About Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan - a state in the eastern part of the Caucasus.The country occupies the south-east of the Caucasus on the Caspian Sea. Since the Caucasus Mountains conditionally divide the land into two continents, Azerbaijan is situated between Europe and Asia. Occupying a relatively small territory, Azerbaijan has unique natural features, representing nine climatic zones of the existing eleven from subtropical to high alpine meadows. About half of the territory of Azerbaijan occupied by mountains.
Azerbaijan is bordered by Russia, Iran, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.

Most believers are Shiite Muslims. There are also Sunni Muslims (in the northern part of the country, mainly Lezghins), Orthodox (Russian and Georgian) and Jews (Jews).
The city is situated on the southern shore of the Absheron Peninsula.
There are several theories about the origin of the name, but the most common, where it is proved that the word comes from Baku Badu, Persian Bad cube, which translated means the Windy City. Baku modern, large and beautiful city which blends East and West.

Official language - Azerbaijan.
Capital - Baku.It is a city that is more than 1500 years.

During warmer months, there is little here mostly cloudy, hot weather.Summer - the longest season in Azerbaijan. Autumn usually is warm, dry weather, so the fall in Azerbaijan is considered peak season. Winter is mild in Azerbaijan.

Tourist industry in Azerbaijan is developing rapidly in recent years. Especially rapidly developing medical tourism. Every year comes to Azerbaijan as a tourist destination about a half million people.
For tourists visiting Azerbaijan organized tours with a visit to historical sites Shamakhi, Ismayilli, Baku, Sheki, Hacha, Lips, beach tours in Baku Nabran Hudat Khachmaz, Lankaran, Astara and medical tours and rest on thermal waters in the Masalit, Naftalan . Also popular vacation on mineral waters in Ganja. For the development of mountain tourism infrastructure has been created with a network of five star hotels in the Gabala region, commissioned a modern ski resort at the foot of world-class mountain Shahdagh in Kusary area. There are over 130 museums.

Natural attractions
Azerbaijan is located in the subtropical zone, and 9 out of 11 climate types that are possible in this zone are found on the territory of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has also about 800 mud volcanoes, which is more than in any other country of the world.
The territory of Azerbaijan is located in the Alpine zone of folding and has a complicated structure. Over the past 13 - 15 thousand years the climatic conditions and regression in general have created unique landforms. The oldest are Paleozoic sediments, complex metamorphosed schists. The territory of Azerbaijan is rich in paleontological and mineralogical monuments.
One of the unique geological monuments are the Sarmatian sediments preserved on the altitude of 3600 m and encountered in separate forms.

Reserves of Azerbaijan
Reserves of Azerbaijan have the status of research departments, created in order to preserve intact the typical and rare natural complexes, as well as to study natural processes and events.

The largest reserves:

  • Kyzylagach Reserve
  • Gyoy-Gel Reserve
  • Gizilagach Reserve
  • Zakatalsky Reserve
  • Turyanchay Reserve
  • Pirgulin Reserve
  • Shirvan reserve
  • Garayazi Reserve
  • Basitchay Reserve
  • Ismayilly Reserve     
  • Garagel Reserve     
  • Ilisui Reserve     
  • Shakhbuz Reserve     
  • "Eldar pine" Reserve

National Parks
National Parks are territories that have the status of conservation and scientific research sites, used for the protection of nature, which are located on the territory of special ecological, historical, aesthetic and other significant natural systems.

  • Hasan Aliyev Zangezour National Park
  • Ag-Gyol National Park
  • Hirkan National Park
  • Altyagadzh National Park
  • Absheron National Park
  • Shakhdagh National Park
  • Gyoygyol

Main attractions:

  • Old City - "Icheri Sehir", which is also a fortress
  • The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs (mid 15th century)
  • Maiden Tower.

Currency - manat
A trip to Azerbaijan does not require registration for Russian citizens.
A flight from Moscow to Baku takes 3 hours.


  • March 8 - International Women's Day
  • March 21 - Spring Festival Novruz
  • May 9 - Victory Day
  • May 10 - Flowers Day
  • May 28 - Republic Day
  • October 18 - Independence Day
  • November 12 - Constitution Day
  • December 31 - Day of Solidarity of all Azerbaijanis