Heliopark Thalasso Hotel 3*

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Moscow regions Region
Longitude: 55.7447
Latitude: 36.8524

Specialization HELIOPARK Thalasso – Wellness stay in the suburbs. The hotel meets the international level 3* is located in ecologically clean area, 45 km from Moscow, near Zvenigorod. The hotel provides Wellness, relaxation and beauty programs, modern SPA-center and a variety of outdoor activities, making it the best place for restorative break.

The restaurant "Inspiration" is decorated with items of antique furniture, antique sideboard and chest of the nineteenth century. For Breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers varied buffet meals.In the evenings you can dine in a romantic setting, the restaurant opens its doors at 19.00 and running until the last guest.

In the bar "Tyrol" bartenders and waiters are always happy to offer cocktails, drinks, snacks, dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Tables made of solid natural wood vintage wrought iron lights and dim lights to have a pleasant conversation, after which you can play Billiards. Here every evening from 22:30 is disco night, and on Saturdays a bright show-program with participation of guest artists! Mode of operation - around the clock.

Phyto-bar Wellness center.A variety of health shakes, coffee, tea

Room service is round the clock in room order any dishes and drinks offered at the hotel.
To make a booking, You only need to call the phone number listed in Your guest directory.

Bath complex

Pool table
Finnish sauna - hot air of the Finnish sauna rids the body of toxins, toxins, cleanses the skin and has on the body relaxing effect.
Infrared sauna - in the sauna the skin is healing warms the maximum sunlight, which is supplied with a special IR lamps, but there is no effect of the steam, i.e., high temperature in an infrared sauna is not felt.
Roman bath - low temperature (about 45 degrees) and high humidity serve to cleanse and heal the body. In pairs added extracts of medicinal herbs. The walls of the Roman bath made of natural stone with healing properties. Thus, the effect of the bath becomes maximum.

You can rent 1 or 2 floor of the bath complex, or choose from the entire complex. Infrastructure:

1st floor: mini-pool, Finnish sauna, relaxation room.
2nd floor: sauna, infrared sauna, Roman sauna.

Room with the sea air. The walls are equipped with stone salt slabs brought from great depths the former Permian sea in the Urals. For urban dwellers and smokers is the perfect means of cleansing the lungs is also useful if you have frequent colds, enhances immunity.

Massage rooms

a traditional massage using oils: draining, hydrating, relaxing, soothing, restorative.
cellulite massage breaks up fat deposits in problematic areas of the body and prevents new ones.
stunmessage massage hot and cold basalt stones. Stunmessage relieves stress, emotional and muscle tension, cleanses the skin, activates metabolic processes.
chiromassage is aimed at maximum muscle relaxation, improves metabolism, improves joint mobility, increases the overall tone.
hemolymphodrainage massage allows to solve problems associated with vascular insufficiency, increases immunity, relieves swelling, varicose veins.
traditional Thai massage allows to relieve fatigue, muscle tension, increases energy, traditional music and atmosphere of Thailand created in the office to allow to relax and forget about everyday worries.
massage Ah-Ho is a Union of Russian and Japanese schools of massage that allows you to quickly warm up the muscles, stretch joints, improve blood circulation, restore vitality.
children's classic massage is the prevention of the development of early scoliosis, muscle diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.


Bath room

Therapeutic baths for children – add to the bath herbs, such as chamomile,, needles, eucalyptus, lavender and using Dead sea salts increases immunity, improves sleep, clears the skin, uplifting .
Oxygen bath — enriches the skin with oxygen, has a positive effect on the nervous system, normalizes blood pressure, stimulates metabolism, improves overall health, improves mood.
Bubble bath — has a beneficial effect on the skin, improves the appearance, improves skin elasticity, cleanse the pores, by adding iodine-bromine, coniferous salts and Dead sea salts.
Wraps live algae (kelp)- used whole leaves of sea kelp which perfectly enriches the skin with minerals, vitamins help reduce cellulite, lose weight, improve blood circulation.


Manicure and pedicure

SPA manicure
manicure, pedicure (cut, instrumental)
painting nails
stone therapy hands, feet.


