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Vacation in Georgia 2020

Georgia is an attractive place and truly unique country for travelers. The ancient state of the region of South Caucasus is mostly sunny, as well as hospitable and cheerful. Georgia stretches over 70 thousand sq. km and is a place of amazing verities of beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers, sea resorts, etc.

Mouzenidis Travel offers you to spend unforgettable holidays in Georgia, enjoy sea and ski resorts, hiking and other extreme sports, family tours, culinary master-classes and many other attractions. You will be able to visit many places which have been included in the UNESCO list for world cultural heritages, such as the Monastery of Vardzia carved into the rock, Borjomi health resort located in the Tesheli mountains, the ancient city of Gori on the bank of the Mtkvari River, the beautiful towns of Batumi in the seaside Adjara, ancient religious capital Mtskheta and many others.

You and your family will benefit from both, unique nature and modern services. Visit Georgia with Mouzenidis Travel and let us win your hearts forever!

Tours in Georgia in 2024

Georgia represents a wonderful combination of its beautiful and diverse nature, and hospitable people. Georgia attracts tourists with affordable prices for various goods and services, the Black Sea coast, historical, cultural, architectural and natural attractions, and, of course, the famous Georgian cuisine and 8000 years old tradition of wine-making.

Mouzenidis Travel invites you to Georgia and offers a wide choice of tours. We tailor-made the tours in Georgia to your needs and keep our services at high European standards. We will take you through the rich history and culture of Georgia, unique cuisine and folk, mountainous and sea resorts, Georgian hospitality, friendship and love.

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