Tours, excursions around Vladimir 2018


The historic city of Vladimir, the ancient capital of the North-Eastern Russia is one of the largest tourist centers of European Russia. Located mainly on the left bank of the Klyaz'ma River, 176 km east of Moscow.

The city is known for the architectural monuments of Vladimir-Suzdal school:
Golden Gate of castle (1158-64, rebuilt in the XVII-XVIII centuries) is a white stone triumphal arch with a gate church above,
white stone cathedrals: the five-domed Assumption Cathedral (second half of the XII century), with preserved fragments of frescoes of XII-XIII centuries, and the frescoes of 1408 by Andrey Rublev and Daniil Cherny; one-domed Demetrius Cathedral (end of the XII century.) with remarkably rich decorative carvings on the facades. Both Cathedrals are UNESCO World Heritage Sites,
a number of XVII-XVIII century churches.

As for XIX century monuments. there is the pseudo-Catholic Church of St. Rosary.
239 XVIII-XIX century buildings in the city are under the protection of the state.