Vnukovo VIP lounge: the procedure of passage

Vnukovo Airport has a common VIP-lounge for arrivals and departures.
Departure procedure through the Vnukovo VIP lounge.

The passenger must arrive at Vnukovo airport no later than 1 hour prior to departure, for registration ends 30-40 minutes before departure.
The passenger fills in a customs declaration and passes customs control. Customs representative may ask to inspect luggage. Then the passenger checks in for the flight. Their passport and boarding pass are sent to the passport control before boarding.  
The passenger is ivited to stay in the Vnukovo VIP lounge until the boarding is announced (15-20 minutes prior to departure). After that, a VIP lounge employee accompanies the passenger to the plane.

The procedure of arrival through the Vnukovo VIP lounge

According to the rules of airport security. only Vnukovo VIP lounge employee are authorized to go to the sleeve of the aircraft or the airfield to meet passengers.
In Vnukovo Airport VIP-lounge passengers are greeted at the gangway with a sign "VIP". If they have luggage, the employee takes their luggage checks.
At the entrance to the Vnukovo VIP lounge, a border service officer takes their passports for registration. Then a representative of Customs may ask to put hand luggage on the inspection device. If the passenger has something to declare or cash currency (even in small quantities), they should fill in the declaration.
The passenger can wait for their luggage in any convenient place of the Vnukovo VIP lounge. They are offered free use of the Moscow city telephones, as well as a wide choice of newspapers and magazines. If the customer places an order at the bar of the Vnukovo VIP lounge, it is to be paid by them.
Luggage will be announced and taken to the entrance of the VIP lounge. In Vnukovo airpport, transporting luggage to the car is included in the cost of the VIP lounge services.