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Lake Hévíz is located in the eponymous town near the western part of the legendary Lake Balaton, at a distance of 5 km from the town of Keszthely.

Hévíz - the largest thermal lake in Europe, covering an area of about 50 thousand sq. km. The town and the lake form a unique resort, which can be visited all year round. The town is enjoyable to travel in any season; healing lake water is comfortable regardless of the season. During the summer months the temperature of the local thermal water is kept at around + 34-38 ° C, in the winter months, the heat index at + 22 ° C.

All holiday regions in Hungary tourist flow practically doesn’t fall all year, the occupancy rate of hotels and other accommodation options are always at a high level. For those who want to visit the resort town in the desired season, we recommend to book in advance accommodation options. The greatest demand and increased the level of prices can be observed in the high summer season and holiday dates - Christmas, New Year, Easter holidays. Tourists choose the resort town of Hévíz throughout the year, but more guests prefer the warm summer months.

The unique properties of Heviz

Thermal water, available all year round for swimming is a natural gift which can benefit for almost every guest of the town (depending on indications or contraindications to treatment). Heviz water is hygienic - the lake is fed by constantly spouting springs, through which the water is completely updated within 48 hours. In addition to the healing properties of water, tourists point a favorable microclimate of the resort situated on the shores of the lake, surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forest.

The famous bathing on the lake: need To Know before visiting

To visit the thermal baths at Lake Hévíz travelers need a ticket for entry. Tickets can be of different duration - from one-time (not more than 3 hours visit) to season tickets, operating up to 20 days.

Those who are planning an extended vacation with recreation on the lake, it is advantageous to get a season ticket for a few days. For bathing in the lake you must have bathing suits, bathrobes, towels, beach slippers. It is recommended to use rubber rings for swimming (this is especially needed for those areas of the lake, which is quite deep - bottom of the lake is deep crater up to 38 meters). But the valuable jewelry are better to leave outside the lake, and not so much because of the unwanted loss during bathing, but because of the possible damage under the influence of microelements of thermal water.

For those visitors who wish to start or end a visit to the lake by swimming in the closed pool, there are sections with warm water and a section with cool water in the complex.

Features of procedures at the thermal lake

It’s not recommended an active behavior in the water. Effect of water is efficiently with a calm, relaxed being in the lake, without abrupt swimming movements. Doctors do not recommend to stay in the water for more than an hour. After a 30-minute stay you have to take a break, relax on the beach in a sun lounger. On hot summer days you can sunbathe on the terrace or directly on a grassy lake shore. It is to stay in heviz water no more than 1.5 hours during the day.

The active substance in water of Lake Heviz are potassium, sodium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, bromide, iodide, fluoride, sulfate, carbonate peroxide, sulfide, metaboric acid, metasilicic acid, free carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen.

Indications for treatment: diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint pain, arthritis, low back pain, chronic inflammation of the joints, sciatica, inflammation of nerve endings and movement disorders associated with lesions of the bone system, circulatory disorders, gout, decreased potency, circulatory system diseases associated with metabolic disorders, chronic gynecological diseases.

Contraindications for treatment in heviz water: active tuberculosis, increased thyroid function, tumor malignant processes, thrombosis, asthma, pregnancy.

It’s not recommended to swim directly in the lake to children under 12 years.

For the kids the complex is equipped with a separate beach, children’s pool and playground.

Benefits of relaxation at the resort of Hévíz
  • The ratio of price-quality will surprise. Hungary is in Europe, but still uses its own currency, and therefore the prices in the country are, on average, 2.5 times lower than in the neighboring country - this also applies to the prices on the tourist services and products. Both the guests of the capital cities and from regions far from the capital will be happy not to overpay on vacation: the services in beauty salons, cost of SPA procedures, and other services to pamper yourself are value for money.

  • A good modern hotels and budget accommodation options.

  • Hévíz - a true European spa town in the classic sense: quiet, clean, cultured, but it is very affordable.

  • Quality health care: well represented dentistry, plastic surgery, weight loss programs.

  • From Hévíz you can go on excursion to Budapest and Vienna.

  • In the town, you can pamper yourself with pleasant shopping experience.