Polis Grand Hotel

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  • ГородАфины
  • Номеров 99
  • Double Comfort
  • Double Executive - Acropolis View
  • Double Room / Twin Room - Superior
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Завтрак (BB), Завтрак, ужин по меню (HBa)
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Удобное расположение в центре Афин, комфортабельные номера, ресторан, бар, интернет, качественное обслуживание.

Услуги отеля

Автобусная остановка
рядом с отелем
Бизнес центр
зал заседаний
Интернет Wi-Fi в общественных зонах Бесплатно
Обслуживание в номерах Платно
Рецепция круглосуточно
Тренажёрный зал

Рестораны и бары

Зал для завтраков
Roof Top ресторан

Услуги в номере

Wi-Fi интернет Бесплатно
Банный набор
Спутниковое ТВ
Уборка номеров и смена белья
Ежедневная уборка номеров, смена постельного белья 2 раза в неделю.

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Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Diners.
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Всего 99 номеров: Single Comfort (~14-16 кв.м), Doubles Comfort (~19 кв.м), Triples Comfort (~19 кв.м), Doubles/Twins Superior (~22 кв.м), Superior Triples (~22 кв.м), Suites Acropolis View (~35 кв.м), Doubles Executive Acropolis View (~21 кв.м).
Есть смежные номера.
В номерах: кондиционер, спутниковое ТВ, телефон, бесплатный Wi-Fi интернет, мини-холодильник, сейф, ванная комната (ванна/душ), фен, банный набор, балкон/окно.
Single Comfort (~14-16 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать.
Doubles Comfort (~19 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать.
Triples Comfort (~19 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать или 2 односпальные и диван.
Doubles/Twins Superior (~22 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать или 2 односпальные.
Superior Triples (~22 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать или 2 односпальные, диван.
Doubles Executive Acropolis View (~21 кв.м) Двуспальная кровать или 2 односпальные, халаты и тапочки, вид на Акрополь.
Suites Acropolis View (~35 кв.м) Спальня с двуспальной кроватью, гостиная зона с мягкой мебелью, халаты и тапочки, вид на Акрополь.
Ежедневная уборка номеров, смена постельного белья 2 раза в неделю.

В центре города Афин, недалеко от Археологического музея, в 30 км от международного аэропорта «Эл. Венизелос»

Our hotel applies rigorously all the mandatory and optional measures on COVID-19 prevention set by the legislation and has registered the relevant action plan in the designated platform of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. In addition, it has special advantages that allow us to make your stay even safer. In particular:

Disinfectants: Antiseptic/decontamination devices have been installed on each floor before the elevator entrance and at many different locations, in the reception lobby and in the communal areas for you to utilize.

Air conditioning: All of our rooms and common areas have independent air conditioning units, with special particle retention filters, ensuring air renewal directly from the outside environment.


    Rooms: All our rooms have natural ventilation. 75 of them have balconies and large balcony doors and the rest have large windows.
    Roof-Top Bar Restaurant: Overlooking the Acropolis, you may enjoy your dinner or a drink in the open air.
    Polis Life cafe: You can enjoy coffee or food in its outdoor sitting area, feeling the city vibe, or in the interior area with wide open windows, keeping the necessary distances.
    Restaurant: Surrounded by a balcony full of flowers, you may enjoy your food in a naturally ventilated space. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Our staff members are ready to welcome you, all wearing Personal Protective Equipement - masks, gloves and robes (where required) - for the proper use of which, they have been specially trained.

Disinfectants: We know that gloves are not enough if the hygiene rules are not respected, hence we have put disinfectant stations in many parts of the preparation areas, in order to be constantly utilized by our team.

Staff training: All our staff members have been trained and are being trained on a regular basis, in the implementation of the common hygiene measures (hand washing, retain social distancing and handshake avoidance), in the particular measures within their field of job requirements, plus they have been informed of the practices to be applied by every hotel department. Additionally, they have been trained in spotting suspect cases and the actions they have to follow in the event of such an occurrence, according to the instructions of the Greek National Health Organization

Inspection and maintenance: Our hotel did maintain on daily basis its water supply, waste disposal and air conditioning systems, throughout the whole period of suspending its operation. Subsequently, every action and testing set by the relevant directives of the Greek National Health Organization and the other competent authorities were carried out and we have in our possession all the relevant certificates.

