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Moscow regions Region
Longitude: 37.6325
Latitude: 55.3066

Foresta Festival Park hotel is located in the South suburbs with a unique system of recreation on 20 ha is all for high-quality recreation: restaurants, bars, free-standing SPA complex with gym and aquatic centre, outdoor heated pool, a tennis court with a gun, professional shooting range, a mini-Golf course, saunas and more! The hotel consists of 148 different rooms, including cottages that can accommodate more than 500 guests at a time. Everyone can take advantage of round-the-clock Room Service.

Foresta Festival Park is located in one of the most picturesque and ecologically clean places in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region only 30 km by the Simferopolskoye highway.

Steakhouse Marco Polo
The merchant of Venice, the great Explorer Marco Polo, who left behind a remarkable work — "the Book of miracles," inspired to create our own marvel themed steak house with the speaker called "Marco Polo".
Special chic will be dishes cooked in open coal stoves in the eyes of the guests, from the selected piece of meat.
In addition, the real advantage will be the ability to order and select a special method of preparation.
Currently, the hall of the restaurant is open for banquets and orders "a la carte" a La carte Italian trattoria "San Remo" from 15 h. till the last client.

Italian trattoria "San Remo" opens its doors to lovers of classic and modern Italian cuisine. Presented to your attention the legendary snack, without which no one meal: Parma ham, mozzarella, homemade sausages and cheeses.

With great pleasure, the chef prepares homemade pasta. Always fresh fish, meat and desserts.

Italian cuisine a la carte
Show programs on weekends


Buffet Breakfast: from 08:30 to 11:00
Brunch: from 11:00 to 13:00
Buffet lunch: from 13:00 to 15:30
Buffet dinner: from 19:00 to 20:30
"a la carte": from 21:00 to 02:00

Lobby bar
In the lobby bar You will always be able easily and quickly to eat. Enjoy a great range of tea and coffee drinks. Classic simple mini quiches, French croissants, a large selection of fresh pastries made by their pastry chefs are forced to look again.

Large selection of coffee and tea.
Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.
The Internet, computer games.

In the lobby of the lobby bar are:

Room children's project "Academy of Magic" (for children from 5 to 12 years)
Children's playroom with a tutor (for children from 3 years)
Multifunctional hall "Amsterdam"

Working hours: from 09:00 to 21:00

Barbecue, grill
The original grill house at all times was one of the most popular structures built in the yard. The success of the grill house is primarily due to his peculiar appearance and practicality, which were created over the centuries.

This traditional Finnish grill house is quietly located in a forested part of the site. He can be a better alternative to the traditional barbecue. It's incredibly stylish and yet cozy, something like a gazebo for barbecue.

An essential attribute of the grill house is a table with grilley installation, located in the center of the structure. Comfortable benches around the table allow you to freely accommodate the fire eight guests. The grill house is a hexagonal shape, an area of 9,5 sq m with a height at the highest point of the roof about 3 m.

Decorating the grill house, we primarily sought to create an atmosphere stay in this house. After all, he's meant to conceal, to warm and feed the person to create a feeling of comfort and security. All of this can be felt once inside and around a fire. Here, while all around the routine and the hectic atmosphere of slowness and peace of mind.
The grill house is the best place for a picnic any time of year.

In addition to the classical activities of Foresta Festival Park is unique for Moscow and Moscow region paintball. On the square in 9ga, You can organize battles of any complexity – our experienced trainers have prepared various scenarios for battles. As weapons You can use not only the classical markers – lovers of realism we can offer markers RAM, pistols, machine guns, grenades, mortars and RPGs, as well as a fleet of armored vehicles: the BMP, BRDM-2, GAZ-66. For the youngest of visitors developed a unique program for children's paintball, where "security" is the key word.

Lovers of outdoor activities Foresta Festival Park offers a range of additional services: ATV riding, horseback riding, tubing, hockey, rink, sports equipment hire and much more.


We offer You an open tennis court with the sports coverage that meets all the requirements for holding tennis tournaments of high level and also for multi-purpose use. The court meets all international requirements. All this creates comfortable conditions for playing tennis. Especially nice to play under the summer sky!

