Tours to Karelia 2018

Karelia is a land of fabulous and amazing nature, clear blue lakes, vast untouched forests, harsh rocks and rapid rivers. The charm of Northern beauty, unique monuments of Russian history, cordiality and hospitality of the people are waiting for you there.

Karelia is divided between Finland and Russia. Karelia stretches from the White Sea coast to the Gulf of Finland and is known as "the country of lakes." One quarter of Karelia's surface is covered by water including about sixty thousand lakes. TIt contains the two largest lakes in Europe, Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega

Karelia is exceptionally rich in historical, cultural and natural attractions that will satisfy the diverse interests of tourists. Among the most famous attractions of Karelia are:

  • the attractions of Petrozavodsk
  • Kizhi Island
  • Kizhi Necklace
  • Valaam (Valaam Monastery)
  • Solovki (Solovetsky Islands)
  • Resort "Marcial Waters" - waterfall Kivatch
  • Petroglyphs: Devils Nose (Lake Onega) and Vig River (White Sea region)
  • Seids on the Kuzova islands in the White Sea and on Mount Vottovaara
  • Mazes on the Solovetsky Islands
  • Ruskeala marble quarry
  • Ancient villages: Sheltozero, Kinerma, Manga, Rubcheila, Korza
  • The sights of Karelia related to the Karelian-Finnish epic "Kalevala": Voknavolok, Kalevala (Ukhta), Voinitsa
  • Lake Ladoga Skerries
  • Architectural sights of Priladozhje
  • Ancient volcanoes
  • Vazheozersky monastery, Murom Monastery
  • Military Historic Sites of Karelia: Medvezegorsk and Mannerheim lines of defense