Tours, excursions around Ivanovo 2018

Ivanovo is a small, picturesque town situated on the river Uvod. It is 275 km away from Moscow.  Its most prominent attractions are the Schudrov tent, the wooden church of the Assumption and the Museum of Ivanovo chintz.

For the first time, the settlement was mentioned in ancient books in 1561. According to historians, Ivan the Terrible gave the village to the relatives of his second wife, princes Cherkassky, natives of the North Caucasus. It is believed that the village had a church or chapel of St. John the Baptist. Therefore, the village got the name Ivanovo. According to another version, the village was named after its founder or first inhabitant Ivan.

In the 19th century, Ivanovo became the largest center of light industry in Europe. The majority of employees in light industry were by women, so it is called the city of brides. Here began the path of the legendary regiment "Normandie-Niemen". The Ivanovo factories made significant contribution during the war, making clothing for army.
The historic center of Ivanovo consists of XIX - early XX century buildings, mostly former merchants' houses. The constructivism buildings of Ivanovo are also interesting (1930s), as well as industrial architecture of the XIX century, and numerous monuments of the Soviet era.

Attractions of Ivanovo
Schudrov tent - the oldest brick building.
Interesting quaint houses: House-ship, House Horseshoe.
The  largest museums in the city are Burylin Ivanovo Regional Museum, Ivanovo Art Museum, Ivanovo chintz museum.