General terms


For the safe implementation of your transactions and early knowledge of legal terms of use of this website, please devote some time to read the stated terms


Terms of use

This Web Site is made available to the user ("User"), subject to the conditions that he/she accepts, without any amendment the  terms, conditions and notifications contained therein.

From the moment of access and use by the User of the Web Site, it is automatically considered that the User, in accordance with the Directive 95/46/EC (Greek Law 2472/97), has given permission for use, processing and further forwarding in Greece and abroad of personal data concerning him, kept by the company as well as has agreed with all the terms, conditions and notices, as defined below.

MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL reserves the right to amend or revise freely the terms and conditions of use and transactions which are defined herein, at any time they deem necessary. For the purposes of timely notification of the Users transacting through the Web Site, MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL upon amendment of the terms will proceed promptly and immediately to publication of the new conditions and to the notification of the amendments done on this website. In any case it is clarified, that no such amendments are applicable to already concluded (before the amendment of terms) contract. The contracts through the online shop will be concluded in the Greek language.

Financial Transactions

In case of any reservation via the on-line reservation system of our company, you have to duly declare that you have reached the age of 18 years and you are legally entitled to conclude the desired contract, undertaking the obligations arising from the terms and commitments of the chosen contract.

The User is not allowed to make false or fraudulent reservations and accordingly to conclude the contracts consequential to the above practices.

The User agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract conclusion, purchase defined herein or their respective suppliers with which the User chooses to transact, including the timely payment of all amounts due and compliance with all rules concerning availability of fares, products and services.

User is fully responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes and contributions arising from the use of this Web Site.

Invoking of the use of this by the third party (including incapacitated and partly incapacitated persons), by using the personal data of “Appeared User ", meaning the details of the person whose details are filled in for reservation purposes in MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL and for purposes of contract conclusion with MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, in no way exempts him/her from the liability arising from concluded in his name contracts and general commitments of his/her obligations connected with the transaction.

Information and Products

The company MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL bears responsibility in relation to the accuracy, authenticity and completeness of the information listed in the online shop, regarding the identity of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL as well as of the provided through the web site transactions. MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, in good faith, is not responsible and is not bounded by electronic data entries made by error / mistake in the common experience and shall be entitled to correct these whenever perceive their existence.


MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL does not bear any civil or criminal liability of any degree during the transactions through the on-line shop and is not under any liability for any loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the information reported to the website.

The said limitation of liabilities of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL herein, is valid even in the case when the company staff or any other employee of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL was informed on the possibility of occurrence of damage.

Intellectual property rights.

The entire contents of the shop, including the commercial names, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts etc. is the intellectual property of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions of intellectual property of the third party, for which MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL have been granted the permit for its own exclusive needs and for operation of the on-line shop.

It is prohibited any copying, transfer or creation of derivative works based on such content or misleading of the public in regards to the real provider of the on-line shop.

Any reproduction, republication, downloading, announcement or publicity or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with a prior written consent of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL or any other holder of the copyright.

The names, images, logos and trademarks which present and describe the website with commercial brand MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL as well as the other listed and displayed on the website commercial brands of the third businesses or products or services of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL or other third party, constitute assets of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL or of the third party, are respectively protected by applicable trademark laws.

Their use in the on-line shop does not provide any permit or right of use by the third parties.


Links to this site

The links contained on this Web Site are linked either to the pages of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, either to the websites and web pages maintained by the third parties.

These associated websites are not under the control of MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL and MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL is not responsible for the contents of any such site or any link contained in an associated web page or for any changes or updates to such sites.

MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL is not responsible for emissions of the Internet or any form of transmission received from any linked site.

MOUZENIDIS provide these links on their website, only to facilitate the use of the on-line shop, their use is not mandatory for the User and the fact that they are referred to the on-line shop does not suggest that MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL approves or accepts their contents.


Pricing policy

MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL reserves the right to change prices without a prior notice to the User.

In addition to the above-mentioned General Conditions of Use of the website, the User on his/her behalf, in relation to the desired transactions, is required to read therein Terms of Use (as an example and without limitation terms on travel package (see the terms here), airline ticket reservations and so on).

The conclusion of the contract and generally the transaction with MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, which is done remotely (as example and without limitation through our website) states irrebuttable presumption of acceptance of the General Conditions of Use of the Website.