Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"

Summer Project "Russian National Dance Show" Kostroma "

Since 2005, every day from June to September, Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" presents their performances in Moscow. The event is held in the concert hall of the hotel "Cosmos".

The story of Russia and its people, embodied in the art of dance. The program skillfully combines folklore, ancient Russian epic and lyrical sketches. It reveals the culture of Russia through the nature of its people and national character.  
Important historical landmarks, traditions and customs of the multinational Russian disclose the identity of hundreds of cultures of one of the peoples of Russia, immersing you in the time of the Baptism of Russia, Tsarist Russia and the USSR, showing the lives of people of the Far North, Siberia and the southern steppes, the Caucasus and Central Russia.

Here you can see the secular, urban, rural, military culture. The images of mother, wife, daughter, son, husband and soldier artists perfectly reflect the heritage of many generations of Russians and the unique spirit of the Russian people. The latest technology is widely used. 10 tons of cargo, 600 unique costumes, 300 props, 12 changes of stagery, revived pictures of video projections, pyrotechnic special effects, heavy smoke and starry sky.

All parts of the program, including the premiere dances "The Tatar spring", "Legends of the North", "Rhythms of the Caucasus", "The Volga River Flows", are created with amazing professional accuracy, adherence to traditions and national style of the living culture.

50 artists on stage, virtuoso technique, great acting, 22 stage reincarnations can be seen in the fabulous reality by the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma ".