Debrecen. Recreation and treatment 2018


Debrecen is the second largest city of Hungary, located in the historic region Alföld, 220 km from Budapest, famous for its natural park of the "Great Forest" ("Naderdё"), where operates the famous thermal baths.

Not far from the city is located the international airport of Debrecen - the second after Budapest. The transport infrastructure of the city is well developed, so it is a popular tourist destination for a holiday in Hungary.


Debrecen has a very rich and eventful history, with a long tradition and free foundations. Not without reason the independence of Hungary was first proclaimed here in Debrecen. The streets of the city, especially in historic areas look very nice and colorful. Debrecen has been a stronghold of Calvinism for a long time, so there aren’t special delights in its architecture, but it just adds to the city the special charm and monumental.

One of the main attractions of Debrecen is the biggest Hungarian Reformed Church. Here is situated an old Calvinist College, with a huge library. Another most famous temple of the city refers to Catholicism is the Church of St. Anne, designed in an elegant baroque style.

Also the city sightseeing tours include the city's oldest hotel - the "Golden Bull". His whimsical modernist forms decorate a monolithic city since the beginning of the XX century.

Speaking of Debrecen, it is impossible not to mention its wonderful museums. Here it is one of the best museums in Hungary - Deri. It is located in a beautiful historic building and its exposure is very rich and diverse.


In the famous park "Naderdё" you can visit the thermal spas "Akvatikum", which will be very useful in the prevention of various deseases. Near the bath there is a beach with 6 pools filled with thermal water.