If You just want to practice technique on the tennis court and to achieve maximum results, it offers a tennis gun.

Mini Golf

The introduction to a very special culture: a rich tradition, aesthetic and versatile. You are waiting for interesting tracks with everything necessary for a pleasant pastime and develop skills in this sports game. The location of the holes, figures, drops and other landscapes that make the game of Golf fascinating and each time different. For our guests there is a school at the game of mini-Golf.

Mini football

Who can argue with the assertion that football is one of the most favorite sports in the world?

Football fever is in full swing! You are already on the football field? Then maneuver, deftly avoiding prompt the defenders of the opposing team, and then, left alone with the goalkeeper, prove who is the strongest player!


Professional archery range for shooting bows, crossbows, and airsoft weapons. Here You will be able to shoot a familiar weapon air rifles and pistols, or of the more modern airsoft weapons. Try shooting a crossbow is a dream from childhood, many, if not most of us.

Thrill-seekers will have the opportunity to shoot a large-caliber DShK machine gun paintball airsoft guns the M60 machine gun or airsoft gun.

Professional administrator Thira hold briefing on shooting of any kind of weapons, come – You will like it!

Beach volleyball. Declare a set of command!

Beach volleyball is primarily a team sport, the Olympic discipline, a form of entertainment and expression, method of communication, Hobbies, spectacle, party.


Only in Foresta Festival Park You can in the form of a game with unforgettable fun to play basketball with entertainers and other guests of the hotel and get a prize!


"The roar of the engine" fans of technical vehicles best ATV. Lovers of technique, speed and fun will appreciate our approach!

A variety of trails and range of movement will satisfy the most refined fans of off-road.

For You:

The best and safest ATV brand POLARIS world 4x4, capable of speeds over 120 km/h
More than 20 original programs for the organization of the rental of any complexity
Introductory (for those who first acquainted with the technique)
Obstacle course (not for the faint of heart)

Electric cars

What child doesn't want to feel a little more Mature?

Of course, You can let him sit in a real car and even spin the wheel, but how about a ride. But child, believe me, this craving. And here come to the aid of proofreaders. This eco-friendly cars for kids that do not require any fuel – they run on electricity.

And since they are designed for young children, their maximum speed does not exceed 7 km/h.

Badminton is a favorite game of all times and peoples. The advantages of this wonderful game is that you don't need special knowledge and skills, do not need specially equipped areas. So much fun to throw the Shuttle and watch it fly into the blue blue sky.

Importantly, the wind was not too strong, and then have to play "catchup with the birdies".


There are different versions of the birth of paintball, but that's not important, the important thing is that paintball originated and was developed not only as one of methods of leisure, but also as a sport.

Today in the world there isn't a week that passed more or less large paintball match. We do not lag behind the world and invite You to be part of this fascinating world!

An indoor pool

Features a pool with hot entertainment, 5 saunas (bio, salt, herbal, essential oils, high temperature), gym and phyto-bar "Amazon".

Gym Foresta Festival Park has all the necessary equipment, which meet all the requirements of modern fitness centers. Treadmills, bicycles and Steppers exclusively the most recent samples of the brand "Life Fitness".

"Life Fitness" is traditionally considered one of the leaders in its field. More than thirty years ago was created the first Lifecycle exercise bike, marked the beginning of a worldwide fitness revolution. Foresta Festival Park choose for its guests only the best!

Strength training "STRONG MASTER" will work on absolutely all muscle groups. Model gamma "STRONG MASTER" is an impressive number Gruzovaya simulators with easy start system and the selection of the load step to 1 kg. and free weights. Excellent ergonomics and high quality workmanship allow "STRONG MASTER" rightfully occupy a worthy place in the industry of fitness.

Important advantage is the fact that all models of strength training Foresta Festival Park have "good anatomy" not to mention the user experience, and equipment Gruzovaya simulators stack protection ensures the safety of clients Foresta Festival Park during trenirovok.

