Porto Carras Sithonia Hotel 5*

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Chalkidiki-Sithonia Region
Porto Carras
Distance from sea
0 m
Longitude: 23.7945
Latitude: 40.081

The hotel is included into unique hotel complex Porto Carras Grand Resort. Private pier, 3 helipads and center of riding, magnificent Spa center, wide choice of numbers, aquapark, sport, children's club, entertainment programs. The green territory, the clean sea, curative air of pine forests and professional service create the favorable atmosphere for comfortable stay. Here will show you process of production of wine from the grapes which are grown up on ecological vineyards of Porto Carras. In the territory of hotel one of the casinos, largest in Europe, works.

Hotel Services (25)
  • Pool

  • Conference facilities

    <p>4 conference halls (25-350 seats).</p> <p>4 meeting rooms.</p> <p>Business center.</p> <p>Computers.</p> <p>Secretarial services.</p>

  • Shop

    <p>Mini market, gift shop, jewellery shop, boutique.</p>

  • Massage

    <ul> <li>Deep Tissue Muscle Massage 1hour</li> <li>Deep Tissue Back Massage 30 min</li> <li>Roman Bath Back Massage 30 min</li> <li>Aroma Stone Therapy 75 min</li> <li>Physio Massage 30/50 min</li> <li>Greek Herb Aromatherapy 50 min</li> <li>Reflexology 30 min</li> <li>Ayurveda 50 min</li> <li>Anti-Cellulite Massage 20 min</li> <li>4 Hands Massage</li> </ul>

  • TV room

  • Dry cleaning/Laundry services

  • Currency exchange

  • Beauty Salon

  • Internet

    <p>In the rooms and in public areas.</p>

  • Concierge

  • Doctor

  • Jacuzzi

    <p>In the spa center.</p>

  • Gym

  • Postal service

  • Hair salon

  • Sauna

    <p> Free use of the sauna (for guests over 16 years).       </p> <p><span lang="EN-US">You have to make an appointment one day before at the spa reception.</span></p>

  • Yacht club

  • Fitness center

  • Spa

  • Water slides

    <p>Blasters &amp; Twisters for aggressive sliding, a lot of fun for all ages! (15/06 - 31/08)</p>

  • Transfer

    <p>A mini–train runs throughout the hotel (free of charge). The schedule is available at the main reception desk. </p> <p>A small ship runs to Neos Marmaras every hour (at a charge).</p> <p> </p>

  • Marina

  • Room service

  • Parking

  • Turkish bath

    <p> Free use of the Turkish bath (for guests over 16 years).  </p> <p><span lang="EN-US">You have to make an appointment one day before at the spa reception.</span>   </p>

Beach (4)
  • Sand & pebble beach

    <p>9km long Blue Flag sandy beach.</p>

  • Beach umbrellas

  • Sun loungers

    <p>Free of charge.</p>

  • Beach towels

    <p>With a voucher issued on arrival (with a deposit).</p>

For children (6)
  • Infant amenities

  • Kids' menu

  • Babysitter

  • Playground

    <p>With a small swimming pool.</p>

  • Children's pool

  • Kids' club

Food and Drink (4)
  • Bar

    <ul> <li>Purple Bar - 11: 00 - 00:00</li> <li>Wet Bar - 11: 00 - 20:00 (High Season: June-July -August)</li> <li>Beach Bar - 11: 00 - 20:00 (High Season: June-July -August)</li> <li>Night Club - 21:00 - 00:00 - serves water, soft drinks, juices, wine, barrel beer, ouzo, local and international alcoholic drinks.</li> </ul> <p>After 24:00 all drinks are served at a charge.</p> <p>Above mentioned bars serve a choice of ice creams, local and imported alcoholic beverages and liquors, barrel beer, wine, soft drinks, juices, filter coffee, instant coffee, espresso, cappuccino, teas.</p>

  • Cafe

  • Restaurant

  • Tavern

Sports (11)
  • Aerobics

  • Basketball

    <p>Free of charge.</p>

  • Water sports

    <p>You are offered an hour of non – motorized water sports free once per stay per room during the Water Sports Center's opening hours (depending both on season and weather conditions): canoe or catamaran -by advance reservation one day before. Vouchers are issued at the Guest Relations department.</p> <p> </p>

