Grecotel Olympia Oasis Aqua Park 4*+

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Peloponnese-Ilia Region
Distance from sea
0 m
Longitude: 21.1095
Latitude: 37.8547

Refined hotel - the world of infinite pleasures, the real paradise for fans of the sea and the sun: the extended sandy beach, swimming pools, waterslides and lazy small rivers, the blossoming gardens and the pine forest. Here it is possible to enjoy wholly all conveniences of family holiday with excellent service, the system of service "All inclusive", comfortable family rooms, traditional cuisine and true Greek hospitality.

Photo gallery - Grecotel Olympia Oasis Aqua Park 4*+ Grecotel Olympia Oasis Aqua Park
Hotel Services
  • Conference facilities

    At the neighboring hotel Grecotel Olympia Riviera.

    Congress center: conference halls with the capacity of 2000 seats, business center, secretarial service.

  • Currency exchange
  • Doctor
  • Fitness center
  • Hair salon
  • Heated pool
  • Internet

    At the reception.

  • Massage

    • Elixir Aroma Massage 50'

    Light body-brushing performed with pure essential oils is used as a natural exfoliating scrubThen follows a total body massage that helps fend off fatiguestress and alleviate muscle tension, and provides an ultimate relaxation of body and soul.

    • Olympia Massage 60'

    Includes a full body aromatherapya drainage massage, a head and face massagereflexology on feet/hands/ears, and Shiatsu.

    • Relax Massage 30'

    A full body massage performed with a special combination of calming oils for relaxing and de-stressing.

    • Lymphatic Massage 30'

    Ideal for combating cellulite and stimulating your body systems.

    • Head & Face Massage 30'

    A relaxing massage performed with warm essential oils on acupuncture points of the neck, scalp, ears and face for reducing fatiguestress and tension.

  • Parking
  • Pool
  • Postal service
  • Sauna
  • Shop

    Gift shop & Jewellery shop.

  • Spa

    Escape from space and time! Elixir Spa is one of the largest thalassotherapy centers in Greece covering an area of ​​4500 square meters. Impressive, reminiscent of an ancient Greek temple, the spa is at the same time, a temple of renovation of body and soul!
    Spa facilities

    • Sea water pool
    • Shower cubicles
    • Relax pool
    • Indoor Jacuzzi
    • Star-Trac fitness room
    • Outdoor massage rooms
    • Sauna
    • Steam room
    • Relaxation lounge with Juice Bar
    • Gym
    • Pedicure & manicure
    • Hair salon
    • Personal training rooms.

    Spa treatments

    • Relaxation
    • Weight loss
    • Ayurveda treatments 
    • Holistic treatment
    • Physical therapy
    • Lymphatic massage
    • Chocolate massage
    • Payot Harmony
    • Special haviar therapy
    • Massage Love Elixir for two
    • Aromatherapy

  • Turkish bath
  • Beach towels

    Free fo charge.

  • Beach umbrellas
  • Booths
  • Sandy beach
  • Sun loungers

    Free of charge.

For children
  • Babysitter

    On request, at a charge.

  • Children's pool
  • Infant amenities
  • Kids' club
  • Kids' menu
  • Playground
Food and Drink
  • Bar

    Grand Veranda Lobby Bar & Pool Bar.

  • Coffee house
  • Restaurant

    The Seasons Main Restaurant & Red Moon Asian Restaurant.

  • Tavern

    Oasis on the Beach Greek Tavern.

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Bicycles
  • Sports grounds
  • Tennis

    Rackets & balls.

    Tennis lessons - at a charge.

  • Water sports

    Free of charge:

    • Windsurfing (certificate needed)
    • Canoe
    • Water bikes

    At a charge:

    • Water sports school
    • Water skiing
    • Parasailing
    • Sailing

  • Amphitheatre
  • Animation

    In the evening:

    • Family shows & children's disco
    • Live music
    • Folklore dances
    • DJ music till 24:00
    • Entertaining programs

  • Horse riding
  • Water slides
Room Facilities
  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Bath/shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Safe
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephone
  • TV
Additional Information
  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Credit cards

    Visa, MasterCard, Amex.

