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Rhodes Island. Recreation and tours 2023


Holiday peculiarities in Rhodes: sun, sea, wind surfing and history.

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Rhodes fascinates countless Greek and foreign travelers with its impressive knightly buildings, picturesque squares, the unique architectural structures, Christian and Muslim monuments, charming parks and marvelous streets.

"Mouzenidis Travel" offers a wide selection of tours on the enchanting island of Rhodes. Charming beaches, the best hotels and exclusive tours are awaiting for you. Summer in Rhodes - the most comfortable time for rest, when the weather offers endless happy sunny days, while the Aegean Sea – tenders unique water temperature.

Think of no worries at all; dive in the sea of ​​pleasures that await you on this excellent particle of Greece!

Rhodes, whose area 1.400,68 km2, is the largest island of the Dodecanese and the fourth largest island in Greece after Crete and Evia and Lesvos. Rhodes is located about 350 km south-east of Athens and 18 km south-west of Turkey.

Rhodes is famous worldwide for its luxury hotels, amazing beaches, a variety of entertainment, as well as the ability to retreat on the sparsely populated resorts.

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With beautiful beaches, glorious history of more than 2,500 years, traditional villages, rolling green hills, valleys and countless important sights the Island of Knights –often referred to as Rhodes in Greece, is one of the few islands where there is literally everything.

The city of Rhodes - the first and perhaps the best picture, which opens to the visitor - is a bridge from the present to the past. The city, which combines the medieval tradition and glorious past with modern development and the hectic pace of everyday life ... one, would think that Rhodes from the outset has been created in such design so as to equilibrate these two opposite directions.

What to take with you

Rhodes - the island of countless souvenirs. Traditional products - are worthy of pampering yourself and the loved ones -pickled caper leaves, Embony cheese, sparkling and other wines from EMERY and CAIRO wineries, as well as wines from Embony wineries.

Tours to Rhodes

The leading tour operator in Greece, “Mouzenidis Travel” offers a range of trips to Rhodes, with domestic flights through Thessaloniki and Athens which have direct flights from 35 cities and regions of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Moldova and other countries. Direct flights are also available from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Krasnodar.

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The leading tour operator in Greece “Mouzenidis Travel” has its own branch on Rhodes Island. For it, highest quality tourist service is guaranteed. In addition, our company offers the best hotels – of different categories- across the island designed to fit all budgets; services of qualified (English speaking too) specialists; transfers on comfortable coaches; professional guides and much more.

Those who prefer leisure stay in the center of the island and the events, several hotels are located around and near the city of Rhodes (the area known as Ixia is the continuation of Old Town- center of Rhodes) as well as widely known areas of Yaliso, Kallithea or Faliraki. These resorts are particularly ideal for youth holidays in Rhodes. In such areas, well- developed infrastructure, bars, discos and clubs are open 24/7

For those who prefer to stay associated with the sea and tranquility, as well as for those who wish to have family holidays, select from hotels in areas located between the city of Rhodes and Lindos, - at the ideal resort for a family holiday in Rhodes, where prices for accommodation are affordable, and options and suggestions vary and meet all expectations. Otherwise, give preference to one of the new and relatively quiet resorts located in the south of Rhodes - Kalathos and Kiotari- the only drawback - you'll be away from the city. Yet, your days will be filled with perfect beach holidays.

Finally, for those who wish to visit the whole island, renting a car is an ideal option. By doing this, you will be able to see the most important attractions of Rhodes Island; visit remote places as well as all popular beaches around the island.


Sightseeing and excursions

Ancient Rhodes or a journey into antiquity

A walk up the hill of St. Stephen (or Monte Smith) that housed the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, will find you on the Hellenistic stadium 3rd century BC. It is in this stadium, where Alion competitions used to take place, in honor of the God of the Sun.

Famous ancient Acropolis of Rhodes is located on Lindos hill. It was built on a cliff which appeared as a massive balcony with amazing sea views.

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The scenes of “Guns of Navarone” movie were filmed in Rhodes. Lindos – considered as “the ace up to the island’s sleeve”, is full of sun burnt tourists; souvenir shops; magnificent maze of cobbled streets; white houses and flowering courtyards.

Lindos the area that has the most “island” characteristics of all around Rhodos – compared to the Old Town, crowned with a beautiful fortress castle, which is illuminated when darkness falls, adding to the city’s already charming atmosphere even more romance.

The most important archeological zones of Rhodes are such areas as Kameiros and Ialyssos. Kameiros - known as the Pompeii of Greece- because of its sudden devastation which remains yet an unsolved mystery to archeologists and historians, fascinates with its nature; ancient market (Agora) and the Doric temple. In Ialyssos the ruins of a medieval castle and the ancient necropolis, the Acropolis and the Temple of Athena Pallada are still preserved. 

