olympus and water park of the delta of the river Aliakmonas.

Litochoro - the gates of Olympus

People who live in this city called this town like this, which located in 23 km from Katerini on the eastern slope of Mount Olympus at a height of 300 m. The town was first mentioned in the 16th century. When St. Dionysius visited the area and created a monastery here. Litochoro is popular among those who want to conquer the Olympus, as here starts all routes to the mountain. In the north-west of the city is the monastery of St. Dionysius the Olympic.

Plaka Litochoro

To the east of the city is the Plaka district, known as the Plaka Litochoro of Pieria. This area stretches from the port Grittsy. The coast Plaka is full of shops, hotels, restaurants and night entertainment venues. So Plaka is a place which attracts both locals and tourists.

Ancient Dion

"City of Zeus", the holy city of ancient Macedonians, is located in the north-eastern slope of Mount Olympus. Here, Dion, Philip and his son Alexander after his victory at Chaeronea in 338 BC. e. They made sacrifices in honor of this event. During the reign of Alexander of Macedon Dion was of great importance for Macedonia and Greece in general.

From here began his Asian campaign great strategist Alexander of Macedon. In 335 BC he made a sacrifice before going to the temple, and a year later, in 334 BC, the temple sent a copper statue 25 killed in the Battle of the Granicus warriors.

In that archaeological park of international importance, you can wander among the ancient ruins and feel the breath of antiquity. In addition, you can visit located next archaeological museum. Many years of excavations have made it possible to find a lot of interesting exhibits on display in the museum, which operates since 1983. Particularly important is the collection of sculptures of the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

In today's Dion past meets with the present and the future. Here are a collection of mosaics and Mediterranean Center, which is also of interest to visitors.

The archaeological park is located the famous ancient theater Dias (Zeus), in which the annual summer concerts and performances take place in the "Festival of Olympus."

Marine Museum

Located in Litochoro. Those who is interested in history of seafaring and navigation, can be seen here replicas of famous ships, as well as objects and items of marine equipment.

The picturesque village of Paleo Panteleimonas

In that was built in a traditional style, settlement, retained the same traditional architecture of the buildings. Located on the slopes of the village of Lower Olympus, at a height of 700 meters. It offers a unique breathtaking view of the coast of Pieria.

The picturesque village of Elatochori

This mountain village is situated at a height of 780 m. In the last years it has become one of the best mountain resorts not only in Pieria, but all over Greece. The village attracts visitors throughout the year.

Ski center of Elatochori

Located in the town of "Papa Kharafi" at a height of 1400-1800 meters Pierian mountains. The center was opened in 2000, and officially began its work in 2001

Gorge of Enipeya

It is recognized by the highest degree of difficulty and attracted a lot of lovers of extreme tourism every year. Its length is 10 km. Through the gorge goes the European route E4.

Castle Platamonas

This fortress-city belongs to the middle Byzantine period. It was built by the Venetians and Montikakkom Boniface in 1204 on this strategic site to protect the inhabitants from raids from the sea, because there is a splendid view of the whole Gulf of Thermal.  Evening lighting gives a special charm for castle.

Indian village

This stylized Indian village called "Dzomakua" created in Elatochori on the area of 2.5 sq.m. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of a very different, exotic for the European citizen, culture

The ancient monastery of Dionysus

Built in the 16th century.  Located at a height of 900 m between two gorges. During the Turkish domination it experienced economic and spiritual prosperity.


The climate is continental, with hot summers and cold winters. On the coast the climatic conditions are softer due to the influence of the sea. Stay here in the region with clean air, between sea and mountains - great rehabilitation.


There are at least 16 reasons, which allow 16 beaches of Pieria hold high positions without any competition.  This is the length of the sea coast, golden sand, clear sea water, the unique combination of sea and mountain scenery, landscape change, accessibility, opportunity for small boats freely approaching, the combination of a relaxed and social life, the variety of flora and fauna, rich hotel base, a variety of food and entertainment, a great opportunity to engage in a wide variety of sports facilities, rich cultural life, excellent environment, services a wide variety of shops, beauty and picturesque local towns and villages.

16 beaches stretch after each other for 70 km, allowing travelers to enjoy all the benefits of successive of different landscapes.

Clear blue sea Pieria, shallow and safe for all ages, its golden sand beaches and the combination of mountain and sea allow tourists to relax.