  • Volleyball

  • Golf

    <p>18-hole golf course meet the international standards and borders with the blue waters of the Aegean Sea from one side and with the mountains covered with pines from the other side. <span id="result_box" lang="en"><span class="hps">The golf</span> <span class="hps">club</span> <span class="hps">operates</span> <span class="hps">year round and</span> can <span class="hps">provide</span> <span class="hps">the game</span> of <span class="hps">72</span> <span class="hps">pairs</span> of players <span class="hps">at a time.</span> The course is <span class="hps">equipped with</span> <span class="hps">various</span> t<span class="hps">ees and a driving </span><span class="hps">track</span> <span class="hps">with a special coating</span> <span class="hps">that guarantees</span> <span class="hps">comfortable travel in</span><span class="hps"> inclement weather</span>. </span></p> <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span class="hps">Facilities:</span></span></p> <ul> <li><span class="hps">area</span> <span class="hps">for beginners</span></li> <li>club house</li> <li>relaxation lounge</li> <li>bar</li> <li><span class="hps">equipment rental</span>.</li> </ul>

  • Diving

  • Mini football

  • Beach volleyball

    <p>Free of charge.</p>

  • Tennis

    <p>Free of charge.</p>

  • Football

  • Horse riding

Entertainment (4)
  • Animation

  • Casino

    <ul> <li><span class="hps">277</span> <span class="hps">slot machines</span></li> <li><span class="hps">5</span> <span class="hps">American</span> <span class="hps">roulettes</span></li> <li>8 <span class="hps">roulettes</span> with <span class="hps">screens</span> <span class="hps">allowing online</span> <span class="hps">betting</span></li> <li><span class="hps">7</span> blackjack <span class="hps">tables</span></li> <li>3 <span class="hps">Caribbean</span> <span class="hps">Stud</span> <span class="hps">poker</span> tables</li> <li>Texas Hold'em cash games</li> <li><span class="hps">VIP </span><span class="hps">lounge.</span></li> </ul>

  • Night club

  • Disco

Room Facilities (11)
  • Safe

  • Russian channels

  • Balcony/Terrace

  • Bath/shower

  • Air conditioning

  • Mini bar

  • Satellite TV

  • Telephone

  • Hairdryer

  • Refrigerator

  • View

Additional Information (8)
  • Waterfront

  • 1 bedroom

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 3 bedrooms

  • No pets allowed

  • Russian-speaking staff

  • Credit cards

    <p>Visa, American Express, Diners, Mastercard.</p>

  • Disabled facilities

    <p>One disabled room.</p>

Distance from the beach (1)
  • <100 m

The list of the services provided to hotel guests on the All Inclusive 2019 system   

