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Recreation in Greece. Beach and family vacation

Greek Secret

Do you know the secret of Greek cheerfulness? No doubt, that one of the clues is the ability of Greeks to amuse themselves and to relax: from the heart, sincerely. Their way of living is catching. The Greek temperament, reflected in folk dances and music fills every visitor with vigorous energy! The Greek way of living means weekend jaunts to the islands in summer or skiing at organized resorts in winter. The sea is never more than 80 kilometers from any point on the mainland making water sports a favourite.

Country of Contrasts

Greece is a country of beauty and contrasts, sparkling turquoise waters, small picturesque bays surrounded by pine covered mountains, olive groves and luxury yachts bobbing alongside old wooden fishing boats in the marinas.

All Season Destination

Vacations in Greece are always profitable, successful and safe! Every season has its own magic. Winter vacations are not inferior to summer holidays. In winter you can book a skiing tour, excursions’ tour or a pilgrimage tour.

Family Holidays

Greece is a perfect destination for family vacations, offering calm crystal clear sea with shallow waters and stunning sandy beaches. Almost every Greek hotel offers services for children and cares for its little guests in order to make them feel comfortable to maximum, providing various entertaining programs and fascinating games in its mini club, thus giving the parents an opportunity to have a rest.

Destination for Young & Lively

Greece offers numerous holiday options for young people, boasting a rich night life, countless cafes and bars, terrific festivals and extensive sports facilities.

Beach Holidays in Greece

Greece is the country, whose beaches are rewarded with the European Blue Flags on annual basis. Greece promises emerald waters, felicity on azure coasts, picturesque havens with olive groves, combined with a mild climate.

Invaluable Experience

Greek vacations enrich your knowledge and nourish your soul, treat your anxiety, relieve your doubts, cure your scruples, give you power and self-assurance worthy of ancient Greek heroes.
Greece has always attracted tourists as the “birthplace of western civilization”, which gave the invaluable treasure of knowledge to the world.

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