Paralia Katerini

Coast of Paralia Katerini is just situated in 8 km from the town of Katerini. Big beautiful golden sandy beach makes it a pole of attraction for the visitors. A lot of hotels, taverns and restaurants make it particularly attractive for tourists.

Nei Pori

The village Nei Pori is situated in 43 km from the town of Katerini. Is the most southern coastal village of Pieria with stretched for 5 km sandy coast. Organized and safe beach is especially good for families. This is one of the most visited beaches of Pieria. The sandy shores with crystal clear waters awarded the blue flag of the EU. Modern hotel restaurants and traditional taverns with excellent Mediterranean cuisine are waiting for tourists.

Palia Pori

Just 5 km from Nei Pori is situated Pori palia village. This picturesque village is built in a traditional style on the slopes of Mount Olympus at a height of 600 m. The village is surrounded by a magnificent forest with hidden in it the beautiful church of the Holy Apostles and the Life-giving source.

Olympic Beach

It is located just in 8 km from Katerini. Its large sandy coast with shallow clean sea awarded with the Blue Flag of the EU. This beach is very popular and well-organized. The unique combination of nature and the mountains and sea will certainly leave a lasting impression on visitors. Modern hotels and many taverns and restaurants with good food will make your stay unforgettable


This is one of the famous resorts of Macedonia is at the foot of Olympus, 40 km from Katerini. Every year Platamonas beaches attract many tourists who want to enjoy the clear sea, beautiful sandy coastline and sycamore forest surrounding it. For many years, the coast is awarded with the Blue Flag of the EU. It offers tourists a lot of hotels, taverns, restaurants and shops that meet the most varied demands and satisfy all tastes. Here you can enjoy a wonderful meal and evening in cafes, bars and clubs.


City Leptokarya is located at the foot of Olympus, in 25 km from the town of Katerini. Sand, with small pebbles, beach and rich vegetation attract many tourists. Well-organized and safe beaches Leptokarya especially convenient for families. For his cleanness they are marked with blue flag.


Located in 22 km from Katerini. This beautiful coastline with golden sand and crystal clear water. The peculiarity of the coast - the mountains that surround it. For those who want to do water sports there is a wonderful base. Near the beach there are many taverns. Those who choose to relax Coast Makrigialos can visit the ruins of ancient Pydna, which played an important role in the history of Macedonia.

Coast Makrigialos was awarded Blue Flag.


Located in 16 km from Katerini and very close from the majestic Mount Olympus. This beautiful coastline is with sand and pebbles and a calm turquoise sea. Not far from the beach in the picturesque fish taverns serves lunch and dinner, the freshest and most delicious fish.

Coast Grittsy was awarded with Blue Flag.


It’s located in 31 km north of Katerini. This is a beautiful coastline with beautiful sandy beaches, lush vegetation and clear water. It offers those wishing to relax here picturesque taverns and cafes. Coast was awarded with Blue Flag.


Located in 21 km from Katerini. It is a well organized beach with golden sand and crystal bold sea. Hotels are located near the beach, which is marked with the Blue Flag.

If you choose to holiday in Pydna, do not forget to visit the unique historical monuments: the ruins and Byzantine episcopacy of Kitros, as well as the ruins of the Byzantine Pydna.


Located in just 11 km from Katerini. The boundless coastline with light sand and shallow sea is a pole of attraction for many tourists. For many years coastline Korinos awarded the Blue Flag of the EU. During the whole coast there are hotels, fish taverns and cafeterias.

Paralia brute

Located in 30 km from Katerini. Coast with fine golden sand and clear blue water, was awarded with the Blue Flag. For tourists there are hotels, snack bars, uzerii and taverns with good cuisine.

Those who choose to relax coastline Paralia brute, we recommend to visit the traditional village of Palia brute with its typical architecture of the region and the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and Christ After the Byzantine period.


Located in 10 km from Katerini. It is a quiet picturesque beach with pebbleswhich stretches at the foot of Mount Olympus.

Ai Giannis

Located in just a few meters from Makrigialos. It is a peaceful coastline with a large golden sand and clear blue water. Close proximity to the beach It offers tavern where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Paralia Panteleymonas

Located in 36 km from Katerini right under the castle of Platamonas, in a small creek. Long sandy beaches with a rich vegetation and clear water is only 3 km. Already for many years, this coastline was awarded with the Blue Flag of the EU. The beach is well organized and perfectly suited for a family vacation. Near the beach, it offers taverns, cafeterias; well worth a visit and the picturesque old village of Agios Panteleimonas.