Knightly Rhodes or a journey to the middle Ages

Discover the island’s most famous monuments; the Old Town and the Castle of the Knights – unparallel in significance within Europe - must be visited definitely.

Old Town of Rhodes (Medieval town, in Greek - Palia Poli) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, undeniably not by accident.

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All excursions in Rhodes necessarily offer a walk on the well-preserved city of the Knights. Medieval buildings; Masters Palace, the magnificent buildings, cobbled maze of streets, wandering from arch to arch; minarets rising to the sky; house with flowering balconies, coats of arms of the great orders of chivalry, or hidden noisy little squares - all this is the mosaic of ages and cultural influences, including a two and a half thousand years of history on 583 hectares.

Mysterious Old Town of Rhodes is divided into two parts and is surrounded by massive walls. Its northern part is called Kollakio (Collachium), while the south is known as Chora or Burgo. Gates through which the communication was conducted between these two parts are preserved in the street Lahitos. Despite the 21st century, a fascinating walk through the middle Ages using one of the eight entrance gates of the Old Town is possible even today. Back in the ancient times, these gates were given romantic, historical and religious names: Liberty Gate, the gate of the Apostle Paul, d'Amboise gate, the gate of St. Anthony, St. Athanasius gate, Akantias gate, Sea Gate (Porta Marina) and a gate or Navstathmou Tarsana.

Visiting Kollakio, a city’s part, which was the “heart” of Knights of Saint John state, will allow everyone to admire the Palace of Great Masters, also known as Castello.

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This excellent example of medieval architecture was once the stronghold of chivalry, and today - a symbol of the historic center. On the Knights’s Street (the most well-preserved medieval street in Europe) is the Hospital of Knights, where today is located the archaeological museum of the island. Construction of the monument of Knights began in 1440 and ended in 1484.

Within Chora (Burgo) territory, everything is rather different or the other way around! Here characteristics of ethnicity and vivid colors are starring. On Socrate’s Street or “long market’ as it is called, can be found countless souvenirs, as it hosts the most souvenir shops. Certainly, here are also located trendy cafes, bars and taverns, charming restaurants and Greek traditional fast-food outlets.

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Close to this street you will also see the Suleiman Mosque, built in honor of the conqueror of Rhodes Suleiman the Magnificent; Turkish library Hafuz Ahmed;  Mustafa Sultan Mosque; the Byzantine-Gothic church of St. George; the old Jewish quarter and the area of ​​the Hebrews- witnesses square with a beautiful fountain and three metal seahorses.

Traditional Rhodes or a journey to the modern beauty

In a distance of 35 km from the Old Town is the famous Valley of the Butterflies, home to rare species of butterflies Panaxia quadripunctaria. This is a place that attracts thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the flutter of these fascinating creatures in the lush vegetation.

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By the way, this great action can only be observed during August.

Italian buildings and thermal spas where combination of vegetation and sea create a beautiful landscape, all these located in area known as Kallithea (beautiful view). Seven Springs – a beautiful oasis created in the past by Italians are located in a close distance too.

Seven Springs (Epta Piges) vs. Valley of the Butterflies

Lakes, streams, wooden bridges and footpaths, will surprise those who believe that difficult to find an impressive green landscapes on the islands.

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Tavern, located at Seven Springs offers a beautiful view of the springs themselves and spectacular scenery. From this originates a small tunnel that leads to the green lakes formed due to the dam on the other side of the hill. As for the Valley of the Butterflies, remember that, the period, when the caterpillars turn into butterflies and fly over the magnificent valley, is in the end of July - early August.

Embona picturesque mountain village, situated at the foothills of the highest mountain of the island - Attaviros, is famous for its local taverns - "temples" of meat and good wine. In some taverns menu includes exquisite goat cheese.

It is within Pangia Tsambika Church where hundreds of miracles take place. It is a tradition here, for childless couples to organize dinners in the honor of Virgin- Holly Mother, in order to conceive a child and give it the name of Tsambikos (male) and Tsabika (female) respectively. This tradition made this name to be very popular in Rhodes.

In Kallithea are located Italian thermal spas where dense vegetation and sea create beautiful landscape. A beautiful oasis, created in the past by Italians, known as Seven Springs,is located close to Kallithea.

