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During the many years of work in the sphere of tourism, we have encountered some quite unexpected desires of our clients. While treating your requirements with the uttermost responsibility and attention, and examining every case on an individual basis, we apply maximum efforts for the achievement of the best results and the realization of your every desire.

We never say "it is impossible" to our clients!

On your request:

  • We will assist you with the selection of the route, the hotel, etc. We will offer you a program developed specifically for you, taking maximum account of your interests, hobbies and temperament, we will do everything possible for your dream to come true.

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  • For the young and active, whose way of life includes intensive night life, discos and parties, we will offer a hotel where music and fun never stop.

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  • For the lovers of silence, tranquility and harmony with nature, we will offer a cosy house with a garden or pool, in a quiet solitary place, among pine trees or on the seashore. 

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  • We will organize any festive event, banquet or dinner at the highest level.
  • For the lovers of unforgettable ceremonies, we propose a wedding on the Greek soil - Greek style.
  • Baptizing on the blessed soil of Hellas, in one of the Greek temples represents a lofty and beautiful ritual, which we will be happy to organize for you.
  • For your stay in Greece to satisfy the most exquisite requirements, we will organize the renting of a wonderful Mediterranean yacht, and then will help you to map out the most interesting and captivating routes for a sea journey.
  • For the fans of extreme tourism, whose motto is "life is motion", the employees of our company will propose the most interesting and head-reeling program.  Truth is that the nature of Greece allows for the most diverse sports activities.  If you do not have the necessary equipment with you, we will rent you everything that you need and, if necessary, will provide you with the best instructors.


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  • For those interested in culture and history, we offer original excursion tours and visits.  Traveling through Greece on your own, you will be able to visit the picturesque Greek villages, to acquaint yourself with the customs and traditions of the local residents, to go fishing in the most remote and hidden from the eyes of men picturesque gulfs, or to take part in underwater hunting, or to cross the barrier of time by making a pilgrimage to Sacred Mt. Athos.

Experts will plan your vacation in such a way that you will see and learn things unavailable to the rank-and-file tourist.

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