Outdoor heated pool, bar and volleyball court!

A sport that allows you to keep your figure in great shape!
Hot parties from the animation team Foresta Festival Park!
For lovers of active recreation – beach volleyball!
Inflatable toys, floats and circles for Your little one!
Refreshing drinks and light snacks at the bar!

Hours: may-September

Pool: 20m x 10m, maximum depth of 1.85 m. Free of charge: sun beds, umbrellas, deck chairs.

Bath complex

Lovers of steam big company in the Russian bath and then relax under the massaging water jets in the mini-pool is waiting for a hot plunge pool SPA. This mini-pool with adjustable heated and closed cycle of water treatment at the outdoor of the hotel and has a massaging effect on the human body by exposure to water jets mixed with air under a certain pressure.

Spa mini-pools are calculated as from 4 to 8 people, and little kids and pregnant women are recommended to refrain from visiting the pool.

"Family baths" (2 houses) - small cozy baths that can accommodate up to 4 people. The price includes: bath towels, sheets.
"Russian hut" - a spacious bath with a large lounge room perfectly suited for up to 8 people. The price includes: bath towels, sheets.

Possible sauna and hot plunge pool!

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 4:00.

Beauty centre and health SPA

Exclusive East care
Aesthetic cosmetology
Nail SPA
Hair SPA
Programs for children
Programs for men
Massage is a way of life.
"Cedar barrel"

Helpful information

The most important guests – the children! To stay in the hotel was not only interesting, but also informative, we built an on-site mini-zoo, several playgrounds, paintball and developed our signature project – "Magic Academy"! In this project, we regularly hold exciting workshops: teaching tricks, clay modeling, workshops on pottery, cakes "macaroni" show "the Nutty Professor", the training with the actors of the "Yeralash" - we do everything that our "most important guests" satisfied! A daily entertainment programme and themed children's discos make your stay in Foresta Festival Park is the perfect formula for family fun!

All year round:

Sports equipment rental
Daily disco, show programs on the weekend
Bright artistic animation team


Cross country skiing
Winter paintball
Winter team building

What is the fishing? For someone- it's just a form of recreation, a way to relax in nature, for someone, for someone- art. Fishing can be a lifestyle and a way to escape from problems. Fishing fond of both men and women, and children. For all those the fishing is not indifferent to those who want to join this exciting hobby hotel Foresta Festival Park offers the opportunity to fish from shore the fish in the pond that is on site.

The average weight of carp is 500-700 grams. Rental service will provide rental of fishing rods and tackle, and the fish can cook on the grill yourself or take advantage of professional chefs.

All fishermen will have a pleasant surprise! How would You catch fish to pay for the catch don't have to!

Horseback riding
Just one kilometer from Foresta Festival Park is the stables, where it offers 5 magnificent thoroughbred sport horses of different breeds - the Russian riding horse, Westphalian, Budenovets and Hanover.

Those whom the art of riding yet unknown, experienced trainers will teach you to stay in the saddle and control animals. Waiting for an instructor to adults and children from 5 years on-site stables.

On the territory of the hotel Foresta Festival Park is a small area cozy Zoo, which peacefully coexist different species of animals.

Each type is contained in a specially built cages for them. For four-legged friends care caring staff, they are fed specially prepared food with additives all the necessary vitamins. Our animals give us love and devotion.

Educated Pony "Pegasus" and "Saturn" with joy ride for kids on site and I gratefully accept them treats. Without our sweet-natured ponies there is no event for children and adults. They are happy to take part in competitions for "Academy of Magic" to depict the terrible pony for Paintball club "7,62" and just pose for photographers.

The Sheep walk a small herd in the enclosure, and trustingly allow themselves to be stroked and are also happy to treat themselves with tasty edible gifts from the guests. A newly born lamb snuggles touching to mom and goes to her ponytail.

Recently brought to our Zoo five Spotted Deer dignified and comfortable in a new, specially fenced enclosure for them.

