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This fun adventure will appeal to travelers of all ages: outdoor activities, enjoying the magnificent landscapes of the island, direct acquaintance with the local way of life and the joy of discovering unexplored routes far from mass tourism.

Experienced drivers can get behind the wheel of a jeep themselves and try their hand at driving in extreme conditions. The reward will be a shot of adrenaline, stunning pictures of the picturesque views of Thassos and the delight of your companions.

By jeep you can go inland, where the fabulous beauty of the place is hidden. You will be able to touch the history of the island, feel the power of faith of the locals and find out what the greenest island of Greece is rich in.

During the excursion, you will visit a unique monastery that houses ancient icons and frescoes. Further, the path lies inland, to one of the existing marble quarries. You will be amazed at the scale and beauty of the precious marble.

The next stop is at an altitude of 910 meters, where a picnic awaits you: salad, traditional Greek grilled kebabs "souvlaki" and soft drinks. After refreshing and resting, you will continue your way to the highest point of the island of Thassos - Mount Ipsarion (1204 meters above sea level).

At the end of the walk, there is a stop at the waterfalls.


  • it is advisable to have a copy of your passport and insurance with you;
  • wear comfortable shoes for your comfort;
  • lunch is paid additionally;
  • the excursion program can be changed in case of force majeure circumstances, weather conditions or at the discretion of the guide;
  • duration: full day.

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