Hajduszoboslo. Vacation and tours 2018


City Hajduszoboszlo is located on the east of Hungary, 20 km from Debrecen, 200 km from Budapest.

Today it is one of the most popular resort centers in Hungary, famous with thermal water, rising from a depth of about 1100 m. The warm healing water helps in the treatment of many musculoskeletal, skin and gynecological diseases.

Hungary is famous for a variety of Spa Resorts, but the best of them is often called Hajduszoboszlo. Guests arrive to the town for visit the swimming complex, where operate SPA, open-air swimming pool, a water park and water palace. The complex is open for guests and residents of the city all year round.  

The new life of the city with a long history began in October 1925 when in the north-east during geological work of searching for natural gas reserves was discovered a source of hot water. From the depth thermal water ascended with a specific smell. Pretty soon local residents noticed that the water is able to remove the pain in the joints; to the present day the resort is considered one of the most effective places to treat rheumatism and other joint diseases, spinal, muscular pain. The water with temperature at the source up to 75 ° C is explored by balneologists, chemists and doctors. It was the beginning of resort treatment in Hajduszoboszlo. The discovery of healing waters in Hajduszoboszlo completed European’s map of places, already known for its healing waters.

Resort water contains bitumen and some heavy elements, such as titanium, vanadium, copper, zinc, barium and other. Locals called there healing waters - "hot gold. Miraculous resort attracts vacationers all year round.

Resort is interesting not only for thermal springs, but also a special microclimate. There are a lot of sunny days per year and healthy air, saturated with vapors of iodine salts from the surface of many water bodies, fed by the waters of sources.

More than 75 years ago in the center of Hajduszoboszlo was built the largest bath complex in Hungary with area of 25 ha.

The complex has 3 indoor pools with thermal water of different temperatures, children, outdoor, sports pools, wave pool, bubble bath. Visitors are offered more than 40 different treatments, including mud therapy, physiotherapy, physical therapy, various types of massage.

The modern center of attractions of the resort - the largest water park in Hungary, which is visited both adults and children.

The city has many historical monuments and architectural buildings of different eras, museums, churches, art gallery.  Walking, you can visit traditional restaurants, coffee shops and bars. In the summer and cozy autumn you can feel a special resort atmosphere: in addition to many vacationers, the town enlivens cultural events: music, gastronomic festivals, and concerts. Often, guests choose activities such as scenic flights on balloons or on small airplanes, in addition, the city is known as a center of parachuting.

Tourist activity is concentrated in the area of Matyas Kiraly avenue (Matyas kiraly utja), where situated a lot of hotels. Most of them feature private baths and offers medical consultations and recreation under the doctors’ control.

Hajduszoboszlo is conveniently located for excursions to Debrecen or Hortobágy. Nearby there is one of the main natural Hungary attractions, the largest National Park of the country - Hortobágy steppe (Hortobágyi Nemzeti Park), or as it is commonly called, "empty". In the natural park are protected steppe flora and fauna, typical for this part of Europe.

Indications for treatment: chronic arthritis, arthrosis, chondrosis, neuralgia and neuritis, myalgia, chronic adnexitis, futility, eczema, psoriasis, prurigo, paralysis rehabilitation, sports injuries.

Contraindications: acute inflammatory diseases, malignant tumors, circulatory failure, a severe form of hypertension, severe central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation period.