Large and spacious cage for our fast Squirrels is a work of art! Specially built for them bright colored houses with fancy moves and intricate balconies allow you to run around and frolic in the fresh air all year round. When our 5 protein instigate a race in the enclosure, guests, and especially children come to the indescribable delight, watching the crazy run with these funny red animals. Most people bring a favorite treat of squirrels – nuts, and those with the pleasure of working or hiding in the houses.

Coexist with the squirrels busily Raccoons, which are nocturnal and spend the winter half asleep in their houses. Our three Raccoons can be seen, alas, only occasionally at night – sometimes at this time they leave the house to eat, then go back to sleep.

At the Zoo there are four more rabbits, one Chipmunk, and two Sony.


Address: Moscow region, Chekhov district, Lyubuchansky rural district, der. Prokhorovo, street sanatorium, ownership 3, Foresta Festival Park.

Travel by private transport

Location map of Foresta Festival Park through Simferopol highway
Simferopol highway 28 km from Moscow ring road, before turning the sign "Domodedovo. Bronnitsy. Foresta". Exit to the right under the bridge, continue for 1.5 km to the gas station (on the right), turn right at the sign "Romantsevo. Foresta". 2 km to the sign "Prokhorovo", and continue straight forest road before turning left (after the great basin) under the index "Foresta". On the road among the cottages to the end, past the holiday village "Commonwealth", under the index "Foresta" to the right on the way to the gates of the hotel.

Location map of Foresta Festival Park via the route "Moscow-don"
On the highway "Moscow-don" 30 km from MKAD before turn to the right on the Small Ring at the sign "Belgorod. Domodedovo". Continue straight 12,3 km to the sign "Romantsevo.Foresta". After the sign turn left. 2 km to the sign "Prokhorovo", and continue straight forest road before turning left (after the great basin) under the index "Foresta". On the road among the cottages to the end, past the holiday village "Commonwealth", under the index "Foresta" to the right on the way to the gates of the hotel.

Public transport

Kursk station. Travel on the trains, following in the Kursk direction station "Pillar". Then a taxi to the hotel.

Room description

The room Fund of the most diverse – you can choose the placement in the room convenient categories (Standard, Standard, De Luxe, Family, Family Grand Luxe Studio) and a separate cottage. Want to retire and feel yourself in the woods without sacrificing comfort? Then the cottage – what you need! On one or two floors – You choose! Maybe You want to stay in a Villa Hennesy? A sauna, a Jacuzzi, a private gazebo and all other amenities – at your service! Celebrate your Birthday in a big way!

 Standard Junior Double Room junior. Single Room junior

In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror.
In the room: dressing table with mirror, elbow-chair, mini-bar, TV, telephone, bedside tables. Rooms with one double bed.
In the bathroom: shower cabin, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels.
Area: 18 m2

Standard Senior Double Room Senior. Single Room Senior

In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror.
In the room: dressing table with mirror, elbow-chair, mini-bar, TV, telephone, bedside tables. There are rooms with a double bed and two single beds.
In the bathroom: shower cabin, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels.
Area: 20 to 28 m2

Standard De Luxe - Double Deluxe for Sgl 1 Ad. Double Deluxe 2 Ad. Double Deluxe 3 Ad. Double Deluxe 4 Ad

In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror.
In the room: dressing table with mirror, elbow-chair, mini-bar, TV, telephone, bedside tables, folding sofa (additional beds). There are rooms with a double bed and two single beds.
In the bathroom: shower cabin, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels.
Size: 22-40 m2


In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror.
In the living room: Desk, sofa, chairs, coffee table, standard lamp, Minibar.
In the bedroom: a double bed (or twin beds), 2 bedside tables, dressing table with mirror and elbow-chair, wardrobe. Each room has a telephone, TV.
In the bathroom: shower cabin, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels. The room is convenient for residing with children and can be used for a long time, it can accommodate up to 5 people.
Area: 37-45 m2

Family Grand - Family grand Triple Room. Grand Family Quadruple Room

In the living room: Desk, double sofa, armchairs, coffee table, standard lamp, Minibar.
In the bedroom: a double bed (or twin beds), bedside tables, dressing table with mirror, armchair, wardrobe or chest of drawers, telephone, TV.
In the room, one single sofa, coffee table.
Size: 49-55 m2

