Folk shows

According to Sergei Rybakov, a famoous ethnographer, collector of Russian songs, "no nation in Europe has such a wealth of songs and tunes, beautiful and original as the Russian people." The colorful, fascinating and multifaceted world of Russian folk song and dance reflects the character of the people, their customs, historical events.
The Russian song is full of heart-grabbing longing, unprecedented scale, power and boldness, filled with colossal energy. It is equally liked by educated and uneducated people, musicians and non-musicians. It captivates not only by the melody, but with its union with text, the pecuiarities of rhythm and polyphonic performance, as well as a unique kind of humor.

The Russian dance as a form of traditional art is rooted in pagan Russia. This is at the same time a ritual, and a game, and the story of centuries of Russian history, and a way to communicate. It is humor and laughter, valiant prowess and enthusiasm, a combination of almost acrobatic tricks and slow, dignified and stately movements. This is bright and beautiful costumes. This shows the character of the Russian people, their mental breadth and desire to give joy to themselves and others.Of great importance is the harmonious combination of all the components of dance: the dancer's movements, music, costume, color.
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