14.06.2013 Corfu (Kerkira) - one of the most popular Greek islands

Corfu (Kerkira) - one of the most popular Greek islands

Corfu (Kerkira) - one of the most popular Greek islands


 Corfu (Kerkira) is an island of amazing natural beauty where the historical importance and archeological richness of the ancient cities together with the modern touristic infrastructure, traditional villages, wonderful beaches and the good-natured joy of the local residents towards the foreigners make the discovery of this corner of Greece a fascinating experience.


Kerkira is one of the most popular Greek islands, and one of the most famous and cosmopolitan islands of the Ionian archipelago, situated in its northern part.


The history of Kerkira is full of legends and memories of historical events, each of which has left its trace in the local culture. Apart from the rich history, architectural and religious monuments, however, this Venetian-Greek city is very much interesting with its active modern-day life. The rhythm of life on the island, no doubt, is set by tourism: tourists can find here a wide variety of offers for the organization of all types of leisure.

The heart of Kerkira beats in its beautiful capital, which is divided into the old and the new city. Those who have had a chance to visit the island will remember forever walks in the historical part of the city with its narrow streets, small squares and picturesque buildings. Walk through a couple of ancient blocks and feel the peculiarity of this city, which has preserved the Venetian refinement almost in its original form. The streets will lead you to the buildings of historical importance, such as the City Hall or the Ionic Academy, as well as to the two fortresses of the city, which have saved the residents on many occasions. You will see ancient churches (St. Spiridon, Antivouniotissa, etc.) as well as museums (archeological, Byzantine, folk, the museums of Kapodistrias and Solomon), where true treasures of the cultural heritage are kept.

You can walk through the shops in the numerous commercial centers, and then drink a cup of coffee in the renowned Liston street (the complex of buildings and the street built in 1807-1814 by the French were the favorite place of rest for the aristocracy of that period), with a view on the green square of Spinada, the largest in Greece. Continuing your walk, make sure to visit the palace of St. Michael and George (nowadays it hosts the museum of the countries of the Orient; earlier it was the residence of the king of Greece). During the warm evenings, the island offers a variety of entertainment opportunities: at the local taverns, you could enjoy the excellent traditional cuisine and the hospitality of the taverns’ owners. After that, you could visit a summer cinema under the open sky, or take a walk through the narrow streets that at night seem more like mysterious paths. If you are in the mood for a more active pastime, you could visit one of the fashionable clubs, where you could dance and have fun until the morning. The special atmosphere of the island is felt at the entertainment centers with live music: the performers offer a program consisting of both Greek and international hits.

The port of Kerkira in situated in the eastern part of the island. It has an Old City, a walk through which is very pleasant and can be educative from the historical standpoint. Its center is the Saroko square surrounded by bus stops with buses setting off to the neighboring villages and the coast area.

Do not miss the opportunity to see Kerkira by night: the fascination of the city is completely different then. Also, a night in the city and a night in the countryside present completely different experiences. The rampant nature, impressive sunsets and sunrises, the scent of herbs and gardens in full bloom combined with the ideally beautiful coastline – Kerkira is wonderful in all respects.