Сопровождение ребенка (ребенок, путешествующий без родителей)

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Making escort services in ticketing for independent flight child is compulsory for children from 5 to:

Ukraine 16 years Russia to 14 years Belarus to 11 years Kazakhstan to 12 years

Children under 5 years old can fly unless accompanied by parent or legal representative.

Service for maintenance of children is paid. Fee shuttle services at one segment is 35 Euro.

Customer service should provide and ensure meeting the child at the destination airport.

Mourners person must remain at the departure airport before the flight departure.

Making transportation and escort services

Escort service is made simultaneously with your transportation and purchase tickets. Contents can service the legal representatives of the child: parents, adoptive parents, guardians.

For registration services must show proof of identity of the applicant and a document certifying the relationship of the child and the applicant (birth, adoption, proof of guardianship or trusteeship).

At the airport of departure


You need to reach the airport for check-in, baggage handling, passing the pre-flight inspection, as well as for preflight formalities (customs and border control) in the case of an international flight.

Please note that registration of children, which the airline provides escort service, is made only at the front desk at the airport. Check-in can not pass through self-service kiosks, by mobile phone or online.

To register, please submit the following documents:

  • birth certificate (for the flight in the Russian Federation);
  • passport and documents required to follow in the destination country (visa etc) (for international flights);
  • identity document mourners;
  • notarized consent (authorization) of both parents, guardians, adoptive parents or guardians to leave out, with the term and the State (s) which is (are) going to visit the child. (In accordance with Article 20 of the Federal Law "On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation" dated 15.08.1996, № 114-FZ)
  • Completed application form and application, which specifies all the necessary data (names, addresses, phone numbers) and the host of mourners parties;
  • travel documents, route receipt, boarding pass, baggage check, the application and the application for transportation of unaccompanied children
  • passport, documents required for customs and passport control.

Bag - ouija board must be placed in the child during the entire journey.

You must ensure the presence of the mourners person in the airport until the departure of the aircraft.


When a child applies solo flight baggage allowance in accordance with the class of service and fare conditions.

Attach the baggage that you're going to put in as checked identification tag with contact information. Try to keep the child as little as possible the things that a baby will bring the plane as baggage "into the cockpit."

Upon arrival

Child after the landing of the aircraft transmitted steward ground services. You specified in the application vstechal child should arrive at the airport at the time of arrival of the flight and have a valid identity document with a photograph.

The child is given a meeting point person on presentation of the document udostoveryuschego personality.

Unaccompanied children

Mandatory notary permission from parents to travel unaccompanied child (special form is available from each of the notary) - original should be on the border, or a second copy of the original copy supplied to the consulate. Other documents for the visa requirements of each standard according to the consulate.

For registration of the child to the airport flight arrives accompanied by their parents, who at the reception style special form in English. In this form it is necessary to specify the name, data of the person who takes the child at the arrival airport (Thessaloniki). That is, we need to know in advance who the representatives of "Mouzenidis Travel" will be at the airport just to parents filled out the form on our representative.
This completed form is given to the reception on the child's neck to hang a special envelope with the notation that this is an unaccompanied child.
child into the hands of the airline representative who accompanies him at passport control and then to the boarding, where the child takes a stewardess.

Similarly, when a child arrives from flight attendants to airline employee who takes the child and passes into the hands of our representative at the airport (whose name appears in the blank).

Service cost 35 euros one way.
passengers under 5 years old are not accepted as unaccompanied children.
passengers from 5 years to 14 years are accepted as unaccompanied children.
passengers from 15 to 16 years are accepted as "youth" and can use wires with a surcharge of 35 euros one way.