Hair hall
The use of a unique method of phyto hair treatment which involves application to the hair of the solution from the infusion of herbs, iron, cognac in certain proportions and allows you to strengthen, add Shine and volume, reduce hair loss and hair breakage.

hair care using professional cosmetics
everyday, festive, wedding styling

Cosmetology in the body
In their programs for the care of skin and body specialists of our beauty salon use professional marine cosmetics, ALGOTHERM company. ALGOTHERM cosmetic products rich in trace elements, fitwilliam, minerals. This provides the skin mineral balance, which improve cellular metabolism.

wraps oil, seaweed, chocolate. Help cleanse the skin, weight loss, burn fat. Provides rejuvenation of the skin.

Cryoablative foot is putting on the legs of a special gel with strong cooling effect. Promotes the toning of the blood vessels of the legs, and is a good prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

Muscle toning
Complex myostimulation quickly solves the problem of excess weight, increases muscle tone, ideal for treating cellulite, puffiness, sagging skin, muscle recovery after injury. Improves blood circulation, lymph flow, eliminates excess fluid in the tissues, aktiviziruyutsya elimination of toxins.

A range of relaxing, energetic, restorative and rejuvenating treatments aimed at weight loss, toning. A unique system for chromotherapy. Change the color every 5 minutes, automatic air-jet massage, bubble massage "diamond bottom".

Alpha capsule (SPA capsule)
The unique combination of vapor, infrared radiation and wraps activates metabolism in tissues, promotes rapid penetration into the deeper layers of skin and their full absorption. In the alpha capsule is used aromatherapy. Composition of aromatic oils helps to relax or energize, improve mood.

Solarium (vertical, horizontal)
The Solarium gives the skin a nice shade of tan achieved a good cosmetic and therapeutic effect: clears the skin, warm up the muscles, which promotes relaxation and inner comfort. The use of special cosmetics will for a long time to keep a nice and even tan, protects and makes the skin silky


Beauty parlour
As you know, beautiful women are easy to go through life! Modern business office will allow You not only to look brilliant and to attract admiring glances, but also easy to achieve your goal in business! Our specialists will offer treatments for oily, dry, combination skin, and will develop an individual comprehensive program. If you wish, you can purchase cosmetic products for home care.
Cosmetics: You, Lawsuits, Coco, Dana, Christina.

Hardware cosmetology:
1. Ultrasonic peeling — cleansing with ultrasounds. This procedure improves microcirculation of tissues, resolves small seals, improves skin elasticity, exfoliates the Horny layer of the epidermis, which significantly improves the complexion.
2. Ultrasonic cleaning — smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin color smooth and glowing. This is a painless, gentle procedure treats sensitive skin, relieves swelling and makes it supple.
3. Microcurrent therapy — pulsed currents of low voltage affect the skin, lifting, improve metabolic processes in the skin and muscles. The procedure provides a lasting lifting effect.

Needle free mesotherapy
Treatments needle free mesotherapy is based on the use of oxygen. Using "Body Oxy jet" skin saturated with oxygen, at the same time bringing in the deep layer of the skin professional cosmetics. The skin becomes tone, enriched with the necessary elements.

Treatments for face:

against skin aging
correction of pigmentation
effect on acne

Body treatments:

anti-cellulite effect

Features a Wellness center in HELIOPARK Thalasso:

Pool with waterfall (6m x 3.5 m in length and 1.4 m in depth);
Shower area;
The Hammam (Turkish bath) — a gentle temperature in combination with massage, peeling soap is ideal for relaxation and recuperation. Improves circulation, cleanses the skin, removes toxins;
Roman bath — low temperature (about 45 degrees) and high humidity serve to cleanse and heal the body. In pairs added extracts of medicinal herbs. The walls of the Roman bath made of natural stone with healing properties. Thus, the effect of the bath becomes maximum;
Finnish sauna — hot air of the Finnish sauna rids the body of toxins, toxins, cleanses the skin and has on the body relaxing effect;
Phyto bar — the bar offers a variety of types of therapeutic teas, slimming coffee, light snacks and oxygen cocktails.