Mediteranneo restaurant 07:30 – 10:30 - Buffet of the American type and traditional Greek breakfast. Drinks: water, fruit juice, the filtered coffee, instant coffee, the coffee espresso, cappuccino, tea
Restaurant Pergola 11.00-17.30 – self-service – 11.00-13.00 and 15.00-17.30 (appetizers and fruit), Drinks: water, degky drinks, juice, beer
Mediteranneo restaurant 13:00 – 15:00   Mediterranean & Greek Cuisine: (a buffet – self-service): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, choice of desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Mediterraneo restaurant - 19:00 – 21:30 - Mediterranean & Greek Cuisine (buffet, self-service): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, traditional dishes, choice of desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Pergola & Pool restaurant - The Greek evening with live music and traditional dances (on a booking in advance) 19:00 – 22:30 (every Wednesday). Greek cuisine (buffet, self-service): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, freshly cooked dishes, traditional Greek dishes, choice of desserts and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Mediterraneo restaurant - The Italian evening - 19:00 – 21:30 (every Saturday).
Italian cuisine (buffet, self-service): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, Italian dishes, choice of desserts, ice cream and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Mediterraneo restaurant - Fish evening - 19:00-21:30 (every Thursday). A buffet with seafood: salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, seafood dishes, choice of desserts and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Mediterraneo restaurant - Asian evening - 19:00-21:30 (every Monday).
Asian cuisine (buffet): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, dishes of Asian cuisine, choice of desserts and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Mediterraneo restaurant - The Greek evening - 19:00-21:30 (every Wednesday).
Greek cuisine (buffet, self-service): salads, sauces, hot and cold appetizers, main courses, choice of desserts and fresh fruit. Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Party on the beach with cocktails and fresh fruit - Porto Carras Sithonia Beach - 21:00 – 23:30 (on Saturdays) - a buffet with fresh fruit: (the choice of fresh fruit, cocktails with fresh pieces of fruit). Drinks: water, soft drinks, juice, wine, ouzo, beer
Purple of Bars 10:00 – 00:00 Drinks: the filtered coffee, the espresso and cappuccino coffee, the range of different types of tea, water, soft drinks, wine, draft beer, ouzo, local and import alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages. Ice cream in assortment. 30% discount for cocktails.
Wet of Bars (June-July-August)   10: 00 – 18:00 Drinks: the filtered coffee, the espresso and cappuccino coffee, the range of different types of tea, water, soft drinks, wine, draft beer, ouzo, local and import alcoholic beverages. 30% discount for cocktails.
Beach Bar (June-July-August) 10: 00 – 18:00 Drinks: the filtered coffee, the espresso and cappuccino coffee, the range of different types of tea, water, soft drinks, wine, draft beer, ouzo, local and import alcoholic beverages. 30% discount for cocktails.
Night Club (except Wednesday and Sunday) - 22: 00 – 00:00 Drinks: water, easy drinks, juice, wine, draft beer, ouzo, local and import alcoholic beverages.
After 00:00 all drinks for an extra charge according to the official menu.
Dine Around program
White Room (except Monday, on a booking in advance in a day earlier) - 19: 00 – 23:00 – 1 time during accommodation. Special a menu set for the guests living according to the Premium All Inclusive program. On each following visit during accommodation or the order of dishes according to the menu of restaurant (except the specialist/menu), is provided to the guest a discount from joint account, of 30%.
Tratorria (on a booking in advance in a day earlier) 19: 00 – 23:00 – 1 time during accommodation. The order of dishes on special a menu set for the guests living according to the Premium All Inclusive program. On each following visit during accommodation or the order of dishes according to the menu of restaurant (except the specialist/menu), is provided to the guest a discount from joint account, of 30%.
Restaurants in a marine (on a booking in advance in 2 days earlier) 20: 00 – 00:00   - For guests according to the All inclusive program of 20% a discount for joint account.
The Greek evening at Pergola & Pool restaurant, Fish evening, the Italian evening, Asian evening at Mediterraneo restaurant and the Party with cocktails and fresh fruit on the beach – are spent in June, July and August at favorable weather conditions.
Coffee from the coffee machine is provided to all guests of Premium All Inclusive (self-service). The order of coffee in bar for surcharge.
The Dine Around program is available to the guests living on Premium All Inclusive and provides special discounts in certain Is scarlet maps Porto Carras Grand Resort restaurants.
Unlimited consumption of local and international alcoholic beverages of alcoholic beverages in bars of hotel, according to the available catalogs.  
Alcoholic beverages are provided to guests 18 years are more senior.
Consumption of food and drinks is authorized only at restaurant and bars, and it isn't allowed to transfer food or drinks to other zones and premises of hotel.
Dress Code during a dinner needs to be decently dressed (it isn't allowed to wear shorts, undershirts, etc. As the exception, is allowed to men to wear shorts - Bermuda shorts).
Local alcoholic beverages: white and red wine of production of winery Porto Carras, draft beer, ouzo, ципуро and brandy.
Internatsioanlny branded alcoholic beverages: whisky, vodka, gin, rum and aperitifs.
For safety drinks on the beach and in the places located near pools  are served in plastic glasses.  
Mediterraneo restaurant (special zone) daily - 18: 30 – 20:30. The pasta, salads, cold appetizers and hot dishes prepared especially for our little friends! Also a dessert at choice (several types), ice cream, fresh fruit.
Children's club 10: 00 – 18:00 (free of charge) – daily according to the program - specially organized programs and creative activity.
Animation for adult 7 days a week. Information it is possible will receive in department of work with guests.
Waterslides & Sithonia   10: 00 – 18:00 – free use.
Mini-disco 20.30-21.30 - Disko (dances) for children in Night club of Sithonia hotel and on the beach.
Sport and entertainments
Gym in SPA the center of Sithonia hotel - Free access (only for persons 16 years are more senior).
Basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis (a ping a pong) - it is free (visit depends on employment).
Walking and bicycle routes - 28 km
Golf   - to the Guests living according to the Premium All Inclusive program is provided in free use the training field for golf for 1 hour (once for all the time of accommodation and includes 1 basket with balls for golf) Only for professional golfers.  
Tennis   - 1 hour of free use of the tennis court on number for all the time of stay (11:00-12:00 or 12:00 – 13:00 on record and in the presence).
Water sports   - the 20% discount for use of all types of water sport is provided to the guests living according to the Premium All Inclusive program.
The diving center - to the guests living according to the Premium All Inclusive program is provided a 20% discount for visit Diving of the center
Excursion to vineyards and Porto Carras Grand Resort winery (on record) - Excursion price: the adult – 15 euros, the child – 7.5 euros.
The train - free, daily walk by road train across the territory of the resort (the schedule is in the Lobby of hotel)
Minibar in number - on the arrival of 2 bottles of mineral water
Free Wi-Fi Internet
All other services are provided in information brochures of the resort Porto Carras Grand Resort complex.
! All information mentioned above can be changed for operational reasons without preliminary prevention.

