  • English-speaking staff
  • No disabled facilities
  • No pets allowed
  • Waterfront
Distance from the beach
  • <100 m

   Escape in space and time! Elixir Spa one of the biggest centers of Thalassotherapy in Greece, of 4500 sq.m. Impressively, reminds the antique Greek temple, in too time, is the Temple of updating of soul and a body!
 At your service: the pool with sea water, shower booths, a jacuzzi, the relaxation pool, air massage, a sauna, the Turkish bath (boors), a pedicure, manicure, hairdressing salon, the vacation spot with the weakening tea or fresh juice, gym for cardio-respiratory trainings of Star-Trac and the platform for individual exercises.
 Elixir the center of thalassotherapy the wide range of procedures and programs for a relaxation, weight loss, Ayurveda, holisticheky treatment, offers physical therapy, lymphatic massage, chocolate massage, Payot Harmony, special Haviar therapy, massage "Love drink" for two, massage aromatherapy, etc.

* AQUA the ELIXIR TALASSO RAND, the HYDROMASSAGE, the SAUNA AND to BOORS is 1 day / 4 day Indulge yourself with this weakening complex of procedures in the sequence conforming to requirements of the client whose distinctive sign are water guns, a jet hydromassage and aero massage plank beds for an effective combination of a relaxation of all organism and the help to problem zones.
* WRAPPING WITH SEA DIRT 30΄obertyvaniye of all body on the basis of sea dirt with use of dirt from the Dead Sea which promotes penetration of nutritious elements into skin.
* WRAPPING WITH SEAWEED 30΄Морские seaweed with the high content of minerals are used in the wrapping for a body entering the special procedure with the proved efficiency concerning weight reduction, increase in a tone and strengthening of fabrics, fight against a stress, decrease in fatigue and simplification of spasms in muscles.
* HYDROTHERAPY 30΄Дюжины water streams direct water under pressure to specific problem zones. Plunge into a bathtub for deep hydrotherapy and enjoy its effect as oxygen bubbles enhance effect of salts and essential oils of a sparkling bathtub.

Specially developed expanded programmes for receiving unusual feelings and pleasure in an exclusive situation. They use ancient and modern methods for calm of a body and soul.

       * The LIFE ELIXIR 1 hour 20΄Восстанавливает energy of an organism, balances aura of an organism, restores vital forces, detoxifies, struggles with cellulitis and obesity, increases metabolism speed, increases skin density.
       * The ELIXIR ACCORDING TO ANCIENT RECIPES 1 hour 20΄Похудение, increase in a tone and vital forces of an organism, antistressorny effect, struggles with insomnia, dehydration, it is possible to use for treatment of solar burns.
       * The LOVE ELIXIR 1 hour 20΄Возбуждает feelings, detoxifies, eliminates developments of stagnation and stimulates the systems of an organism, renders antistressorny effect, humidifies, tones up and strengthens skin.

   II. FOR TWO ♥
Make to your partner a surprise in the form of the special procedure for two ♥. If you chose the procedure which excites and tempts, softens and calms or refreshes and updates, you can be sure that you recover your feelings and you will introduce in your life more rich bringing more than satisfaction intimate relations.

       * LOVE DRINK 60΄razdelite unforgettable feelings with the partner: on massage couches for two enjoy a body scrub with orange and sugar after which you will rub off a natural sponge with pink water. As the excellent final indulge yourself with the sensual weakening massage of each other with radio oils-aphrodisiacs which will release your mind and will relax a body.
       * HOT CHOCOLATE 60΄shokolad is created to give you pleasure. Calming and stimulating, refreshing and rejuvenating, chocolate contains all necessary vitamins, proteins and elements to make your body it is more beautiful as it stimulates feelings. On massage couches for two after easy skin exfoliation of a body by careful movements the mask for a body from high-quality hot chocolate is put.
       * RITUAL DRINK 60΄programma begins with hydrotherapy for the lady in the cool blue room where, in a special bathtub, the jet hydromassage regenerating and toning skin is carried out; massage together with the rejuvenating effects of water – warm and cold – which arrives on a massage couch in 6 various directions.
       * AROMAMASSAZh FOR TWO ♥ 60΄Разделите the intimate moments with the partner, enjoying in the excellent and separate complex of rooms the Elixir of Spa reserved for two. Full processing of a body with use of the essential oils received from plant and grass extracts.