Helpful information

This country Spa hotel in the suburbs HELIOPARK Thalasso is located just half an hour's drive from Moscow. Road speed highway Novorizhskoe suburbs will bring You only positive emotions. To arrange a holiday in Moscow and enjoy the diverse nature of the hotel suburbs, you can through the territory of the majestic Park with shady avenues and picturesque pond, where is located the SPA hotel HELIOPARK Thalasso. SPA hotels in Moscow – is a great opportunity to experience the silence, the sounds of nature and pure forest air, not abandoning the usual benefits of civilization.
In the title HELIOPARK Thalasso laid main specialty of this Zvenigorod hotels. Availability of high-class Thalasso and Wellness centre of the complex, which offer guests all sorts of massages, comprehensive programs for body care and beauty treatments - all this suggests HELIOPARK Thalasso one of the best SPA hotels in Moscow region.
Organise your stay in a country hotel for your company and corporate in the suburbs at the highest level is very easy and convenient thanks to HELIOPARK Thalasso. Country hotels in Moscow are often similar to each other, but our SPA hotel in Moscow offers the necessary conditions for holding conferences, seminars, business meetings, banquets and receptions. For corporate groups can arrange coffee breaks, receptions, dinners at the restaurant "Inspiration", team building, shows, barbecues in the open air.


Address: Zvenigorod, Lermontov str., 1. (45 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway)

Room description

SNGL (24 rooms are 11 square metres)- Single Room Standard-Building 2

cozy room is designed for accommodation of one adult. Can accommodate one child.
In the room:

Room size 11 sq. m.
Bed (208*95)

In the bathroom:

A set of towels


DBL/TWIN (75 rooms with an area of 11 or 14 square meters)

Twin Room Standard-Building 2
Twin Room for Sgl Standard-Building 2

Double Room Standard-Buildings 3,4,5
Double Room for Sgl Standard-Buildings 3,4,5

cozy room is designed for accommodation of 2 persons.

In the room:

The size of the room 11/14 sq. m.
Double bed (170*208)

In the bathroom:

A set of towels

SUITE (23 rooms of 22 sq. m)

Suite for Sgl 1 room-Building 2
Suite 1 room-Building 2

Suite for Sgl room 1-Buildings 3,4,5
Suite 1 room-Buildings 3,4,5

— comfortable rooms for 2 to 4 persons.

In the room:

Room size 23 sq. m.
Large double bed (170*208)
There is a possibility to install a cot

In the bathroom:

A set of towels

BIG SUITE 2 (1 room area of 44 sq. m.)

— spacious two-room apartment is intended for accommodation of 2-5 persons
In the room:

Room size 44 sq. m.
Bed (170*208)
There is a possibility to install a cot

In the bathroom:

A set of towels

SUPERIOR STANDARD room (24 rooms are 15 square metres)

Double Superior for Sgl Standard-Buildings 3,4,5
Double Superior Standard-Buildings 3,4,5

— comfortable rooms, designed for 2-3 people. Extra bed for adult or child.

In the room:

Bed (170*208)
There is a possibility to install additional seats

In the bathroom:

A set of towels


Suite for Sgl 2 rooms-Building 2
Suite 2 rooms-Building 2

Elegant rooms with an area of 23 sq. m. for relaxation and comfort sleeps 2-3 people

In the room:

two rooms (spacious hall with upholstered furniture and large bedroom)
comfortable interior
convenient bedroom set

In the bathroom:

on the floor — carpeted


5 DELUXE room of 18 sqm — comfortable rooms for 2-4 persons
In the room:

Room square is 18 sq. m.
2 beds (95*208 cm)
There is a possibility to install a cot

In the bathroom:

A set of towels


Check-in time : 15:00, check in time is at 17.00, departure - 15-00

The price includes:
accommodation, meals plny Board - zavtrak, lunch, dinner, buffet, a visit to the underground caves, Billiards; table tennis
teaching volleyball, basketball, soccer - animation program; access to the Wellness center; the rental of bicycles, pedal cars, skates, sledges, boats; nursery; rental of iron and Ironing Board; entertaining animation, evening show program, disco, Parking

Children up to 3 years stay free of charge on request the price cots (folding beds) - 300 RUB / day



Meeting room "the bell" for business/corporate events with the possibility of division into 3 zones (flipchart, screen, LCD projector, theatre style up to 150 persons, hall with air conditioning)

Conference hall "Sochi" for business/corporate events (flipchart, screen, up to 20 pers., lounge with air conditioning).

Meeting room "Penza" for business/corporate events (screen, LCD projector, flipchart, Internet, theatre style, up to 20 pers.)

Conference hall "Kaliningrad" for business/corporate events (flipchart, screen, LCD projector, classroom style, 40 persons, conference hall with air conditioning).

Hall "Moscow"for business/corporate events (screen, flipchart, LCD projector)

Meeting room "Baden-Baden" for the business/building. events (up to 250 pers.)