Partners and Suppliers: We have informed all our external partners and suppliers of the necessary protocols and measures to be followed.

Laser thermometer: Upon arrival we measure and record the temperature of our team members. Sample temperature checks are also carried out on Guests.

GDPR: Due to public health reasons and in compliance with the protocol on tourism accommodation businesses, we record the details of our staff and guests (name, nationality, arrival/departure date, telephone, e-mail and address), always respecting the relevant legislative framework on the protection of personal data and privacy.

Doctor: Our cooperation with a medical company safeguards that implementation of all measures is also overseen by doctors and that a doctor is on call for our guests 24/4.

Check-in from 3 p.m. / Check-out until 11am: We are required to follow this policy to ensure thorough cleaning and disinfection of rooms.

Key-cards: Disinfection of room key-cards takes place either in a special disinfection container or by the use of special UVC disinfection devices.

Plexiglass: We have specifically installed plexiglass to ensure your safety and service functionality.

Distances: Special markings have been placed on the floor for maintaining social distancing, both on the front desk and in the other common areas.

Remote check-in: You can check in online via hyperlink you receive in your email or, by text on your smartphone. Alternatively, a tablet is available for your remote check-in, which is disinfected after each use.

Contactless invoicing and payment: You may pay by electronic means and we may forward to you your receipt document in the same way.

COVID policy: Our hotel's policy, on the measures taken, is displayed in Greek and English on the hotel's website, at an obvious position onsite at Reception lobby, at other locations within the hotel, on the hotel's announcement screens and is available in printed form for our Guests.

Medical Kit: Special equipment (medical kit) is available in case of event occurrence, (disposable gloves and masks, antiseptic, cleansing napkins, apron, long sleeve robe, laser thermometer).

Surface disinfection: Feel safe! Surfaces in common areas undergo disinfection treatment every 60 minutes, with greater emphasis and frequency on the frequently touched surfaces (such as doorknobs, handles, elevator keys, front-desk surfaces).

Room disinfection: A special cleaning and disinfection program is applied to rooms in accordance with the relevant Greek National Health Organization instructions. Between departure and arrival 24 hours must pass or all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected with steam and disinfectant detergent. The textile surfaces are cleaned with a steam generator (temperature > 70°) and cloth specific disinfecting detergents.

Remote controls: Remote controls are covered with a special membrane or disposable cover.

Ventilation: We are thoroughly ventilating the room with fresh air opening the balcony doors and the windows that all our rooms have.

Room cleaning: Rooms shall not be cleaned during the full length of your stay unless specifically requested by you, in compliance with the protocol for the tourism accommodation businesses.

Linen: Towels, sheets and bedding shall not be changed during your stay unless specifically requested by you, in compliance with the protocol for the tourism accommodation businesses.

Linen management: We have received from our partner - selected for their high standards of operation - a specialized certificate of compliance. Dirty linen are picked and sorted using appropriate PPE (bathrobe), placed in sealed bags with special labeling to be transported for laundering and  the used service tray is disinfected after each use - between rooms. Clean linen are kept in a place other than the dirty linen, with relevant labeling, following hygiene statute, as we always do.
Catering / Breakfast: The buffet of our renowned Greek breakfast, still operates for you, but in a slightly different manner:

    At the entrance to the buffet, before picking your dish and your specially packed cutlery, you disinfect your hands at the disinfectant station found there.
    There is plexiglass protection around the buffet and our staff serve you, of course wearing PPE.
    You order your beverage to one of our staff members.

Tables: Your table is disinfected on arrival. At our tables you will not find tablecloths or table mats, in accordance with the relevant directive of the “Restart guide to the mass catering”. If we chose to use tablecloths or table mats, these will be single-use or plastic and of course they are changed or disinfected at every customer change.

Disinfectants: In our restaurants you will find a hand disinfectant, not only at their entrance and exit but also on your table during your time there.

Measures and training: We have trained our staff and are applying the “Restart guide to the mass catering” of the Greek Food Control Organization (EFET). As usual,HACCP regulations are strictly applied to the preparation of our meals, and in addition, the receipt, storage and management of the food products is done using PPE while care is taken to ensure that safety distances between staff are kept.

Kitchen: As usual, only people who have relevant job to do are allowed into the kitchen. If it is otherwise required, then wearing PPE is mandated and is available at the entrance of the kitchen.