Luxe Studio - Studio Deluxe for Sgl 1 Ad. Studio Deluxe 2 Ad. Studio Deluxe 3 Ad. Studio Deluxe 4 Ad

Large, elegant room — studio in a classic style.
In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror.
In the living room area: Desk, soft furniture (sofa, chairs), floor lamp, Minibar. Some rooms have a dining group.
In the sleeping area: double bed, 2 bedside tables, dressing table, armchair, wardrobe, telephone, TV.
In the bathroom: shower, bath, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels.
Area : 1 room — 28 m2; 14 rooms 41-60 m2


Villa "Hennessy"

Villa for people who appreciate true relaxation. Here is everything that can deliver great pleasure from rest, cosiness and warmth... Living room with sofas and armchairs, a small bar. 2 bedrooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, mini-kitchen. Offers an unexpected and unusual surprises. Here you can spend an unforgettable evening alone or a large group, book a private dinner including entertainment.

We offer leisure and service VIP Villa "Hennessy" hotel Foresta Festival Park! Throughout your stay our hotel offers exceptional service and exclusive extras: Individual reception— check in and check out without waiting in line, booking the best tables in the restaurant, Booking the most convenient Parking spaces, free Parking for one car, a Compliment from the hotel - fruit basket and bottle of wine ,a Gazebo and barbecue grill near the Villa, Set for tea in the bar area , Bathrobes, Slippers, toiletries.

Size : 1-6 people (total area — 140 m2, living room 45 m2, bedroom 24 m2 and 12 m2)


Single-storey houses - Double Room 1 floor cottage. Triple Room 1 floor cottage. Quadruple Room 1 floor cottage

The cottages Foresta Festival Park in terms of real European comfort, You'll be able to spend a weekend or vacation. Perhaps, you would want to stay with us longer? All the cottages provide high quality accommodation. We hope that in search of a secluded camping with a bathhouse and barbecue you will choose cabins Foresta Festival Park.

Convenient layout of the cottage provides a comfortable environment for families.

Each cottage can accommodate up to 5 people and has:

Living room with fireplace and sofa settee
The bathroom with shower
Central heating
Modern comfortable furniture
A set of tableware for 4 persons

The rate includes Breakfast and dinner (Swedish table) in the restaurant "San-Remo". Also the cottages have a microwave for cooking.


Two-storey cottage — detached house for 6 people, the interior in cottage style, wood trim and furniture from various wood species.

In entrance hall: wardrobe, hanger, mirror, intercom.

On the ground floor: living room, bathroom and bedroom.

On the second floor: 2 double bedrooms and bathroom.

In each room: TV, phone, bedside tables and everything you need for a comfortable stay and interesting holiday. Bedrooms with double beds.

2 bathrooms: shower cabin, Hairdryer, toiletries (shampoo, liquid soap), set of towels

Area : up to 5 employees (area — 50 m2)


Check-in time : check-in is at 17.00, departure - 15-00

The cost of the All inclusive package includes: Accommodation in the room category booked, Breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet; alcoholic drinks for dinner (beer, wine, vodka). Brand of drinks are determined in the discretion of the hotel; Parking; SPA complex (swimming pools, complex of saunas with a plunge pool, gym), rental of sport. equipment is not more than 1 hour a day (skis, skates, bicycles, valobashi, saucers, sleds);
visit the nursery; consultation experts in the SPA; daytime entertainment programs for children and adults;
classes at the "ACADEMY of MAGIC" for children from 5 to 12 years.

The price of the package "NV"includes: Accommodation, Breakfast and lunch buffet, expert advice, SPA, daily entertainment programs for children and adults.


Corporate team building

If Your employees lost interest and the motivation to work, productivity has been steadily falling, and sales are not growing. If subordinates do not feel a team with a leader? So your company need a corporate team building! Team building — a complex of measures to maintain team spirit in the team. As practice shows, almost every team that has gone through similar tests as part of team-building programmes showing the best results in work.

