Intrebari Frecvente despre tabere

1) transfers. If traveling unaccompanied individual as they are being watched on the transfer
Regarding support children, children under the age of 14 (booked) extras "unaccompanied child UMNR». So on arrival child meets our representative at the airport at the ramp, stewardess child passes our representative who accompanies the child directly to the bus and transmits transfermenu our company. transfermer Child sits down on the bus with the rest of the tourists, and on arrival at the camp transfermen transmits child representative camp (in Skouras children meets our company representative who is always camp), ie there is support throughout the road from the plane to the camp. If the child is older than 14 years, he along with other vacationers pass passport control, there is a representative of our company at the bar, where there are all of our tourists.

2) security in the camp.
Ograzhden whether camp controls whether output protection of children in the territory.
It was after this case was further strengthened protection of the camp. The camp territory is fenced, there is security and safety services, which takes care of this.

3) Most parents question comes from the consent of the child's exit:
whether the right not to release the child from Russia with the consent of only one parent (according to the legislation of the Russian Federation can leave with the consent of one parent if the other parent of the trip is not officially stated its disagreement )
Indeed, the law is quite consent from one parent. At passport control, ask for consent from both parents. Given the extensive regional network of the Company, and not worth the risk in the list of documents indicate the presence of consent from both parents.


Can parents attend evening activities at the camp, when they visit the baby to have more time to communicate without prejudice to the timetable?
No, parents do not have the right is in the same area with the children during the activities and programs. May occur at certain hours in a special place (at the entrance to the camp gazebos for visitors). Parents also have the right to take one in the evening once a week children from the camp for a few hours, after consultation with the administration of the camp. At the camp will be our representative through which help resolve all issues.

For a list of necessary things:
whether or not to take the linens and blankets or a sleeping bag?:
Bed linen, blankets and pillows provided to all children who come from other countries. A can optionally take a sleeping bag, you need it for older children, as the camp program organized day trips and day so that children can feel comfortable to take a sleeping bag, as desired. But they spend the night in the camp. Either there are many children who prefer to sleep in a sleeping bag, but all of our children who come from Russia and Ukraine issued a set of clothes.
Himself children should only bring towels and beach towels. In an attachment, a list that we recommend to show parents (see attachment)

Is there air conditioning in the rooms?
It's not the room, it houses where children are placed. No air conditioning, because it is harmful to children's health. It should be noted that children in the cabins are only in the quiet hour (siesta) and night. Rest of the time they are engaged in spec. program and are prepared in a large area. In the houses where we place our young guests have facilities (wc, shower, washbasin), Head room is cleaned cleaner, clean the cabin itself children and their counselor. Accommodation for 6-8 people. If desired, for extra accommodation for 4 people.

is there in the rooms outlet?
According to the rules, which adheres to any children's summer camp in Greece, there is only one socket 220 and wat she used to use a hairdryer, charging mobile phone, lap top, etc. It is possible to submit an extension cord with multiple outlets or there spec. room for charging mobile phones, the use of hair dryers, etc.

Is it possible somewhere in the camp wash things? How much does it cost?
If camps are washing machines, which are used only camp administration. Administration camps sometimes concessions and permits our customers for a small fee to erase them (usually collected several kilograms at once and start washing machine). Cost, stipulate in place. But all the children washed in washing basins, which are issued in the camp on request, also give them and washing powder. Vyveshivaetsya linen front of the cabins. But we recommend our clients to take a light as much as possible things (shorts, T-shirts without a coat hanger) and several bathing suits (dry until one other use). Almost the whole day children children T-shirts and shorts light that erased quickly. And children need to bring a towel for the face, hands, and separately for the beach. Linens issued camp administration and change 2 times a week.

How are the keys to the house? If a house close, who will have a key? And how many copies of keys give?
cabins are never closed. This is in order to have a counselor always been able at any moment to come to the house and see what children do. And if it is any group, it is possible to give the keys to the head, or one of the children, who will take it to the store, or from a counselor or the head of the group. Children usually do not give keys.
All their valuables (including money), children can put into spec. Bank and luggage storage. So they will be safe. All other things are under the supervision of the children themselves. In case of loss of items in the cabins camp administration is not responsible. Therefore we do not recommend children take valuable items (expensive camera, camera, computer, or if he takes them, I always recommend to rent it every once in a storage chamber at the camp).

Does the cost of travel sports activities? Yes, of course.

How is the distribution of children in these classes? They must be pre-recorded? To know your schedule, how much and what day our children will have those or other sporting events.
All depends on the length and duration of stay of the child. The use of all sports facilities and venues and facilities are included. Additional charges only English lessons and tutorials. Every day, 2:00 in the morning sporting activities. Distribution is by age and interests of children.
written specifically for them is not necessary, has its own program, which every leader and team leader holds. Held daily 3:00 mandatory classes (sports, animation, etc.), and there are not mandatory (swimming, beach access, English language classes, drawing, dancing, modeling, excursions and trips, karaoke party, disco, and etc). For example, in the camp every day for 2 hours in order necessarily sports (program planned out so that all children could and managed to tackle all 10 sports at the disposal site). For example, only 2 hours exercise, one day one o'clock football game, another day in basketball, and the second time at the request of a child of any sport: horse riding, extreme sports, etc.). If a child will arrive at 22 days, the planned program he could do all kinds of sports (and there are 10 in the camp), which he has. If it is any group of athletes say swimming, their head coach, and he can decide what they can engage in every day and what to choose.

Since children are sporting events, parents are interested, any injuries covered by insurance? They think to order them extra insurance or not.
Display conditions of our insurance clients and let him decide to order additional parent. insurance or not. Typically, our customers satisfied with the terms of insurance that we offer.

There are parents who want to travel with their children, that the child was under their own supervision. They are also willing to live in these houses and are willing to pay for such a tour. Is this possible and how much will it cost?
No, the camp housed only children. Parents can stay in nearby hotels and visit the children every day in your passport, but note this should be done at certain hours from 17.00 to 21.00