Pereslavl-Zalessky is located between Moscow and Yaroslavl on the shores of Lake Pleshcheeva, where the river Trubezh flows into it. It is   130 kilometers northeast of Moscow.The city's name in Old Russian means "adopted glory."According to another version, the city was named so by Yuri Dolgoruky, when he relocated the residents of Kiev land from Pereiaslavl to Zalesye.

Pereslavl-Zalessky was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. Pereslavl principality was established in 1179.Its first Prince was Vsevolod the Big Nest. He was nicknamed so for having many children: eight sons and four daughters. The city survived the invasion of the Tatars (1408) and the Polish-Lithuanian invaders (1608). Pereslavl was en route from Moscow to Arkhangelsk and was of great importance in trade with Western Europe.Pereslavl principality attached to Moscow strongly influenced its struggle for the unification of feudal Russia.During the reign of Ivan the Terrible the Pereslavl region became a stronghold of Oprichnina, and the city became a fortress.In 1693, Tsar Peter I created a flotilla Lake Pleshcheyevo that marked the beginning of the creation of the Russian navy.
The architectural gem of Pereslavl is the Transfiguration Cathedral of the 12th century.This is a one-headed domed-cross four-pier triapsidal temple - the earliest of the white stone monuments of Northeast Russia. In the second half of the XII century the cathedral was painted with frescoes "The Last Judgment" and "The Virgin on the Throne." The main temple icon of the Transfiguration is now in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The majolica floor of yellow, green and brown tiles - in Goretsky monastery of Pereslavl. The Transfiguration Cathedral is the only of the first five white stone temples of the North-Eastern Russia that has remained to the present day.{0In 1958, next to the Transfiguration Cathedral in the Red Square, was built amonument to Alexander Nevsky, who was born in 1220 in Pereslavl.

The city Pereslavl has six monasteries, four of them acting. Nicholas Monastery was built in 1350 The only buildings preserved is the Gate Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Since 1993. it is a nunnery.

Fedorovskiy monastery was founded in the 16th century. Prior to 1667, the monastery was for men. Then it became the largest nunnery.
One of the most ancient monasteries is Nikitinsky monastery in the name of Nikita of Constantinople. It is believed to have been founded earlier than the town of Pereslavl. This temple is bigger than any church of the XVI century. THe impressive walls and towers of the monastery helped to guard the approaches to the town from the north and resisted the Polish-Lithuanian siege in the XVII century. It is a functioning monastery.
At the other end of town is located the acting Holy Trinity Danilov Monastery, founded in 1508. The church was consecrated in honor of monk Daniel, who by his prayers assisted to the birth of Ivan the Terrible's son. The main attraction of the monastery is the Trinity Cathedral. Among others, a bell-tower, All Saints church,  Church of Praise of Our Lady, a well dug by St Daniel, as well as Candlemas Church, next to which is the Arboretum garden, which, with its ponds, is part of the National Park "Plescheevo lake."