Family Room Superior Golf View
Family Room Superior Side Sea View
Junior Suite Side Sea View
Suite Executive Golf View

Thalasso & Spa-center

The Spa center, with a total area of 2.275 sq.m., includes the indoor pool with sea water (only for adults), the pool for procedures of thalassotherapy, a sauna, to boors (the Turkish bath), 11 procedural offices offering procedures for care of face skin and bodies, the fitness center with the equipment Cybex overlooking the lagunoobrazny pool, salon of manicure and pedicure and hairdressing salon. The gym (free of charge), an entrance to gym is allowed persons 16 years are more senior.

The rejuvenating leaving against thin lines and wrinkles Reduces emergence of thin lines and wrinkles for the smooth, fresh and young looking skin. Elemis creates the most advanced skin care products and against aging, using the most effective extracts of plants and sea elements, saving natural
formula basis. Extensive researches and clinical trials prove that formulas Elemis promote reduction
skin presenilation.

Care of a body of sp@home Including some of "best-sellers" of Elemis cosmetics, extensive sp@home the range provides result, at the same time humouring feelings pleasant aromas.

Leaving for men Cleans, shaves, protects, condenses, moisturizes and smoothes the skin with its innovative structure specially
focused on requirements of male skin. It was simpler to use a complex 3kh-staged system on care of skin never.

Care of the skin the Daily program for a dining shining and regenerated skin. Being the most effective daily system on care of skin, Elemis created a number of the advanced high-performance products for each requirement. Using mixes of vegetable assets, milk proteins and nutritious ingredients for skin, special formulas work in harmony with gentle levels рН for protection against daily stressful factors and adapt to constantly changing requirements of your skin.

Thalassotherapy of 30 min.
The word "thalassotherapy" comes from the Greek words of Talas and "therapy" which mean treatment by means of sea water and products of the sea. Medical results which you receive, having tried procedures with use of the sea water enriched with various minerals which in turn possess strong anti-inflammatory and myshechno - the weakening action will be unique

Vichy Sea Shower Massage 30 мин
The medical procedure with use of a storm shower, combines salutary influence of sea water with therapeutic advantage of a rain while our massage therapists carry out for you the weakening massage.

Tonic Sea Shower Jet is 20 min. old
The toning Jet of high pressure with use of sea water which are directed to each part of the body. Improves blood circulation and saves you from fatigue. And also is a perfect procedure for preparation of your body for any other medical procedure, being remarkably combined with all.

Bath De Luxe Capsule is 25 min. old
25 min. steam processing - at the same time an aromatherapy and a tsvetoterapiya - and further a storm shower (fresh water in the form of small drops passes on all length of a body in the ultramodern capsule).


Deep Tissue Muscle Massage 1 ч
Reduces stress, relieves muscular pain and revives feelings, by means of this strong especially picked up massage. Dynamic mixes of essential oils are purposeful on satisfaction of individual requirements and reduce a concrete stress and muscular tension.
Make the choice:
Stress-a-Way: Stop and remove stress of day.
Spirit Reviver: Strengthen forces and be replenished with energy.
Muscle Melt: Расслабтесь also restore energy in a tired and painful body.
Chakra Balancing: Reunite your thoughts, a body and soul.

Deep Tissue Back Massage is 30 min. old the Maximum results in removal of tension for the minimum time. It is specific are directed to a back, a humeral belt and a neck, there where it is especially necessary.

