Tours, excursions around Yaroslavl 2018


The city of Yaroslavl was founded in 1010 and is the oldest city on the Volga. On the territory of its historic center are located 140 monuments, so it's historical and architectural ensemble is recognized as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO in Russia.

The Transfiguration Cathedral of the Transfiguration Monastery, built in the beginning of the XVI century, Is the oldest of the preserved buildings of the city.At the end of the XVIII century, the monastery became the residence of the Archbishops of Yaroslavl and Rostov.

The strict and solemn temple of Elijah the Prophet is a gem of ancient architecture and is also famous for its frescoes and interior decoration.

Yaroslavl churches: church ensemble Church of the Nativity (XVII century.), Epiphany Church (XVII century.), Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina, Church of St. Nicholas Chopped, a rare monument of palace architecture Metropolitan Chamber, Peter and Paul Church (XVIII c.), Ensemble Church of Candlemas (XIX c.) and others, the city's towers Arsenal (Volga)

The massive fifteen-headed John the Baptist church is a monument of world importance, which dazzles you with luxury and abundance of tiles, brick patterns and murals.

On the Volga shore, within the city,  the white stone Tolgsky Monastery is located. In addition to the notable landmarks in the territory of the ensemble has a unique cedar garden (founded in the second half of the XVII century).

There are numerous churches in Yaroslavl: the ensemble of the Christmas Church (XVII century), Epiphany Church (XVII century), Church of St. Nicholas Nadeina, Church of St. Nicholas Rubleny, a rare monument of pre-Peter palace architecture - the Metropolitan Chamber, Peter and Paul Church (XVIII c.) Ensemble of the Candlemas church  (XIX c.) and others, as well as the city's towers Arsenal (Volga) and Znamensky (Vlasyevsky).