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Travel with us! Travel in luxury!

Do not limit your fantasy! The working experience of the VIP Department of the company MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL allows it to satisfy the requirements and wishes of the highest level. Every client for us is a personality worthy of royal treatment.

During the new season we will continue offering exclusive services to our VIP clients. For MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL is the only company offering a wide spectrum of services of the highest class. You will feel your VIP status from the first minutes of your stay on the Greek land: at the VIP Hall of the company MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL at the airport Makedonia (the city of Thessaloniki) you will feel that here in Greece you are a special visitor. VIP services do not need a special advertisement. They are for those who appreciate comfort, style and their time.

VIP service at the airport

VIP-level receiving and seeing off at the airports of the cities of Thessaloniki (Makedonia) and Iraklion (Kazandzakis).

Transfer and transportation

We will place at your disposal comfortable cars of high class with highly professional experiences drivers.

  • Receiving clients at the airport
  • Reservation and renting of cars of any class
  • Specialized transportation orders.
  • Renting of private airplanes
  • Renting of helicopters


We present for your attention the most unique and exclusive 5-star hotels.

Recreation at the Sea

Going to the sea is the best option for those who are tired of the cold and the everyday routine. Come to Greece for adventures, pleasant pastime and colorful memories! Recreation at the sea, like none other, can combine activity and steadiness! The sea will greet you with its velvet waves and white sand, and will give you a tan and a supply of health for the whole year! During your vacation, you will have fun at water parks, will do a sea journey on a motor boat, will ride a water bike, will try some diving and some fishing and will b able to play golf. For the fans of night life, sea resorts offer an abundant choice of clubs, discos and other modes of entertainment.

Renting a Yacht

A sea journey on a yacht will give you the unforgettable feelings of solitude and freedom. Our company offers to the lovers of sea journeys an opportunity to rent a motor- or a sail-boat and, together with a professional skipper, to conduct a captivating sea journey around the Mediterranean Sea. Many large and small islands, beautiful bays, traditional fishermen’s villages, sand beaches, Byzantine churches, archaeological monuments will surely leave you with unforgettable memories! It is even possible to travel in a private submarine, with a hall in the form of a podium for fashion shows furnished with professional sound-recording equipment. And of course if you prefer to stand yourself at the steering wheel – such possibility also exists, provided that you possess a respective skipper’s certificate.

Villas and Chalets

Want to rest in peace? Away from the noise of a large hotel? Want to feel yourself at home? If you want silence, space, full freedom of action, if you want to spend your vacation with a family or a company of friends, if you want plunge into the world of coziness and Greek traditions, if you really want to feel yourself in Greece like at home – allow yourself the joy of tranquil recreation at Greek villas. Feel yourself a real Greek!

VIP Leisure

  • Concerts
  • Sports events
  • Restaurants
  • Festivals
  • Carnivals
  • Private Parties

VIP Shopping

You will receive unforgettable impressions from private shopping at the most exclusive and stylish shops, commercial centers, antique and jewelry shops. Gift service. Flowers. To make stylish elite gifts is the privilege of the real connoisseurs of good taste. Your friends, relatives, business partners have an anniversary or just an important event? You are thinking what gift to make or are just planning a pleasant surprise?

It will be our pleasure to help you to select an appropriate exclusive gift for your dear person.

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