Several neoclassical buildings can be found in Yalysos. These buildings used to be the residences of wealthy Rhodians. Finally, one should visit south part of Rhodes too. Here tourism is not as widely spread as in the rest of the island. Here, in a distance of Kiotari to Prassonisi long, lie beautiful beaches that offer privacy even on 15 of August (day of Assumption of the Virgin Mother- one of the biggest bank holidays around Greece). Prassonisi is the southernmost part of the island and is considered as a paradise for lovers of windsurfing and not only.

From blossoming Rhodes to magnificent Santorini island.

All admirable towns of Santorini island can be seen in one day. It is possible indeed, as “Mouzenidis Travel” offers an exclusive air tour of enchanting island of Santorini.

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An entire day will be allocated for travel, offering the chance to admire the breathtaking caldera views and boundless sea. Participants will lunch at a traditional tavern and visit one of the most important archaeological sites of the world - Akrotiri. A rest on Perissa beach – covered with black volcanic sand- will add a touch of relaxation to your walk.


The climate of Rhodes island is Mediterranean. During summer time there is intense solar activity (almost no rains).  July and August are marked by northern winds and high softening temperature.  During the winter time weather is rather mild and warm. Winter is marked by high humidity and heavy rains. 


The most popular beaches around Rhodes Island or merely beach pleasure journey.

Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese with a long coastline (220 km), everyone will find a favorite beach to relax and enjoy the sun

Glistra Beach - small, sandy yet ... “Fashionable”!; small, sandy bay, enclosed by two sides with green hills, located 11 km from Lindos town-on the south. According to locals, this is the best beach of Rhodes. The golden sand and turquoise blue waters confirm this say. Remember! In order to take a place on Glistra beach one should visit it from the early hours!

Prassonisi Beach - the paradise for surfers, in the southernmost tip of the island, located about two hours drive from Rhodes city and attracts hundreds of tourists, not least because of its unique landscapes. A narrow strip of sand in the winter is hiding in the sea, hence the end of the "Nishi" (Island) - in the summer it reveals all its magnificence, becoming quiet beach, ideal for scuba diving and surfing.

Agios Pavlos - one of the most exotic beaches in the Aegean sea withcombination of  turquoise waters, fine sand and rocks - an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling. Agios Pavlos entered the list of top 10 beaches within Europe in TripAdvisor Award portal.

Vlycha Beach – is considered paradise for fans of disarrangement (those who do not prefer organized beaches). Great beach with coarse sand, organized, with limited visits.  Part of Vlycha beach is  occupied by chairs and umbrellas, however, remaining part – in large- is untouched beach with amazing natural beauty-small white pebbles and crystal clear waters complete the picture.

Tsambika Beach - golden –sparkling under the sun- sand, crystal clear blue waters and towering cliffs, creating an idyllic landscape in one of the most popular beaches of Rhodes. Large organized beach of fine sand. At the top of the rock is located the famous monastery of Panagia Tsambika – in the honor of it, the beach named alike. Incidentally, in this monastery tend to get all the childless families who, after prayers and appeals to Virgin/Holly Mother, acquire the gift of procreation. The beach is organized; sun loungers and umbrellas are provided.

Agafe Beach – one more “secret” of locals, in recent years it became incredibly popular amongst tourists. Magnificent beach- its fine sand makes your entry into sea very smooth. This beach is ideal for families with children. Agafe Beach – small puppet beach with blonde sand and turquoise waters.

Faliraki Beach - (12 km from Rhodes city). The length of the beach is about 5 km, is the most “fashionable”/popular on the island and due to its smooth entry to the beach it is the ideal for families with children.

Traganou Beach (13km) – combines small and large pebbles. Certainly, stands out due to its stunningly beautiful cave, which amongst others provides shade.

Tolos Beach (15 km) -beautiful secluded cove with fine sand, stones and various tourist infrastructures. It is the most favorite for European visitors.

Kolymbia Beach (25 km) - organized beach; relatively quiet; ideal for family holidays.

Stegna Beach (35 km)-located only 500 m from Arhangelos village, with fine sand and crystal clear waters.

Haraki Beach (36 km) – with crystal clear water, great beach; ideal for diving.

Kalathos Beach (45 km)- wide beach of fine sand and pebbles. There is always a place for those who want to enjoy sun and sea.

Lindos Beach (50 km) - the charming bay with two beaches, very popular beach -always full of tourists.

Pevki Beach (56 km) - quiet beach with sun beds and parasols; surrounded by pine trees.

Kiotari and Genadi Beach (60 km) - two of the longest beaches – with fine sand and pebbles.

Fourni Beach (77 km) - pebble beach, located 4 km south-west of the picturesque Monolithos.

St. George Beach (88 km) – ideal for seclusion and privacy...

Prassonisi Beach (90 km) - two beaches are positioned "back to back", fine sand and always perfect waves for surfing!

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