Roman Bath Back Massage of 30 min. Plunge into luxury of the Roman bath of hotel Melitón. Enjoy aromas of essential oils and the weakening massage of a back as it was done by ancient Romans.

Aroma Stone Therapy of 75 min. Heat of this therapy is gradually distributed deep into muscles for achievement of absolutely new impression. Small stones are distributed on key power points while the magnificent warmed oils are deeply massed on all body for achievement of the maximum relaxation.

Physio Massage 30/50 mines For achievement of the maximum results in removal of tension need to be entrusted you only themselves to hands of our massage therapists who will spend you footpaths of "the world of feelings" and will save you from symptoms of fatigue and a stress by means of unique therapeutic techniques, focusing on key trigger points and a painful muscular system.

Greek Herb Aromatherapy of 50 min. Remove stress by means of traditional Greek ingredients. Trust in salutary properties of the nature applying curative herbs which for hundreds of years are used thanks to the medicinal properties. Combination of essential oils from rosemary, a thyme, a juniper, a marjoram, a basil, a cypress and a lavender will be revived by your feelings.

Reflexology is 30 min. old Unique massage for legs based on the most ancient technique according to which the manual pressure upon reflex points has impact on internals and a human body in general. Acupressure influences natural updating
improvement of an organism.

Ayurveda is 50 min. old the Most ancient technique of India with use of warm oil for the toning effect and simplification of muscular pain.

Anti-Cellulite massage is 20 min. old the Intensive and stimulating massage for problem parts of the body with use of essential oils for the purpose of disposal of cellulitis and effect of an orange-peel. In an ideal combination to Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy this procedure will report the maximum results

Procedures for a body – Body Therapy

Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow is 30 min. old the Peeling of a body for updating and refreshing of an integument. After easy cleaning by means of a special brush from cactaceous needles, dropping of warm oils on all surface of a body with the subsequent drawing Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow becomes (Exotic salt polishing with Lyme and Ginger). Skin is deeply cleaned and humidified, becomes shining and resounding, restored and faultless

Exotic Coconut and Milk ritual Wrap is 45 min. old the Nutritious milk Warmed Elemis for a body and bathtubs pours down on all body before turning in a foil or dry flnut. This magnificent therapy perfectly is suitable for smoothing and mitigation, combined with acupressure of the person and therapy on the head for
stress relief.

Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap is 45 min. old Fragrant flowers of Franzhipani and cocoes from Tahiti in a combination with each other make Mona with which water a body then wrap it in a foil or dry flnut. The skin impregnated with moisture receives the maximum shine, viability and healthy tone of skin of all body.

Musclease AromaSpa Ocean Wrap is 75 min. old the Calming wrapping by a foil or unique dry flnut also medical acupressure of the person, and the massage of the head which is also reducing stress. Using warm mixes of Essential oils, this specialized therapy helps to kill pains and tension in muscles.

Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy of 1 h is Clinically proved, fight against deep cellulitis and the drooped skin in this therapy, results in noticeable fast results. Application of the exfoliating mask for a body in combination with deeply cleaning massage, helps to make skin more smooth and elastic, stimulates blood circulation and reduces a liquid delay. Cleans a thick gut by means of massage of an abdominal cavity and
helps to bring toxins out of a body, working from within.

Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap of 75 min. Turn back a foil or a dry flout in a cocoon and receive acupressure of the person and therapy on stress relief from the head. This smart therapy helps will get rid of cellulitis and discomfort from a liquid delay in an organism. The body restores vital energy and
leaves skin silky and smooth.

Hot Chocolate of 75 min. Present yourself a travel to the world of a shokoladoterapiya which will provide you joy and emotions, wakes up feelings and harmony, reunites a body and soul, filling the room with wonderful aroma of chocolate. The body is cleaned by means of a peeling. Then the gentle chocolate structure which masses a body is caused. At the end of the procedure cream with aroma of cocoa is applied. Present that your body
envelops dark chocolate, entering you into a condition of relaxation and harmony.

