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Chalkidiki-Kassandra Region
Nea Fokea
Longitude: 23.416
Latitude: 40.1242

In summer 2015 our EllinCamp project will be implemented in Skouras Camp located on an Aegean coast. Children will be provided with the opportunity to experience camp's creative side by participating in interactive games, workshops and various competitions in order to develop logic, imagination and creative thinking. Special attention will be given to each child. 

Our camp counselors, a close-knit team have developed a variety of interesting entertainment and educational programs for different age groups of campers (children aged 6-16 years).

Let your child experience unforgettable summer holidays full of vivid impressions!


Distance from the beach
  • >300 m

In the dining rooms – self-service: group leader carries food to children, on trays. Each table is assigned to a specific room number. Salads, bread, plates and cutlery are on the table. Counselor brings kids main dish with garnish. Refill can be asked. Large bowl of fruits is offered on the table. By the end of the meal, counselor collects all dishes from the table.

4 meal types

Sample menu:


1) Milk or cocoa or tea or juice (orange or assorted)

2) Butter or margarine (continental packed)

3) Chocolate hazelnut paste or jam or honey (continental packed) or cheese with sausages.

4) Bread (white or black or biscuits)

5) Cheese cake or sweet cake with cream (Greek bougatsa) or sausage pastries with baked or boiled or scrambled eggs or cereal or cream cake or chocolate cake or cake or semolina porridge or boiled rice or buckwheat.


Afternoon tea includes: croissant or pastry or ice cream or jelly or fruit cake or cake or snack.

Lunch (served one of the following options)

1) Various soups (vegetable or bean or meat or chicken)

2) Fried or baked (meat or chicken or fish or burger or steak) with a side dish and vegetables (peas or corn or carrots)

3) Salad or cheese or olives (green or black) or red pepper or red beets or pickles

4) Water or ice tea

5) Anything from fruit or yogurt or custard - jelly.


1) Pasta with meat or cheese pie and Bacon with juice or chicken with pasta or rice sausage or steak and fries or pasta with sauce or pizza.

2) Salad or cheese

3) Tea or water

• Food includes: fresh bread.

• Menus are developed by skilled team of nutritionists.

• This command controls the preparation and distribution of food ingredients used in order to offer high quality courses each day.

• Employees of the camp can change the menu, when there are serious grounds for doing so.

• Water in the camp filtered (tub filters Primaro)

• Served cold tea for breakfast and lunch.

Children may ask for refill (except ice cream, sweets, meat and vegetables). Drinkable water is supplied from the sources. Children themselves buy drinks at the buffet.


Helpful information

AGE: 6 to 16 (inclusive)


BEACH: In a specially constructed bridge of 300 m, private beach, lifeguard is provided at the pool area as well as on the beach.


Buffet, 2 dining rooms (each - 500 seats), 5 telephones – automatic  "bank" at the administration (children can leave money amount and take it back in parts), library, amphitheater ( 900 seats), computer center (1 room), 2 swimming pools (one pool size 25m x 12,50 m x 3.10m, second pool size 25m x 10m x 3.10), four basketball courts, two beach volleyball courts, two volleyball courts, indoor gym, long jump track , 4 football fields (2 - with grass ), 2 tennis courts, 2 handball courts, 10 trampolines, mini - golf ( 12- blisters), chess center, golf bullet shooting (4 seats), an equestrian center, games room with table tennis (8 tables), aerobics, and fencing hall.



Medical clinic operates 24/7 and provides one doctor and two nurses. Whenever required, children are taken to hospital. In case of a child having health problem, the tourist agency must be informed, which in turn is obliged to notify the camp administration in a form of a written document.


For children, whose parents relax in nearby hotels and wish visiting them every weekend from 18.00 to 21.00. Children cannot be removed from the camp unless parents’ passports are shown or relevant notarized documents are provided on behalf of parents.


Leaders of children groups are not allowed to smoke and consume alcohol on camp premises. Children are not allowed to leave camp premises unless accompanied.



Every evening at 21:00 theatrical performances are held at camp amphitheater; by the pool – pool party; on the beach – beach party with bonfires and disco. Once a week children are taken to neighboring villages for walks.


Sports, music, singing, national Greek and modern dances, aerobics, painting, clay modeling, chess, photography, computer, theater, gardening, etc.

ENGLISH LESSONS - English Summer School:

For those wishing conducted English classes for 10-14 hours per week (each lesson lasts 2 academic hours).Each group consists of 12-15 people maximum. Native speaker teachers are provided. Emphasis is given to speaking. Classes are held in wooden houses. Groups are multinational.  Lessons are charged (see prices for accommodation with the English language). Those wishing to purchase textbook, additional cost of 10-13 Euros are charged; (depending on class level) otherwise copies of the textbook are being given to students.

What should one take when visiting the camp?

- Underwear, towels, laundry bag, backpack, sports apparel : athletic shoes, shorts, shirts , etc.

- Everything required for sea: swimsuit, towel, sneakers, hat, etc.

- Personal hygiene items: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap, washcloth, etc.

- Warm clothes: jacket or pullover.

- Balls, rackets, books and musical instruments (all optional). The camp administration urges to avoid taking: expensive watches, cameras, electronic games, and CD players etc, many personal belongings – one small suitcase is enough. Finally, the administration carries no responsibility for any loss of personal belongings.


Children should take a laundry bag – for unwashed clothes. Skouras camp does not provide laundry services.

Laundry services are provided upon charge only! For a bag weighting 5kg the amount of 7 Euros is charged, for organized laundry services outside the camp premises.

Daily Camp Timetable

7:30-8:00 Rise of flag

8:00-8:30 Breakfast

9:30-11:00 gymnastics, various sports

11:00-13:00 English lesson

13:15-14:00 Lunch

14:30-16:30 Quiet Time

16:45 Afternoon snack

17:00 beach

19:30 return from beach – shower time

20:15 Dinner

21:00 Entertaining programs. Sports competitions.

23:30 Rest time



*For every 15 children 1 free place is offered to escort. Free camp accommodation including board basis. Accommodation either with children (aged 6-10) or with other escorts (by agreement)

*Linens and bed sheets are provided. Towels – including beach towel, is brought by children.

*For groups of over 50 people in August special prices are provided.



Located on Kassandra peninsula, within Afitos district resort – the camp area is fenced and guarded; 75km from “Macedonia” International Airport, Thessaloniki city. 

Board Basis

Full Board

Room description

Houses are with tiled roofs and wooden windows. Each room consists of 3-4 bunk beds and wardrobes for suitcases. All cabins provide shower, WC, wash basin. The cleaning of head room is made by the cleaning team.  The cabins themselves are cleaned by the children. Each house accommodates 6 – 8 people + 1 escort who is housed together with the children group. Accommodation for groups of 4 people only is extra charged. The cabins provide terrace (table and chairs). At the end of each wing, every 4-6 rooms separate toilets are allocated (180 in total), showers (70) children visit them only with companion and also open showers (120 in total).



New House with a tiled roof and wooden windows features 4-5 wooden bunk beds, bedside tables, a shower, a WC, a washbasin.

Accommodates: 8 children + 1 camp counselor.

Daily housekeeping (wet cleaning).


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