50΄Легкая processing of a body a brush with pure essential oil is used as the natural peeling srub. Then the general massage of a body concentrated on removal of fatigue, a stress and undervoltage, a relaxation of a body and soul is carried out.
       * OLYMPIA MASSAGE 60΄Эксклюзивная the procedure developed on the basis of the rituals of antique beauties connected with leaving for a body includes an aromatherapy of all body, the draining massage, massage of the head and face, reflexotherapy with use of active points a foot of legs/palms/ears and to shiayets.
       * AROMAMASSAZh 50΄Обработка all body with use of the essential oils received from plant and grass extracts.
       * The WEAKENING MASSAGE 30΄/50΄Общий the massage of a body which is carried out with use of the special combination of the calming essential oils intended for relaxation and stress relief.
       * LYMPHATIC MASSAGE 30΄/50΄Эта the procedure for a face and a body activates a conclusion of liquids lymphatic glands at the expense of what muscular tissue is condensed. A perfect procedure for fight against cellulitis and stimulation of all systems of your organism.
       * MASSAGE of the HEAD AND PERSON 20΄rasslablyayushchy massage which is carried out with use of warm essential oils on acupuncture points of a neck, a hairy part of the head, ears and persons is focused on decrease in fatigue, a stress and tension.


   (free use of sauna/hammam - free use of a sauna and Turkish bath)

1 hour 20΄Уникальная the procedure feeding and reducing tension for a body and a face which is carried out with use of chocolate for stimulation and increase in vital energy from the head to finger-tips of legs.
       * SKIN UPDATING KARITA SATEN 60΄Полностью disconnect a body and reason and allow us to carry out this, kingly the beautiful and magnificent Carita procedure which will give you an elegant and perfectionistic look.
       * The HARMONY of the BODY of PEYOT & 20΄Превосходная the harmonizing procedure carefully deletes 1 hour dead cages from the surface of skin that gives to nutrients the chance to get into its deep layers then skin becomes soft, dense, elastic and silky to the touch.
       * The PROCEDURE FOR the BODY "JÓN MARIN'S GOMMAGE" 30΄Восстановительная the express procedure with use of force of the sea. Care of a body with peeling and toning of skin aromatic oils. Thanks to an active peeling of Guerand marine on the basis of seaweed and essential oils of rosemary and grapefruit, your skin will receive energy and silky softness.
       * The PROCEDURE FOR the BODY "JÓN of SUAN VELOUR" 60΄ the procedure Hydrating and connecting water reporting energy and weakening. The decision on what will make peeling of your skin – sea mineral salts or the hydrating and peeling gel on the basis of grass extracts, is provided to you.
       * AROMAMASSAZh "AROM'S JÓN the SUITE" 60΄Приятный аромамассаж against a stress and tension. Open for yourself the maximum harmony as a result of an aromatherapy – one of the most ancient procedures in the world. Mix of essential oils of a lavender, the citrus and a verbena balancing and calming an organism provides rest and a relaxation.
       * The DETOXIFYING PROCEDURE FOR the BODY JÓN 1 hour 20΄Детоксифицирующая the procedure for care of a body with use of grass extracts, essential oils of nutmeg, a sea pine and a cedar.
       * BEAUTY SECRET JÓN 2 hours the Complex procedure for a body and a face with use of essential oils for updating and hydration of skin which restores good condition of your body and soul from the head to finger-tips of legs!