Procedures for the person

Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial of 75 min. is Clinically proved that after only one therapy, the quantity of wrinkles decreases up to 94%* and the elasticity of skin increases by 57%*. Use of strong professional structures for maximum efficiency, do skin more elastic, tightened,
rejuvenated. * Independent clinical tests of 2007

Visible Brilliance Booster Facial is 30 min. old With revolutionary results, this rejuvenating therapy instantly condenses, rejuvenates and rounds skin, At the same time helping skin with reduction of dark circles. It is clinically proved that the level of moistening of skin increases to 61%* and elasticity (elasticity) up to 40%* for only one therapy. * Independent clinical tests of 2004

Elemis Fruit Active Glow of 1 h Returns gloss of lifeless build of the person. Skin is deeply cleaned and stimulated with the specialist in technology of East massage while the strongest elements feed and update vital shine.

Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial 50 мин
It is created by revolutionary technology which combines the advanced stem cells of the plants rich with nutrients natural lipids and the strengthening active agents of plants. Strong methods of lifting which are intended for the drooped cheeks, a neck and a chin which at the same time help to reduce puffiness and a delay of liquid connected with flabby skin. 69% of women said that their face contours were created, got stronger and were brought up * 90% of women said that sagging on cheeks and a neck considerably improved * 82% of women said that they would like to postpone plastic surgeries and/or Botox, procedures behind leaving of face skin *
Tightening using Pro-Intense Program and New Pro-Intense Super System at home. Independent Results of consumer researches on the basis of 49 subjects, July, 2013

Allow your skin to raise Elemis Exotic Moisture Dew of 1 h влажноть. After facial massage by our expert, skin will be filled with the assets satisfying thirst which will return to skin the healthy refreshing look.

Elemis Modern Skin Facial (all skin types) of 1 h Returns balance and shine to the skin subject to a stress. The procedure is intended for the complex leather subject to stresses of modern life. Using the formula rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this cleaning procedure
promotes a conclusion of harmful toxins, regeneration of cells of skin and regulation of a secretion of sebaceous glands. Result – more
the pure, shining and balanced leather.

Elemis Taster Facial is 30 min. old This fact-finding therapy for the person, provides a fast and instant tone for any forthcoming event.

Skin IQ + Facial of 75 min. is Clinically proved that this therapy is constructed taking into account satisfaction of requirements of our rhythm of life against effects of aging of frequent shaving, pollution by the environment and constant trips, providing to men final restoration
skin with the masimalny rejuvenating results. * Independent clinical tests of 2006


Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual 2 ч
Choose one of unique therapies of Elemis: Advanced Anti‐Ageing or Skin
Solutions Facials in combination with powerful effect of deep muscular massage of Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle
Massage. Two-hour rest with unique results!

Elemis Total Time Out 2 ч
Procedure for care of face skin of Anti‐Ageing Elemis Skin IQ+Facial in combination with dynamic and deep massage
Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage which instantly removes stress of a muscular system. The procedure for full

Detox & Tonic of 2 h 30 min.
Tonic Sea Shower Jet 20’
Elemis Modern Skin Facial 60’
Elemis Musclease Aroma Spa 75’

Relaxing Βeauty 3 ч
Thalassotherapy 30’
Manicure, Pedicure
Elemis Skin Specific Facial 60’
Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage 30’

Royal Spa Day of 3 h 45 min.
Thalassotherapy Pool 30’
Elemis Pro‐Collagen Quartz Lift Facial 75’
Elemis Pro‐Collagen Hand
& Nail Treatment 30’
Elemis Sole Delight Foot Treatment 30’
Thai Μassage 50’ or Ayurveda 60’

Vip of Men's Spa of 3 h 15 min.
Thalassotherapy 30’
Vichy Sea Shower Massage 45’
Elemis Skin IQ Facial Men 75’

Cellulite & Slimming of 2 h 30 min.
Tonic Sea Water Jet 20’
Elemis Cellutox Aroma Spa
Ocean Wrap 75’
Elemis Body Sculpting
Cellulite & Colon Therapy 60’
* We recommend to apply to the best result
the Cellulite and Slimming procedures within 3 days

For Two of 2 h 30 min.
This service is provided only in the VIP the suit, only for couples.
Thalassotherapy 30’
Elemis Modern Skin Facial x 2 60’
In combination with De Stress Eye Treatment
Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage x 2 60’
Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand and Nail Treatment 30мин
The warmed fragrant therapeutic oils I feed t and condition the started feet and nails. Thanks to strong moistening the coarsened heels are restored and softened, plentifully obagoshchy and healing yours at skin. Therapy can be prolonged up to 60 min. вклю tea a pedicure.
Elemis Sole Delight Grooming for Feet 30мин
Katikula and nails are well-groomed and strengthened while to a neobyknova nny Elemis in combination with I rejuvenate the Nutritious milk for skin and a bathtub shchy Pro-Kollagenovym hand and nail cream intensively moistens them - for irresistibly smooth, and young skin of hands. Therapy can be prolonged up to 75 min., including manicure.