The success of Your business in Your hands!

Organization of corporate events

Your company's birthday? You want to arrange a theme party or to celebrate any other corporate event? You need to make a presentation at a high level? Or do you simply want to celebrate the life of your best employees?

Foresta Festival Park is a lot of opportunities for such projects!!!

A team of professional animators and creative writers, the best DJ's and MC's, the stars of Russian and world stage, discos, "the gap", Russian baths and Finnish saunas, the stylish restaurants and bars with diverse cuisine and wide choice of drinks, Megafiller and stunning water show — all this splendor is at your service in the most elegant hotel in the suburbs just 30 km from MKAD!

"Academy of magic" is a magical University for children from 5 to 12 years, which reveal talents! At the Academy of Magic in 4 faculties taught only the most favorite items!

Features — a costumed greeting and game programs from the magical teachers of the Academy, the decoration of the celebration hall and table, Banquet cake, music, invitation artists, clowns, favorite characters, fireworks, shows, balls and more!

Daily active programme for adults
Board games:

Chess, checkers, backgammon

Sports games:

Beach party at the outdoor pool.
Championship archery name "Vasily Petrovich Robinhood".
"Hunting "wild boar" with a crossbow.
"The tournament of snipers." In the Arsenal of a sniper rifle model 2008
Beach volleyball: "Kapitoshka".

And sports game:

Spy game
Aqua aerobics
Master class on Oriental dance and Latino style
Finch - Kazakh game
Orange Darts
Rifleman of the Voroshilov regiment
Table tennis

Games with a pirate theme:

"All hands on deck"
"Pirate games"
"Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum"

Fashion party:

"The fashion medley"
"The competition for the makeup and costumes"

And also activities in the pool:

Water basketball
Water Polo
Water SWAT
Course of the young fighter "luau"

In the gym

Master class on break dance

Japanese games:


The Spanish game:

Hour Fiesta

Activities for groups from 10 persons

Daily active program for kids

Especially for them, the animators developed a program of daily activities:

orange Darts
beach volleyball
football, etc.

The cost of a day of activities — for free!

Entertainment for children

Your children can participate in the following recreational activities!

Theatre workshop

"To be or not to be?" — Of course! To be an actor, not about whether your kid wants? It's all very Shakespearean and Chekhovian anguish, Comedy and tragedy on the stage of Foresta Festival Park. Admit your child to the creation of Melpomene, and you will learn about those talents-which may not have existed...

Dynamic role-playing game based on "Robinson Crusoe", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Indiana Jones" and not only...

Remember how you ran around the yard with toy guns or swords, depending on which film in the cinema looked last. I think, now children play differently? Nothing of the sort! I changed only the heroes of these games. In Foresta Festival Park your child will plunge into the atmosphere of adventure based on his favorite movies and books. And you can rest easy, because children watch professional animators.

Children's Team Building

In our unpredictable world, the fate can be prepared by such obstacles and challenges that had never confronted and overcome, which may require all the internal forces. But these difficulties seemed to be less complex, and their solution easier, we offer tests that can help your baby adapt to life situations in their favor and overcome them. Children before the start of the team building offer to come up with the name, motto and choose a captain of his team, then all children are given bandage. When the team goes through all the tracks, they are corroborated by the field kitchen and in parallel to discuss interesting moments of the event. Team building is a certain number of obstacles and tests, overcoming and solving of which requires a cohesive and friendly team.

Usually in the program of classical rebilding includes the following tracks:

"Stroke bilge rats"
The canvas
"A Big Mac"

Master class dance in the style of "Latino"!

For sure. you have heard from your kids: "Mom, Dad, I wanna rock just like J. Lo!" or "How to learn to dance Latin!?" Now your child dream can come true! And it is not necessary to go for this in South America, after all, in 30 km from Moscow is Foresta Festival Park, and in it there is a master class in dance in the style of "Latin" small "Oreiro" and "Banderos". Your kids will love it!