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Greek religion

Religion in Greece

According to the Greek constitution, Greek orthodoxy is recognized as a state religion. However, every citizen has freedom of religion. The Orthodox Church is known for its traditions in iconography and for the preservation service of the 4th century AD.

Many secular reforms carried out in Greece did not affect the Greek Orthodox Church, which is not separated from the state and remains one of the country's leading institutions. Other great confessions are Catholicism, Judaism, Protestantism and Islam.


Religion in everyday life

The majority of the Greeks consider themselves to be the descendants of the Christian Byzantine, but not of the pagan ancient Greece. That is why there are so many monasteries, churches and chapels - the legacy of the Byzantine era. In many Greek families church rituals and mysteries are taken strictly. On Sundays and on holy days, most Greeks hold a worship service. Many Greeks cross each other as they pass the churches. Religious holidays such as Christmas, the Feast of the Three Kings and Easter are transformed into public mass celebrations.


Holy Places

In order to list all Greek Orthodox holy places and relics, many pages are not sufficient. The most important for the entire Christian world are the relics of Saint Spyridon of Corfu, Meteora - a group of monasteries in the midst of heaven and, of course, Mount Athos - a unique monastic republic, just a few of the orthodox relics of Greece. For more information on pilgrimages and questions about the Greek relics, please contact the Greek Orthodox Pilgrimage Center Solun, the department of Mouzenidis Travel.

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