Holidays in Hungary

New Year - January 1

In Hungary the New Year is celebrated on January 1, but Hungarians start to meet it the night before. According to the Catholic January, December 31 is the day of St. Sylvester, because this it can be heard frequently as the Hungarians call the New Year just a "day of Sylvester."

In the New Year's Eve people celebrate and rejoice, often in the streets and squares of its picturesque cities, so shops and restaurants are usually open until early morning.

People who celebrate New Year at home always have on the table a lot of food, but the main dish of a festive dinner - roast suckling pig. According to Hungarian tradition is necessary to twist the pig tail for good luck. Hungarians don’t cook for New Year's table fish or fowl because think that it’s a bad sign.

Day of Hungarian Revolution - March 15

March 15, 1848 in Pest (today part of Budapest) started the so-called "Hungarian Spring" - a revolution of the bourgeoisie, the liberation movement for independence Hungary from the Habsburg, which in time grew from peace movement into a bloody war against Austria.

Easter - celebrated according to the Catholic calendar

Like many people, the Hungarians celebrate Easter as one of the major holidays. They paint eggs, bake cakes and give gifts to small children. They go the church after breakfast to pray for the resurrection of Christ and to consecrate Easter baskets with food.

The next day on Monday young people is having fun by "sprinkling" - an ancient tradition. In the old days it was decided to pour from head to toe, but the youth of today has another fun - they squirted perfume and ask for it painted egg or a kiss.

Labour Day - 1 May

This Hungarians celebrate the day of all workers and the first spring day of May. Although Hungary has refused to communist ideas, the holiday still remained and even gained more festive atmosphere.

Day of the Holy Trinity - 52 days after Easter

One of the major religious festivals in Hungary, along with Christmas and Easter. In addition to church activities, in the Trinity the Hungarians have festivities with dances, concerts and fairs.

St. Istvan 's Day - August 20

The main holiday of Hungary, is celebrated on the state level. It is believed that on this day Hungarian state was founded by the king Istvan I. Hungarians are very honored that day, but began to celebrate it regularly only in 1991.

Republic Day - 23 October

This is a memorable date for the Hungarians. October 23, 1956 there was a national uprising against the Soviets. Hungary celebrates Republic Day with concerts, commemorative parades, memorial ceremonies. And on October 23 the Hungarian Parliament has a day of open doors.

All Saints Day - 1 November

One of the most respected days in Catholicism. It is the official holiday in Hungary. Today, this holiday in Hungary has gained a modern character and is celebrated as a well-known Halloween - a holiday adored by children.

Christmas - December 25th

At Christmas Hungarians go to visit relatives, attend fun fairs and decorate a Christmas tree. This day it is usually served on the table only meatless meals, with only an odd number of firm Christmas dish of Hungarians - baked carp.