Hairdressing salon
In beauty shop the full range of hairdresser's services is provided: from a usual hairstyle or a hairstyle to a hairstyle of the bride and a variety of procedures of care of hair which will make you irresistible.

Gym, Roman bath, sauna, indoor pool.

Completely equipped gym which includes: racetracks, bicycles, Step exercise machines, and another it is necessary ое the equipment for daily trainings at choice.

The Finnish sauna began to be used by the person more, than 1000 and moreover years back. Finns also used a sauna in the medical purposes.

Hammam – the Roman bath
This room which functions by means of steam. Steam use as it is known from history, helps in улучш to an eniya of work of the blood circulatory system, with removal of toxins from an organism, with improvement of a metabolism and for muscular relaxation.


Visit of Thalassotherapy & Spa of Center
1. With your arrival to SPA - the locker with a key, a dressing gown and slippers will be provided to you.
2. We ask you to take off jewelry and clothes – it is more preferable to move in rooms of SPA in a dressing gown, a bathing suit or in underwear.
3. In case you wish to receive disposable underwear - please, ask it for your therapist.
4. If your medical procedure includes use of the pool, a jacuzzi, sauna and/or hammam – we ask you to have a bathing suit. For hygiene – before plunging into the pool - we ask you to take a shower.
5. The hammam is at the same time visited both by men, and women.
6. Be convinced, please, that all your valuable objects are locked in your locker. The administration doesn't bear any responsibility in case of loss or damage of your personal belongings.
7. For manifestation of respect for other visitors of SPA - we ask you to switch-off your mobile phones.

Check in
It is desirable to be in Spa at least in 15 minutes prior to the procedure.
For manifestation of respect for other visitors of SPA and to therapists, we want to let you know that in case of your delay by the beginning of the procedure - the lost time will be subtracted from the procedure while payment will have to be carried out in a full size, according to the price list. We ask you to give us necessary information on state of your health.

During a procedure
We ask you to report to the therapist about that, how do you feel: tell – whether it is hot to you or is cold if pressing too strong or on the contrary. Therapists during procedures shouldn't talk, except those cases when you want communication with them. Their purpose, as well as all of us, providing for you the refreshing and weakening effect is.

Record annulment order
In case of cancellation of holding a procedure it is necessary to inform us of it, at least, in 24 hours prior to the fixed time. Otherwise payment of the procedure of 50% will be automatically added.

After holding a procedure
We invite you to relax in Relax Room Spa – the center. Here you will find for yourself fruit, soft drinks and different grades of tea. We advise you after holding a procedure not to sunbathe within, at least, 3 hours to improve as far as it is possible more, the received result.

For any offer or the complaint we ask you to address the manager or the director of Spa.

For safety to children 16 years are younger it isn't allowed to visit Spa, internal pools and gyms.
We remind you that smoking is forbidden in all enclosed space of hotel.

Helpful information

BLUE FLAG – 2018!
The peninsula Chalkidiki became the first in Greece with 89 "Blue flags" in 2018, 3 of which I received the magnificent Porto Carras Grand Resort complex as it was noted by the Greek Society of Environment protection. Within 19 years the resort annually receives "A blue flag" that is the culmination of environmental policy on environmental protection.
"The blue flag" is the symbol of ecological quality, most known and widespread in the world. It is awarded since 1987 to beaches and piers which correspond to strict criteria of purity. A prerequisite for coast rewarding with "A blue flag" is purity of water on "perfectly". The award works during 1 year.
Porto Carras Grand Resort for many years saves purity of water and natural beauty of the coastline at the highest level. Regular cleaning of beaches is made, the high level of hygiene is supported.

Pledge on arrival in hotel! On arrival in hotel in a check-in time guests have to provide the credit card as a guarantee of payment of possible additional consumption in case guests have no credit card, then avansny pledge of 100 euros for number is left.

