Hungarian cuisine

Many people associated Hungarian cuisine in the first place with Tokay wine, sausage, salami, paprika and goulash. But believe the Hungarian gastronomy is much broader, richer and more interesting. Even if you're not a big fan of gastronomic tourism, you should include anyway the testing of Hungarian cuisine in your program of traveling this amazing country.

Hungarian cuisine is characterized by a large number of used products, good taste, the skillful use of a variety of spices. Many experts say about it, as one of the best cuisines in the world.

The most popular dish of Hungarian cuisine is a goulash. It is very nourishing and tasty dish. In the city of Gyula situated a restaurant called "Academy of goulash", where guests are offered more than three dozen different versions of this dish. The highlight of the restaurant is that the food is not prepared in the kitchen, but in the beautiful garden, in the open air.

Chicken paprikash is another famous Hungarian dish. It is made exclusively from poultry, veal, lamb, or fish. It is abundantly impregnated with cream sauce and generously spiced with paprika.

Turosh Chusan - original dish that you do not try anywhere except Hungary. This combination of incongruous: noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream and greaves. It sounds strange, but it really is well, very tasty!

Retesh is the so called "Hungarian strudel". This is usually a sweet strudel with poppy seeds, nuts, honey, cherries or apples. There are also a variety of retesh with mushrooms, meat, fish and cabbage. To prepare retesh uses a special type of flour, which is already marked in the Hungarian shops - "strudel flour."

Hungarian Lecho - a dish of tomatoes, paprika, chicken-paprikash, dumplings and onions. Usually served with pork sausage and rice.

Halasle - Hungarian fish soup. Prepared as a typical fish soup - from fish, but in accordance with local traditions gastronomy generously spiced with paprika, black pepper and tomatoes. It blends well with the Tokaj wine.

Fazelek - quite an original dish of stewed vegetables that are cut into small pieces, stewed in water and then add the potatoes and sour cream with flour roasting. One of the most popular varieties of fazelek in Hungary is with spinach, cabbage, lentils and zucchini.

Chicken breast and foie gras - along with goulash, are the hallmark of Hungarian cuisine. Arriving in Hungary, you should definitely enjoy these dishes and you'll be ecstatic.

Sweet tooth will also enjoy Hungarian food. In Hungary, it often held fairs, where you can try the tube of dough, biscuits with chocolate, cake "Dobos", and, of course, delicious pancakes with various fillings.