Visa to Russia. Types of visas to Russia

To travel to the Russian Federation foreign citizens must apply for a visa of the appropriate type. Depending on the purpose of travel, a visa to Russia can belong to one of the following types:

  • Tourist Visa;
  • Business visa;
  • Work Visa;
  • Study Visa;
  • Private (guest) visa;
  • Transit visa.

A tourist visa is issued on the basis of a tourist invitation to foreigners who wish to visit Russia for tourism (to visit exhibitions, cultural events, excursions, etc.).
The visa can be single or double. The longest period a tourist visa can be issued to is of 30 days.

A business visa is issued on the basis of a business invitation, which in turn is made through two state agencies: the Federal Migration Service (FMS) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

The FMS prepares invitations on the FMS form (original invitation), through the Foreign Ministry visa instructions are issued (telex) and sent to Russian consular representations abroad via internal communication channels.

Another way of obtaining a business invitation for entry to the Russian Federation is the Letter of Invitation. It is issued on the letterhead of the company - a legal entity registered in the Russian Federation and accredited in FMS. Applicable to the citizens of those countries with which Russia has an agreement on the possibility of applying a simplified visa system. One of the peculiarities here is that when obtaining a visa for this kind of invitation the period of consideration and a decision on a visa depends on the consulate and usually takes longer than formalized invitations (over 10 days).

Business visas are issued for up to 30, 90, 180, 365 days. The total period of stay in each semester should not exceed 90 days.
Number of entries can be: single, double or multiple.

A work visa is issued on the basis of a working invitation and the stay is not limited, as with a business visa.Making a work visa is necessary for foreign citizens who work in Russian companies.

The main advantage of this visa is the possibility to renew it without leaving Russia, as well as staying in the country without period restrictions.
A student visa is issued on the basis of invitations to foreign students studying in different kinds of school.

A private (guest) visa is issued on the basis of an individual invitation at the request of a citizen of the Russian Federation, being permanently registered in the Russian Federation. Documents for the invitation shall be submmitted in the local office of the Federal Migration Service.

A private visa is issued for up to 90 days and may be single or double.

A transit visa is   issued on the basis of the documents submitted to the Russian Consulate (representation) for foreign nationals who intend to use Russia for transit purposes.Stay in Russia with such a visa should not exceed 72 hours. The visa is not subject for prolongation.

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