 Tourism Awards awards
Gold in the nominations "Luxury Resort" and" Golf Resort"
Silver in the Spa Resort and Gastronomy and Wine Tourism nominations.
5 awards from "Greek Hospitality Awards 2017"
Gold in the Best Greek Golf Resort, Best Greek MICE Resort, Best Greek Casino Resort and Best Greek Hotel Marina nominations and with
Silver in the Best Greek Beach Resort nomination.


The peninsula of Sithonia, in 2 km of Neos Marmaras, in 110 km from the Macedonia airport Thessaloniki. The ship to the small village Neos Marmaras – plies each hour, walks by mini-road train across the territory of the resort.

Board Basis

All Inclusive

Room description

Only 487 numbers: 346 Superior Single & Double GV/SSV/SV (~ 18-36 sq.m), Junior Suites GV/SSV (~ 29-31 sq.m), Superior Family Rooms GV/SSV/SV (~ 34-38 sq.m), Executive Suites GV/SV (~ 49-83 sq.m), Deluxe Suites GV/SV (~ 63-104 sq.m), Suites Family SV (~ 63-81 sq.m), Suites Family Comfort SV (~ 90-100 sq.m), Suites Family Privilege SV (~ 126 sq.m), Suites Family Premium SV (~ 130-170 sq.m), Suites Family Grand SV (~ 140 sq.m), Suites Presidential SV (~ 116 sq.m).
In numbers: conditioner (Indus. an ex.), heating, satellite television (the Russian channel), TVs Plasma, the direct phone, Wi-Fi the Internet (free of charge), radio, sound insulation, the hair dryer, the marble bathroom (a bathtub, toiletry set), dressing gowns (Executive Suites & Deluxe Suites), slippers, a mirror for a make-up and shaving, duvets and pillows, smoke detectors, the safe (free of charge), a minibar (for surcharge), the furnished balcony.
Superior Room One room with a double bed or two single beds and a folding sofa, modern furniture.
Junior Suite the Bedroom and a gostiny corner with a folding sofa.
Superior Family Room One room (a double bed and two single beds / a folding sofa) divided by a sliding sash-door (in 57 numbers).
Executive Suite the Certain bedroom with a double bed and the living room with a couch, modern furniture, deluxe bathing accessories, bath robes and slippers, a separate toilet in some suits.
Deluxe Suite (~ 63-104 sq.m) Magnificent furniture, the spacious living room with a lunch corner and a separate toilet (in some suits), the bedroom with a double bed, the marble bathroom with a bathing and shower cabin, the furnished balcony, a great view of the sea or on the golf course.
Suite Family SV the Living room a zone with a sofa, 2 bedrooms with double beds, 2 bathrooms, dressing gowns and slippers.
Suite Family Comfort SV of 2 adjacent numbers – Superior Double & Deluxe Suite. 2 bedrooms.
Suite Family Privilege SV the Elegant living room with a table zone, a kitchen corner, 2 bedrooms with double beds, a verandah.
Suite Family Premium SV the Combination of three adjacent numbers – Executive Suite & 2 Superior Doubles. 3 bedrooms.
Suite Family Grand SV the Combination of three adjacent numbers – Family Suite & 2 Superior Doubles. 4 bedrooms.
Suite Presidential SV the Living room, 2 bedrooms with double beds, 2 bathrooms, a big terrace, 3 balconies.
Daily cleaning of rooms, change of linen – 3 times a week.
On arrival: 2 bottles of water in the refrigerator.
Additional berths – folding sofas / a standard bed.  

Sithonia Suites Programm (for Deluxe Suite, Executive Suite, Family Comfort Suite, Family Premium Suite, Family Grand Suite, Presidential Suite - at accommodation more than 7 nights).
The welcome letter in number. Exclusive service of guests by department of Guest Relations.
Services in number: a free continental breakfast in number, a dish with fresh fruit, a bottle of mineral water, dressing gowns and slippers, evening cleaning in number, free Wi Fi the Internet.
Restaurants - Guests can visit restaurant "White Room" a la carte - 2 times for all term of accommodation, without surcharge, a menu set.
Priority reservation of themed nights (Greek evening, Fish evening and beach parties).
Services of the Center of Thalassotherapy & Spa (free access) - a sauna, Turkish to boors, gym, the indoor pool with sea water (on the person in day).
Departure from hotel - a late check-out is provided in the presence of places, whenever possible. The earnest request to address to department of work with guests - Guest Relations per day earlier.

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