       * DEEP FACE CLEANING 90΄Трехстадийная the procedure for care of face skin provides effective recharge of face skin with energy and returns gloss tired, and dim face skin. Approaches all-type skin.
       * The HYDRATING KARITA PROCEDURE 60΄protsedura intended for the "dried-up", dehydrated, shelled skin demanding hydration and moisture. The excellent regenerating means which is ideal for normal and dry skin.
       * The PROCEDURE AGAINST KARIT'S WRINKLES 60΄Получите effect of immediate lifting of your skin thanks to this strengthening skin to the procedure for fight against wrinkles in which highly effective products and special massage are combined with use of Renovateur.
       * The CLEANING KARITA PROCEDURE 60΄idealno is suitable for a combination of oily, stagnant and problem skin. This procedure for the person promotes cleaning of an open time then skin remains clean and deeply cleaned, the complexion improves, and the texture of skin becomes more pleasant.
       * DEEP PROCESSING of the PERSON WITH COLLAGENIC MASK 60΄eta the procedure which is ideal all-type skin provides deep moisturizing which will give to your skin excellent color.
       * The JÓN PROCEDURE "LE GRAN the CLASSIC" 90΄ This exclusive Yon-Ka procedure providing deep cleaning of a time, restoration and a relaxation of skin is main among all procedures for care of face skin as it is recognized as the fullest.
       * The JÓN PROCEDURE "PLEASURE of D' ARE" 60΄Процедура for the person which includes all elements of the refreshing care of Yon-Ka skin to which gives every moment sheer pleasure.
       * The PROCEDURE JÓN "GIDRALESSANS" 60΄Процедура for care of face skin, intended for deep hydration as dry or oily skin suffer from lack of moisture.
       * The PROCEDURE JÓN DLYa UHODA BEHIND MALE SKIN 60΄Уход behind skin, providing deep cleaning and restoring the balance in male skin – the purpose of this procedure is peeling and deep purification of leather, removal of dead cages and excess of skin fat.
       * The PROCEDURE JÓN DLYa of FIGHT AGAINST WRINKLES AT MEN 60΄Реконструктивная the procedure for male skin which is specially developed for restoration of youth of skin and fight against signs of aging.

Helpful information

New! Mega Aqua Park (with 22/06/17) – 12.000 sq.m. in the zone Activity Park (40.000 sq.m)
Splashes, fun, adrenaline!!! Waterslides and attractions, aqua tower, innovative technologies - Looping Rocket – the winding rocket, rafting slides, a space hole, Wave Slides – hills with waves, the flying boats – Flying Boats, Black Hole – a black hole (a mystical travel), multi surfing.
Children's game zone – multilevel game structure with falls, water streams, waterslides and a water volcano, huge overturning a ladle with water (100 liters of water).
The mass of impressions for adults and children!!!


From Killini's harbor of 10 km, in 295 km from Athens, in 60 km from the Araksos airport, of of Patr - 80 km, in 166 km from Kalamata's airport.

Board Basis

Full Board, Half Board

Room description

Only 186 numbers (181 numbers in the main building and 5 country houses): Doubles GV/SSV/SV (~ 30 sq.m), Family Rooms SV/SSV (~ 38 sq.m); Family Rooms SSV Type 1 (~ 38 sq.m), Family Beach Villa SV (~ 105 sq.m).
In numbers: conditioner, heating, satellite television, bathtub/WC, hair dryer, refrigerator, direct phone, music, radio, safe (free of charge), balcony/terrace.
Double Room (~ 30 sq.m) the Side view on a sea / sea view. Are located in the main building. Placement to 3 people. In number: a wicker furniture in light-beige tones, windows from a floor to a ceiling and all amenities the luxurious resort. Some of numbers with an additional bed couch.
Family Room (~ 38 sq.m) the Side view on a sea/sea view. Main building. Placement 3+1 Spacious family rooms are designed in such a way that the children's bedroom living room separates from the bedroom of parents a sliding door. Rooms are arranged with bamboo and wooden furniture in light-beige tones, windows from a floor to a ceiling.
Family Room Type 1 (~ 38 sq.m) the Side view on the sea/basic the building. Placement 3+2.
Spacious family rooms have two rooms divided by a door, 1 bathroom, a double bed for parents and 2 beds couches for children. Rooms are arranged with bamboo and wooden furniture in light-beige tones, windows from a floor to a ceiling.
Beach Family Villa (~ 105 sq.m) To lines of the beach, a direct sea view, the covered verandah (~ 30 sq.m), in a garden. Maximum placement 4+1. Two bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, the living room and the dining room it is arranged with a refined and delicate taste. Elegant furniture, ideal accommodation of family. Everyone has an open terrace with umbrellas and sun beds.

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